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BetFaq – Sports Forecasts

Many people at least once in their lives faced with the concept of “sports betting”. In the CIS, there are many bookmakers, where you are happy to offer a “tasty” coefficient. Against this background, people calling themselves began to appear. cappers. They analyze upcoming games and give you a forecast for a certain reward. Betfaq just such an office is. Let’s take a closer look at the project. Let’s go!

Official site


  • Whatsapp / viber – +79313531582
  • (email protected) – on technical issues
  • (email protected) – on payment and forecasts
  • Legal Address: ZERDEN TRADING LP 41 Duke Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8HH, United Kindom, SL12180
  • Address Actual: 35/3 Buchanan Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8HH, United Kingdom

affiliate program

With detailed information about affiliate program You can find on a separate resource at:

If you believe the description, then you can receive up to 50% from all the expenses of the customers you have attracted.


Company Betfaq It was founded in 2009 by a group of players who constantly bet on sporting events.

Guys from Betfaq specialize in forecasts for 4 sports: XOkkey, Tennis, Football, Basketball.

The forecasts on the site are as free (average coefficient is 1.3), and paid (The average coefficient is 1.8-2.2).

Total exists 3 different types buying premium forecasts:

  • One for 3 000 rubles
  • Five for 9 000 rubles
  • Subscription for a month for 29 999 rubles

How many predictions are included in the subscription – is silent.

There is also a separate VIP subscription. For some reason there is no information about it on the main page. To find a link, you need to go to the FAQ section, which is a bit confusing. The cost of a subscription for 10 days will cost you 9 900 rubles. Also, according to the authors, after purchasing a subscription for a month (29 999 rubles), the cost of one forecast will be worth 250 rubles. It is not clear where this pricing comes from. And why do you even have to pay money for the forecast? That is, it is in addition to those that you will be issued? The FAQ is written up to 7 predictions per day, and in another section 3-5. And what is the probability that 4 predictions will win? It is to poke a finger in the sky. And also give the money to the cappers.

Express forecasts also attached. The cost with a factor of 5 is 7,500 rubles.

You need to realize that the stakes are excitement. Not all people, they are suitable. A lot of people who are addicted and simply ready to play all that is possible. They need not a win, but a feeling of excitement. It nourishes them. This is also used by bookmakers and cappers. It is beneficial for such organizations that you buy forecasts from them and make bets. In simple words, this business is most often in sick people.

In case of loss Premium Forecast, Betfaq gives free premium outlook for the next match. The funny thing is that when you buy a single forecast, under the terms of the promotion, you should be given 1 prediction free. And if the bet loses, then the creators will give another prediction?

What is the point in so many predictions, if your budget is not rubber. It’s a risk anyway..

Platform Terms

Registration for the project is simple, just enter the email address and receive a confirmation email. Payment occurs through bank cards,, qiwi, neteller, alfa-bank.

When paying for any subscription, you need accept the terms of the agreement and the rules of email and sms notifications. Let’s take a closer look at them.

There is nothing beyond the natural there. Everything is as usual – “not responsible”, agree with the newsletter.

It is noteworthy that in the face of the company appears ZERDEN TRADING LP. This company is registered in the UK and offers services for the creation and promotion of business. So, you conclude a contract with it. Actually no legal documents about the attachment of this company to Betfaqaccordingly, if you want to go to court, for example, then Betfaq can say that it is not related to this company at all, and the data that are listed on the site simply change.


It is possible to receive sms notifications about forecasts. Same there is a mobile application, which is available for Android devices.

Also on the site various articles on betting are presented, which is quite useful for both novice and experienced users.

The trust

Almost all pages Betfaq emblazoned inscription “Checked by RB”. On the Internet there is a site that positions itself as Rating Bookmakers. There, people really leave real reviews about the various makers. It is worth noting that Betfaq become not recommend. For the reason that Only winning matches are shown in the statistics.. That is, in fact project authors are not honest with users.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

All right RED FLAG IN HANDS! Question to moderators !!! Betfag does not show losses in statistics but only winnings! And if there are only losses to buy forecasts, and they do not post losses, then the statistics are incorrect, full SCAM! So why did he put him on a green list who can be trusted if they fake statistics ?? This entire Internet already knows !!! Tipo defeat no one needs. Well, this is where the newbies are led and money with them is not small! This is the famous betfag cheater! With simple logic, do not show losses waiting for new suckers!

Now, if you go to the site and click “statistics”, which is located at the bottom of the page, you can see that some matches have not passed. And with a low ratio. How to understand that these are not paid forecasts? Or is there only paid, for example? Or maybe there is generally all mixed up? Is it rational to show all the results? And paid and not paid? 3 000 rubles for one forecast – this is not a penny for you. Or maybe the authors do not publish all forecasts at all?

If you go to pay for one of the subscriptions, then there we will see another statistics. Only won predictions. Naturally novice will not shake down the page to see all the statistics. And pay attention to the one that is right before your eyes! And even with the “tasty” coefficients.

And where is interesting VIP statistics? After all, you must pay separately 9 900 rubles for 10 days to get access to these forecasts. Moreover, these forecasts per day can reach 5-7 pieces! But how many of them are lost? No statistics. Only by its own need to make.

And with premium forecasts another song. If you look at the statistics of only won, then we see no daily winnings. If you believe the consultant from the chat, then 1 premium forecast is given once a day. To him we add a bonus in the form of one more. And plus if we lose, then the creators will give us another free premium. As a result, an additional 2 forecast for free. But again. Are we lucky with a win? It turns out a vicious circle.


Famous capperwhich as much as possible lures you to buying forecasts. Here you and VIP, and daily, and premium and free. Is it really worth the money? We are not to decide. We do not support bets a priori.. Take care of yourself and your money. Good luck!

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