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# 60 Best Binary Options Trading Strategies (2022)

The 60-second binary option has been very popular since its introduction a few years ago. Here are a few strategies you can use to trade it.

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1. Support and resistance strategies

Asset prices tend to rise in a chain of waves, each of which has an ups and downs. These constraints are assessed as key return levels that can be easily identified through key support and resistance levels. The preferred 60-second strategy is to determine when the price will actually rise against the levels of resistance and support. Then new binary options should open in the opposite direction to the rise before the price rises.

For example, the following GBP / USD 60-second trading chart provides good examples of when to execute CALL and PUT binary options. Basically, every time the price rises against the resistance, you need to activate the PUT option. Similarly, if the price rises after support, you need to open the CALL binary option.

Your first step in such an initiative strategy is to identify a currency pair that has been around for some time. Then you need to determine the levels of resistance and support by using your broker’s information or by adding the highest points of the barriers and the lowest values. for supports, as shown in the diagram above.

Support and resistance trading strategy for binary options

After noticing a price test on one of these levels, wait until the current bulb confirms a true breakthrough by a net close under resistance or above support. This will protect you from false alarms. For example, if a successful confirmation is obtained, open a new PUT binary option using GBP / USD as the underlying asset with a 1-minute maturity, if the price is limited to resistance as shown in the chart above.

By placing a $ 100 bet with a 75% payout, you will have saved $ 75 for the two PUT options listed above. In fact, your initial $ 100 bet would grow exponentially $ 937 Within 5 hours for the above four trades, if you have reinvested your income in each case.

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2. Follow the trend strategy

Another recently popular 60-second strategy is based on tracking trends. After all, such strategies allow you to take advantage of trend trading, and thus correspond to the famous maxim “trend is your friend.” The main idea is to follow the trend and implement the binary option “BLOW” if the price rises from the bottom to the ricochet. When the trend line rises within the well-established bullish transition to basic safety. Instead, you should activate the PUT binary options every time the price falls after you hit the uptrend line during a clearly defined downturn. channel.

Follow a trend trading strategy for binary options

For example, the above 1-minute trading chart of the USDCHF currency pair clearly shows a strong downtrend. As you can see from studying this chart, there are four possibilities to open PUT options after the price falls against the upward trend line.

To start a trend strategy, you first need to find an asset that has been trading the bullish or bear trend for some time. Then, as shown in the diagram above, in the case of a bearish channel, you need to draw trend lines by adding a series of lower highs for the upper trend line and a lower lower level for the lower trend line.

After observing the price trend of the uptrend line, it is necessary to pause until the current candle is fully formed to check that it is closed below this level. If so, start a new PUT option using USD / CHF as the main asset with a 1-minute expiration date. Imagine that your bet is $ 5,000 and the payout ratio is 75%. The four successful trades identified in the chart above would have brought you a staggering $ 46,890 in just over 2 hours if you reinvested your income each time. Now you can begin to understand why so many traders choose 60-second binary options.

3. Breakout strategy

My favorite 60 second strategies are trading breaks because they are easy to identify and can generate impressive profits. The basic idea of ​​this method is that if the price of an asset fluctuates over a limited range over a long period of time, then when it reaches a sufficient momentum to exit, it will often move in its chosen direction for some time.

Breakout trading strategy for binary options

The first step in implementing this method is to identify an active pair that has fluctuated over a limited range over a long period of time. So, you are looking for a side trading pattern that is clearly separated by a bottom and a top, as shown in the AUD / USD 60 second chart above. Often, the price jumps on the floor and ceiling several times until it is finally released, as shown again in the picture above. A regular break should then be seen as a strong offer to start a new trade.

As shown in the diagram above, the price reaches a clear jump under its support or floor. It is now recommended to wait up to the current 60 seconds for the candlestick to fully confirm that its closing value is indisputably lower than the lower level of the previous trading range. This test protects you from false alarms.

After achieving this goal, you need to open a new binary option “PUT” based on AUD / USD with a validity period of 60 seconds. As this type of trading is definitely dynamic, do not risk more than 2% of your equity per position. If your equity is $ 10,000, then your bet should be only $ 200. Your starting price is 1.0385; your payout ratio is 80% and your return is 5%. Time passes after one minute, AUDUSD at 1.0375; you are “cashless” and collect $ 160.

(Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk)

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