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Alpha Intelect – mid-range HYIP project

Are you drawn to everything new and promising? Want to invest in a startup developing an artificial intelligence? Great idea! But if Profit you promise the very next day, run away from such a project, because you are lured into a network of scammers. Alpha intelect also offers profit within 24 hours after the deposit. Swindlers assure that they are engaged in computer development, but in fact they created a financial pyramid.

Famous project names

Links to the project website


E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information “Alpha intelect”

Legend among crooks beautiful. Let’s honor her:

Company ALPHA INTELECT offers investors a win-win and highly profitable investment in the field of artificial intelligence. It is profitable, safe, promising.

I agree that artificial intelligence is beneficial, safe and promising, but only if there are no outspoken cheaters in the team!

On the page “About company” scammers develop a legend:

The most promising areas where new items of artificial intelligence are introduced every day are:

  • Payment systems
  • Banking sector
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Bookmakers
  • Investments
  • Startups, etc.

There is no concrete. Not listed no banks, no bills, no bookmakers, which the company works with. Swindlers leave Internet users the right to fantasize themselves on this topic.

The following sentence made me laugh especially:

We earn solid money capital and multiply it through sales and the introduction of models, developments and algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence.

Why laugh? Let’s read the terms of earnings on this pseudo-investment site.



  • Daily yield – 2.5%
  • Deposit term – 1 year
  • Dollar deposit is $ 3 – $ 499.
  • Ruble deposit is 200 – 31999 rubles

I look at this tariff and think: “How will British millionaires cope with their task without my three dollars ?! None! ”(Sarcasm).

But we read further:


  • Daily yield – 3%
  • Deposit term – 1 year
  • Dollar deposit is $ 500 – $ 2999.
  • Ruble deposit is 32000 – 191999 rubles


  • Daily yield – 3.5%
  • Deposit term – 1 year
  • Dollar deposit is $ 3000 – $ 9999.
  • Ruble deposit is 192,000 – 639999 rubles


  • Daily yield – 4%
  • Deposit term – 1 year
  • Dollar deposit is over $ 10,000.
  • Ruble deposit is more 639999 rubles

Withdrawal occurs daily from 25 rubles or $ 0.4 every 24 hours.

Tariffs look profitable, but is it worth investing in them? Payback occurs in 25-40 days. Will this scam live so much? Not!

What else do the crooks offer to earn? Naturally, on the project! Referral program three-level. Payouts: 5%, 3% and 1%. Greedy bastards. However, they know that even for meager money there will be people who are ready to promote this rogue project.

Is there some more bonuses. Here are the conditions:

If the amount of investment of your partners has exceeded $ 10,000, you are charged $ 100 bonus reward. With a turnover of $ 50,000 bonus will be $ 300. When the turnover of your entire team will be equal to $ 100,000, you will receive $ 500 to your account.

What is the percentage? First, 1%, then 0.6%, and then 0.5%. I say – greedy!

Project Contacts

For communication scam artists left email: (email protected) – while working

Also have feedback form

Channel on Youtube: (registered) October 6, 2018, the first video was uploaded on April 17, 2019, there are no subscribers)

Facebook Page: (few)

Page on Instagram: (few)

Vkontakte community: (not numerous, admin hidden)

Telegram: (a few)

Back UK address: Giant Group Plc, 3 Harbor Exchange Square, London, United Kingdom, E14 9TQ

Site Technical Data

  • Domain has been registered February 7, 2019
  • The name of the owner is hidden privacy settings
  • Ai pi
  • The server is located in the Netherlands

Exposing the project “Alpha intelect”

The site published a document on the registration of the company of crooks in Britain. Company ALPHA INTELECT LIMITED 11082778 really exists. However, remember that England is an offshore zone! You can register a company in Foggy Albion from anywhere in the world. This requires access to the Internet and some money.

The type of activity of the company looks remarkable. The British registry states the following:

96090 – Other service activities not elsewhere classified


96090 – Provision of other services not elsewhere classified

Other services – what’s this ?! Why is the activity type not specified more precise? In British law there are suitable options.

What does it mean? Availability of documents for crooks only cover! In addition, it is not a fact that ALPHA INTELECT LIMITED has anything to do with the site

Further, there is not a single confirmation that the company really works in the “sphere of artificial intelligence”. Usually, developers brag about their success on the Internet. But where to look for information about the mysterious AI from Alpha intelect? Not Neither the names of programmers, nor the name of the program.

Why is this information not specified? Because this story is fake!

I registered on the site. Personal account looks standard for banal HYIP. There is nothing special about it. But what I was interested in was Terms of use, with whom I got acquainted at registration. There is such an item in it:

5.1. User agrees that The Company reserves the right to terminate the User’s account. on alpha intelect at any time without prior notice to the User.

So you invest today 1000 dollarsbut tomorrow they will block you and the money will not be returned. And who will you ask? Site owners are anonymous, beneficiary ALPHA INTELECT LIMITED unknown.

And here’s another curious point:

12.2. The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Services and alpha intelect;

That is, no one guarantees you a profit, and losses are your problem!

Based on the foregoing, it is safe to say that Alpha intelectscam. Its creators work not in the “sphere of artificial intelligence”, but in the sphere of financial pyramids. If you invest money in this HYIP, then you can not earn. Pyramids need regular financial injections. Every day money should be accumulated on the company’s accounts more and more. The day will come when the money is not enough and the scam will burst.

But fraudsters will not wait for the natural collapse of their system. They will bankrupt the project earlier, and investor deposits will be appropriated. According to statistics collected by the team, mid-interest HYIPs live on average about a month and less. Then the scam either closes or restarts with zeroing of all accounts.

Possible losses on the project “Alpha intelect”

  • The minimum deposit amount is 3 dollars or 200 rubles
  • Maximum amount of deposit – unlimited

Total: amount of possible losses on the project from 3 dollars and higher; you can lose a few thousand dollars!

Conclusion about the project

Alpha intelectfinancial Pyramide. If you put your money in it, you will be at a loss. It will be difficult to return deposits, as the owners of the resource are unknown. Detection of online fraud is the lowest in the police of all countries.

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