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Binance and Mastercard launched a prepaid card

On August 4, Binance announced a partnership with Mastercard (MA) to launch the “Binance Card” in Argentina in economic crisis.

According to the announcement, the prepaid card aims to bridge the gap between the crypto currency and daily acquisitions. The company added that Argentina is the first country in Latin America (LATAM) to obtain the product.

The Binance Card is still in beta phase, but it is the company’s last effort to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

Carta crittografica per pagamenti globali

The card issued by Credencial Payments will allow new users of Binance and those already present in the country, in possession of a valid national identity document, to make purchases and pay the bill with the cryptocurrency. Oltre 90 milioni di esercenti Mastercard physical e online tutto il mondo accetteranno la carta.

Le criptovalute memorized sulla carta saranno convertite in fiat in tempo reale, per poi essere inviate al commerciante. In addition, card holders can earn up to 8% cashback in cryptocurrency on suitable purchases and no expenses for ATM withdrawals. Transactions and payments can be viewed and managed on the Binance website and mobile app.

The executive vice president for products and innovation of Mastercard Latin America, Walter Pimenta, has declared that “the company’s work with digital currency is based on our solid foundations to allow choice and tranquility in purchases and payments.” .

Maximiliano Hinz, Director General of Binance in Latin America, added: “I pagamenti sono dei primi e più ovvi casi di utilizzo delle cryptovalute, ma l’adozione ha ancora molto spacio de crescere”.

La mossa arriva in un momento cui gli argentini stanno sofrendo una crisi del costo della vita a causa di un inflazione epica. According to Trading Economics, the country has one of the highest inflation rates in the world, with an enormous 64% in June. If you predict that you will reach 90% by the end of the year.

Many people have already turned to detenere monete stabilizzate with the dollar, like Tether (USDT) and USDC di Circle, to protect themselves from the rapid devaluation of the peso. In the same period last year, the Peso has lost more than a third of its value compared to the green ticket. Consequently, the demand for stablecoins on the Argentine bourse has increased.

The Argentine president has barely sworn in the third new minister of the economy in a month. Sergio Massa is committed to stop printing money that contributes to uncontrollable inflation.

I mercati delle criptovalute si consolidano

I mercati delle criptovalute sono remained firm nelle ultime 24 ore, con un calo marginale della capitalizzazione totale a 1,100 miliardi di dollari. About 50 billion dollars came out of this space after the weekend and the maximum of seven weeks.

Binance’s BNB token has reacted well to the news, inverting the daily downward trend with a gain of 2.5% on the day, pushing the quote again over 300 dollars. BNB has resisted alla tempesta delle cryptovalute un po’ meglio dei suoi compagni, dato che ha perso “solo” il 55% dal suo maximum storico di May 2021.

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