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Bill Gates Dumps Huge Chunks of His Shares In Anticipation of Multidimensional Recession

Renowned billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates appears to be spooked and is heavily cutting back on most of his investments in the financial markets.

Gates recently came under criticism by many NFT enthusiasts after claiming NFTs are “100% based on the greater fool theory.” Gates’ comments brought NFTs into the mainstream media again after a long while, although for the wrong reasons.

While there is some truth to his NFT comment, not all NFTs fall into the road-to-zero category. Many NFT projects are solid for long-term bets, especially those with real-world utility.

That said, the famous billionaire is not only bearish on crypto but most of the financial market, as some claim he’s preparing for what he believes could be the worst recession ever.

Like many billionaires, Bill Gates was highly favored by the negative turn of events in 2020. Between March 2020 and March 2022, his net worth had grown by a whopping $ 35 billion, from $ 98 billion to a staggering $ 133 billion.

It’s no surprise the billionaire’s frantically offloading some of his investments to lock in profits, although he hasn’t sold any of his more speculative stocks. What suggests that the billionaire could be preparing for “winter” is he isn’t buying any new stock.

Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates

Here’s a rundown of some cutbacks Gates implemented in Q1 2022:

  • He sold $ 1.3 billion worth, 15%, of his Berkshire Hathaway holdings.
  • He sold $ 500 million worth, 24%, of his Caterpillar holdings.
  • He sold 50% of his Walmart holdings.
  • He sold 13% of his Deere & Co. (John Deere) stocks.
  • Gates sold 100% of his Alphabet holdings and some of his Google shares.
  • The billionaire also dumped massive chunks of his UPS and FedEx shares.
  • Finally, he dumped 50% of his Microsoft stocks.

Bill Gates Is Loading Up on Physical Land

As is usual in an investor expecting a recession, Bill Gates has sunk his capital in real estate (physical land). Recent reports claim that the multi-billionaire owns 296,000 acres of land across 19 states in the US.

So, what cues are we taking from Bill Gates, and are his predictions going to come to fruition? Only time would tell.

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