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Battle Infinity Tokens Sell Out Two Months Before Projected Hard Cap

Fantasy sports platform Battle Infinity (IBAT) recently noted that its IBAT token is racing towards sold-out status in its presale after raising about $500K worry of BNB in ​​under 24 hours!

Yesterday, analysts predicted that with the existing pace of investor inflow, the presale could sell out within a few days. The presale period was originally expected to end in early October when the presale hit a hard cap target of 16,500 BNB. As of today, the presale is sold out, with IBAT outperforming analysts’ forecasts.

The influx of investors in the presale is beyond impressive considering the beaten-down condition and bearish sentiment in the general crypto market this year. That said, the recent success indicates that IBAT’s debut on its first exchange will be nothing short of fiery. Estimates place that IBAT could secure a 100x gain after launch after locking in a potential 10x rally.

The presale price for IBAT was 166,666 IBAT to 1 BNB. However, with the ongoing presale excitement, we could see the price of the fantasy sports token rally significantly.

Battle Infinity Co-Founder Says FOMO Is Kicking In

Commenting on the recent performance of the token to the press, IBAT co-founder Suresh Joshi noted:

“We expect the increase to continue to accelerate as there seems to be a fair bit of FOMO starting to kick in. I know people are keen to hear what the IBAT list price will be when we debut on exchanges.”

Joshi further explained: “We haven’t set this yet but I can say now that we will be releasing this information to the community soon.”

However, analysts believe that whatever the price of IBAT is at the listing, traders will be unlikely to catch it at the open as the token will most certainly gap higher immediately.

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