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Binomo. Project Overview

Binomo is a company whose main power is focused on customer-oriented. The project is committed to creating all sorts of new opportunities that allow you to conduct successful activities on specialized technologies on the most advanced exchanges. The resource has a number of unique advantages, including a high-tech trading platform with a huge range of financial instruments. Also, this company can provide among all the others the most favorable conditions not only for trading in the market, but also for investment processes.

Trade of clients on this service occurs exclusively under the analytical support of the administration. Suitable for both professionals and beginners who are just trying themselves in this area of ​​financial direction. The project has its own personal educational system. Moreover, the system has high-quality technical support at any time.

Project name

  • Binomo Trading Platform

Official site

Contact Information

  • [email protected]
  • +8 800 555-71-85
    • Stagord Resources Ltd
      Evagorou, 27,
      Irene Building, 4th Floor,
      Flat / Office 44, Trypiotis,
      Nicosia, 1066, Cyprus
      Tiburon Corporation Limited
      Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Main project proposals

This service is thought out not just to the smallest detail, but to every problem that may arise at any stage of the participant. It is stated that the level of this platform is no different in quality from the American and European platforms. The most important offers of the company are the provision of exclusively individual brokerage services, high-quality training from professionals in their field, provision of analytical activities, as well as intelligent support from service users.

Comparing the level of professional brokers from around the world, Binomo enables high quality level and a wide range of intellectual services. The company cooperates with each client on individual conditions, which allows to achieve the most profitable and profitable results among the global market. The project provides a constant opportunity to see in a transparent picture the state of the financial market so that the investor does not have any unnecessary tricky questions, for this reason the company provides a guarantee for minimal risks among other projects.

Certification TSROFR allows you to insure all the risks associated with trading on the stock exchange, for this reason it is considered that the organization is the safest. All the aspects described suggest that the project trusts its investors, and they, in turn, completely trust the resource for their savings.

Game conditions

The company has a number of requirements in the first place in front of itself so that customers always remain satisfied and come in even more quantity. First of all, I would like to note that the initial deposit is equal to the total $10, which makes it possible to make a quick start even without much savings. If you are a beginner, the rules of the system set the minimum amount of the transaction, which is equal to $ 1that will not allow you to “merge” the bank at the very beginning of trading.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on open transactions, that is, it is possible to open several transactions for the minimum amount at once, which is called the “Non-stop“. Also, most trading platforms are closed on weekends and holidays, which is not the case with this organization, which operates 24/7.

For beginners, there is a special account for study, on which 50 thousand rubles will already lie after registration, so that there is an opportunity to learn trading. Technical support for the project is working around the clock, so any unresolved issue will be considered as soon as possible. Moreover, for beginners there is a special system of free knowledge, where you can take a course or read literature to minimize the “sinking” and increase profitability from investments.

Functionality and features

The possibilities of the system are so extensive – it is possible that you will have to get to know them all in order to reach a successful level of trading. The first thing is to talk about the trading system itself, which is presented in the form of a live chart, where the slider is constantly jumping. Here you can choose the amount of the bet and the time when this bet should play. With a successful bet there is a gain, with a slip – loss of cash. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, as already mentioned above, that is, even the time before the purchase is indicated, that is, before the bet is made.

The system also calculates the approximate profit in case of winning. There are quite a lot of currency pairs, so with deep knowledge you can trade and win only on them, without getting into someone else’s. In the left column, you can see many different functions, each of which is useful for each broker. Among them it is possible to discern the history of the operations performed and conclude where the mistake was made, and where on the contrary – the participant took the right step and received his reward.

There are also tournaments in which any player can take part, but the winnings in tournaments are simply enormous. There is a “Shares” tab, where you can familiarize yourself with current or future events that will, again, increase your capital invested in the system. Alerts are convenient for those who forget about any event, so you should not memorize and write everything, the system itself will do it all for you.

Moreover, the system provides for gifts that are awarded for various achievements in trade or just like that. The last tab is help, that is, if something suddenly became unclear, you can immediately ask a question and get an answer instantly. In addition to the specified tools Binomo has even more of these, which we simply do not have the strength to list.

Trust of participants

In this paragraph, we believe that everything is clear. First of all, the site was registered as early as 2014, and began its activities from about the same time. Throughout the Internet, you can find a lot of ad units leading to this project, to say nothing of the feedback from people who truly earn millions by building their own game strategy and trading only on it.

Customer agreement Binomo it is written in such a way that in case of failure, the proceedings between the company and the broker begin, the remaining one is dissatisfied with something, only for this reason it can be said that the users’ confidence in this resource is the highest if this word is considered as the most significant. If we talk about trust in general, the project is fully tested and pays real money in case of a win, but nobody speaks about the bank’s “discharge”.


Summing it up, we say that Binomo is almost the most full-fledged innovative trading platform with all the bells and whistles, chips and other delights that give an incredible chance to earn real money if you know what to do and how to do it right.

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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