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Bitstampeth – an easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency worldwide

Site Bitstampeth Company – allegedly provides simple and affordable ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies around the world.

Unfortunately, in fact, before us clone of the old project kriptomatiya.rf. In both cases, all the details of the organizations specified by the administration are a complete fake. Details below.

Famous project names

  • Bitstampeth Company

Links to the project website

  • https: //kriptomatiya.rf – “Older brother”

E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “Company Bitstampeth”

According to the legend:

Company Bittampeth brings together professionals from all over the world. Programmers from Spain, Russia, India and Thailand, together with successful financial consultants from the UK, USA, Lithuania and Singapore, are working to create the world’s most convenient cryptocurrency platform. Experts note that Bitcoin can significantly simplify calculations, make financial transactions safer and the team Bittampeth contributes to the development of technology Blockchain.

The project works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

For deposit replenishment from 200 USD guaranteed to get 10% bonus into the account.

there is affiliate program, promise 25% of exchange commissions for all operations of your partners.

Project Contacts

All details companies listed on the site turned out to be fake. Such an enterprise simply does not exist.

Email: (email protected) and (email protected) – does not exist.

Phone number 8 10 2489528052, completely coincides with the project contact cryptomania.

Office adress:48 Long Drive, Crown Tower 08019 Victoria, Seychelles, lime. In fact, there is Butcher’s Grill fast food restaurant.

Registry check revealed that certificate of registration of the company №563456 has never been issued.

To date, the domain Total 18 days. Server IP: IP Location: United States of America. Owner: private person.

Exposing the project “Company Bitstampeth”

Adequate feedback from real users about the site Bitstampeth CompanyI did not find it on the Internet.

Project Rules prescribe the following conditions (read the agreement):

  • Risk Warning:
    1. The user guarantees that he knows the basic principles of the operation of Cryptocurrencies, as well as the characteristics of Cryptocurrencies that affect its value. The User guarantees that he has the ability to make transactions with Crittocurrencies, and that the User is fully capable in accordance with personal law.
    2. The User understands that the Service reflects on the Website the Course on the basis of which Transactions are made, and that such a Course is established by the Users themselves. The Service does not affect the Course chosen by the Users, the Service does not make recommendations on the definition of the Course, and does not predict such a Course. The user bears all the economic risks associated with the choice of a course. The Service does not guarantee the User that the Transaction will be completed and that the conditions of such a Transaction will be beneficial for the User.
    3. The User understands that the Service is not related to the execution of transactions and / or transactions with Cryptocurrencies, therefore the Service does not accept any guarantees regarding the timing and / or the possibility of performing the operations and / or Transactions with Cryptocurrencies necessary to complete the Transactions.
    4. The User understands that any operations with Cryptocurrencies are irreversible and that the return received under the Transaction is possible only on the basis of an additional agreement with another User.
    5. Using the Site and the System, the User acknowledges and agrees that the System, the entire contents of the Site and the structure of the Site contents are protected by copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms on all media and in relation to all technologies, both currently existing and developed or created later. No rights to any content of the Site and the System, do not pass to the User as a result of using the Site and the System and concluding the Agreement.
    6. Service is not responsible for the operation of the Site and / or System and does not guarantee its smooth operation. The Service also does not guarantee the safety of information posted on the Website and / or in the System, and the possibility of uninterrupted access to information about Orders and Transactions made, the possibility of publishing Orders and entering into Transactions.
    7. User uses Site and System as they are presented, at your own risk. The Service does not guarantee the User to achieve any results due to the use of the Site and / or the System.
    8. Service does not guaranteethat the Site and the System comply with the requirements of the User, that access to the Site and / or the System will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors.

And so on, we are offered a very long list of what site administration is not responsible.

All right, just idle talk. But the point that they are not even responsible for the performance of their own website is too much.

It turns out to invest money here we are offered solely at your own peril and riskwithout providing any adequate guarantees of the safety of your financial assets.

Registration on the site is possible. by invitation code only. For this offer to contact your supervisor, to obtain the code.

Addresses and contacts completely coincide with another questionable site. cryptomatics.rf. Owners of the site have no official company.

Possible losses on the project “Company Bitstampeth”

  • offer to exchange cryptocurrency, service fee 0.2%;

Total: doubtful site, the administration acts on behalf of a non-existent company.

Conclusion about the project

Bitstampeth Company – This is a clone of a dubious project. cryptomatics.rf. Due to the lack of adequate legal documents and security guarantees for the participants for the administration of both sites, we do not recommend using their services. You risk losing all the money invested.

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