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Bookmaker office PlanetOfBets

Site PlanetOfBets provides a lot of opportunities for gambling people to spend their money. These include sports betting, virtual casino and slots. To call such a method of obtaining income stable and reliable is impossible, however, as legitimate.

Personally, I have great difficulty in understanding people who are carrying the last money they have earned (sometimes not even their own, but their spouse or parents, or even credit) to such desks. Because it is extremely unlikely to make money with them.

This is the same tape measure. And the principle of roulette will never allow its owner to be at a loss. At first, the trusting Pinocchio will be given to win, and when he feels the excitement, he will be ripped off. The story is as old as the world.

I am categorically against such earnings. But many think otherwise. This is the personal choice of everyone, of course, but also lose the head rushing to invest all the money in projects like PlanetOfBets certainly not worth it. But something can not only stay without pants, but also lose the roof over your head.

Official site



affiliate program

  • There is, where do without it.

The conditions are as follows:

Promise to pay 25% from the profit of the system with the users listed by the partner.

  • The profit of the affiliate program is recalculated on a monthly basis (on the 1st day of each month) and is available for withdrawal immediately after the accrual.
  • In the case of a negative profit on the partner’s users for the month, this amount is NOT debited from the partner’s main account.
  • Advertise the service by any legal means while SPAM is strictly prohibited.The gaming account is combined with the partner, payments after the calculation of the profit are automatically made to it, this will be reflected on your balance.
  • They write that the profit from the referral will be charged for life. The statement, of course, is very dubious. Apparently it meant, while the site is alive?))


Offer two options “earnings” sports betting and online casinos.

Sports betting includes:

  • football;
  • tennis;
  • basketball;
  • hockey;
  • volleyball;
  • rugby;
  • fighting without rules;
  • snooker.

There are plenty of options to spend money, you can choose the sport you like the most.

Online casino also includes the entire standard set: roulette, poker, bakara. Favorite by many users arcade games are placed in the “Slots” category. The choice is big, the site has no problems with this.

Platform Terms

Here is the attention!

First, the project provides very complicated registration procedure. Almost all personal data is requested: phone number, full name, home address, etc. It is strange that the number and series of passports were not asked for and the screen was added to it (as it turned out they will be asked!)

This is done with a single purpose, if you think that you can lose and “slip away” somewhere in the wilds of the huge world wide web, then alas. All your contacts are already listed on the site. Therefore, they will regularly call you, perhaps even gentlemen will visit the collectors. True address, you can specify any, more or less plausible (already checked), but with the phone this trick will not work.

Confirming registration you agree to the rules of the project. They, to the credit of the administration, are painted in great detail, nothing is hidden, not even veiled, as often happens. BUT alas, the average Russian Internet user, as a rule, either does not read them at all, or reads them fluently and does not understand even half of the conditions. Then we start complaining that we were deceived, robbed. We are looking for help, and advice on how to return the money … First, carefully examine the conditions under which the project is ready to provide you with services.

Here, too, there are points that need special attention:

The company has partners providing additional services:

  • “Live casino” service in collaboration with Ezugi B.V.
  • Service “Slots” (“Slots”) in collaboration with SG International N.V.
  • Service “Reception of bets on virtual sport” in collaboration with Mirax Management Ltd.

Further points:

2.4. The Company reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Service without the consent and notification of Customers.

2.5. By clicking the Register button on the Website, the Customer confirms that he is familiar with these Terms of Service and agrees with them.

2.6. The client undertakes to independently review the Terms of Service for changes at least once a month.

2.7. Any Rate is a confirmation that the Client has read and agrees with the current version of the Terms of Service of the Company.

2.8. In case of failure to accept these Terms of Service, or any part thereof, or any changes, the Client undertakes to immediately send the Company an application with a request to block his Account.

2.12. In the event of claims regarding any aspect of the provision of a service by the Company, the Client is entitled to submit a written complaint via e-mail to the Company’s support service or through the ticket system on the Company’s website. The Company undertakes to consider the complaint and respond to the email address indicated by the Client during the Registration within 72 (seventy two) hours.

2.16. The company reserves the right to block the acceptance of rates and operating activities in any of the currencies.

2.17. The company has a zero tolerance policy towards prohibited actions and fraudulent activity on the part of the Client.

2.18. In the event of any discrepancies or errors in the translations of the Terms of Service into other languages, the English version published on the Company’s website is considered true.

Here it is attentively:

3.3. The Company at its discretion may request from the Client to verify the Account. an official document with a photo that identifies his identity (passport, driver’s license), a document confirming residence (bank statement, utility bill), as well as any other documents and materials necessary for identity verification (including, but not limited to, a photo with a passport in hand, etc.). All documents for verification must be provided in English (either in the original presence of the English translation, or notarized translation of documents into English). The client is obliged to provide all the requested documents and materials and go through the verification process. In case documents are not provided within 1 (one) month from the moment of the request, the Company blocks this Account without payment of Wins and withdrawal of funds. The verification period for the Account is 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date the Company receives the requested documents.

3.4. When registering the client gives full consent to the processing, storage and use of the personal data provided to themas well as the provision of this information to the competent authorities in the event the Company receives a relevant official request or cases of fraud on the part of the Client.

3.5. The client undertakes to inform the Company about all changes in his personal data (obtaining a new identity document, changing his place of residence, changing his mobile phone number, changing his capacity, etc.).

3.8. Customer is responsible for burglary and preservation of the login and password from your Account, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences caused by unauthorized access of third parties to the Client Account.

3.9. Registered Clients are prohibited from re-registering: using previous or changed registration data (including, but not limited to, name, phone number, address of residence, email address, identity document data), except when registering an Account with a different currency. from currencies of current Accounts, provided that existing Accounts owned by the Client were not blocked or restricted for Bids. In case of non-compliance with these requirements of the Company, all Client Accounts may be blocked without paying Wins and withdrawing funds.

4.1.1. If you suspect fraud, as well as in the event of any violations of the Terms of Service (including but not limited to the conditions of clause 4.1.4 of these Terms) by the Client, the Company reserves the right to block the Account and refuse to pay Wins and cash withdrawals. However, any criminal or suspicious actions may be reported to the relevant authorities.

If you want to play for money and lose, keep in mind you will not be so easily left behind and will try in every way to get you back.

There is also a section “Errors”, where there are options for technical errors of the program as a result of which may crash the system and reset the accounts of participants. Be aware that in this case your money will burn completely and the company will not return it to you! Because in this case, the administration completely disclaims all responsibility.


7.5.1. The company is not responsible for typing, transfer or error in the calculation of rates.

7.5.2. The company reserves the right to correct obvious errors, including after the completion of the event (errors in Coefficients, names of teams or events).

7.5.3. The company is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information provided.

7.5.4. The company reserves the right to make a refund, including after the announcement of the match results, if there are signs of an obvious error in the coefficients provided.

Classic section “A responsibility

8.3. Company not responsible for damage incurred by the Client due to improper use of the Account, as well as in case of loss of control over the Account and use of the Account by third parties.

8.4. Claims of Clients to the Company or its proxies about the damage suffered by them (in particular, due to system failures, defects, delays, manipulations or data transmission errors) are not allowed, except for claims for intentional actions or extreme negligence. In addition, the Company’s liability does not exceed the amount of the Rate or Winnings payable, whichever is higher.

8.5. If the client loses 50,000 (fifty thousand) Euros (or more) within 4 (four) weeks, the Company reserves the right to take appropriate measures to protect the Client from further losses.

8.6. The client is fully aware risk of losing money during the game, assumes all responsibility for such losses and agrees that it uses the Services at its own risk and peril and solely at its own will and choice. The client has no right to bring any claims to the Company in connection with its financial losses.

8.10. The company does not bear any responsibility. for any indirect damage, including, but not limited to, data loss, loss of profits, non-receipt of income, loss of profits, loss of reputation, as well as any other damage resulting from the use of the Company’s service.

We strongly recommend that you carefully study all the clauses of this agreement before you run headlong to bet. Very sobering you know. But unfortunately not all …

The guys write that they There is a return policy in case of fraud.. These questions will be considered as special cases for each client. It is believed. Of course, it is weak, but nevertheless such an item is included in the contract.

That’s just hope for him, of course, not worth it. This is a casino.


It cannot be said that the functionality is organized very badly. At least in part: How to replenish the account, withdraw money, make a bet, etc., everything is written in great detail. When registering, you can choose any currency recognized in the world in which it would be convenient for you to receive a prize.

Here, in principle, no complaints. I will not describe in detail who would be interested in reading everything directly on the site. Everything is accessible there clearly and in detail.

Where it is more interesting, it seems to me, to check the company’s details for authenticity. Because the majority of similar resources are simply invented from their heads. And then we find the “main offices” in the forest, then among the Thai restaurant))

From contacts with the administration were indicated: email address, phone number and address of the main office of the company. And the first disappointment:

As it turned out email: (email protected) does not exist.

Phone: +44 7492 880247 (I always like it very much when the Russian-language segment is offered to call abroad for their own money. Guys, if you are such a serious company, as they say, then if you please, take care of the convenience of ALL of your clients who provide services! Do you want to organize, for example, Telephone hotline in Russia with an operator – is it so difficult and insanely expensive?).

The phone number belongs to the UK, a call to it as already mentioned will cost you a lot of money. Yes, and it is unlikely to help. At a minimum, you need to know the language of another country well. And if we take into account that we’ve slipped the e-mail to us, then I wouldn’t be surprised if people who have no connection to the PlanetOfBets project answer you from this number.

Legal address where the main office of the company is registered: Curacao, Willemstad, E-Commerce Park Vredenburg to say the least strange. The guys indicated E-Commerce Park – this is not entirely correct. Since it means a fairly extensive area of ​​the whole complex of buildings in which the owners of firms rent offices for various business sites. Where we need to look for our “eagles” is not clear. You can run all day uselessly. It is clear that the company has no office. This is just an attempt to mislead people.

true there is still subsidiary company:

PLANET OF BETS ENTERTAINMENT B.V. LIMITED Company register number: 10429338. Office 3, Unit R, Penfold Works Trading Estate, Imperial Way, Watford, Herts, WD24 4YY

how it turned out such organization really exists. It was registered on 10/14/2016. true owner in 2017 owed taxes to the state. If you believe the google map, the guys office is here:

it food warehouses and car service. Of course, no companies, especially “successful” offices in such a place, will rent. Most likely, the owner simply registered his company via the Internet, indicating the left address. Nowadays it is quite affordable and not very expensive. In any case, the history of the details develops unpleasant.

If they are fake, then no one can give guarantees of the safety of the money invested by you in the project.

Domain data:

  • Domain:;
  • Domain age: 958 days;
  • Title: PlanetOfBets;
  • Description: Not defined;
  • Server IP:;
  • IP Location: United States;

They have another registered domain:, with age 4556 days. There even trust level 14. True, there are no reviews at all. The owner of both resources is a private person.

The trust

I looked on the Internet for reviews of real people about this project. As it turned out, they are enough. Everything is shared on the Internet. There are positive, I do not argue. But there were more negative comments.

Here are some of them:

Blocked the withdrawal after 5 wins in a row, I do not advise you to bet. Loss of $ 50. Suppress.

I made a bet on the result of the first half 0-0 in the toga on the site showed that the first half ended with the score 1: 0, and on all other sites of other bookmakers and just sports sites the first half ended with the score 0: 0. Conclusion. That this office is fraudsters and the results of the game are written by hand as they please. Correspondence with support did not give anything, they claim. That all are fools and only they are right. So think to get involved or not with this office

Coupon ID Event Rate Koef Result
21584815 December 29, 2018 16:20 100.00 RUB 0.00 RUB
USM Annaba (U21) – Skkikda (U21) – Exact score (first half of the match) 0: 0 2.02 1: 0

This is the ambush I threw this office. I put a large amount on one option, won, but the bookmaker calculated the bet not with a factor of 1.0, but as a losing one. I am writing with support, please understand, because they are wrong, they said wait for me. I waited, wrote again, figured out or not, they say again wait, that’s what I am waiting for, but my questions are answered more.

Oh, it’s better not to start an account here, bypass this office. The withdrawal of even a small amount is delayed, the limits are cut, the support service simply ignores the questions asked.

And I want to say a few more words on my own behalf. While preparing a review of this project, I found a huge amount paid reviews about PlanetOfBets. Any person who is in copywriting (webwriting, call it what you will) is different from real ones for 3 seconds. very few authors are able to write such comments plausibly.

As a rule, they are limited to standard phrases, namely: (“I got to this site by chance, but it really became a real discovery for me”, “I have been betting on sports for a long time, but I could not find a suitable site and then one day I was advised by the office” Horns and Hooves “and so on.)

But the most important thing in such posts is absolutely no soul. It is immediately obvious that the author really does not care about what he is writing about. Just to get your t and d RUB / kiloskaz and forget about the site that described as a bad dream.

The abundance of similar posts on the Internet suggests that the guys are trying artificially increase their ratings. Why? This is a completely different question …


Plus, site administration PlanetOfBets можно поставить разве что за подробно и детально составленное соглашение. Все условия хорошо и грамотно описаны, ни чего не скрывается, даже хороший юрист сразу найдет к чему придраться.

Остальной функционал – это конечно крокодиловы слезы. Вранье, на вранье и враньем погоняет:

1.Придумали какую-то компанию, которой и в помине нет, создали вторую подставную.

2.Офисы указали которых не существует, телефон один на все офисы в Англии.

3..Почта вообще фейк, набор знаков.

Зачем это им нужно, если они легальная порядочная компания? Ну нет у них денег на аренду настоящих офисов, или жалко. Зачем вообще их выдумывать, неужели нельзя организовать нормальный функционал в рамках своего же сайта? Уж почту-то, хотя бы бесплатную зарегистрировать можно было? Если бы админ думал об удобстве и безопасности участников своего проекта, Но, у нас не тот случай.

Мы в принципе не рекомендуем пользователям интернете нести свои деньги букмекерам,потому что 90% вероятности, что вы их там и оставите. Крайне наивно считать рулетку и ставки стабильным и постоянным способом заработка. А такие сайты. as PlanetOfBets не рекомендуем вдвойне!

Если уж вы настолько азартный человек, что вам жизненно необходимо рисковать играя в азартные игры, хотя бы позаботьтесь о том, что бы это не были ваши последние средства к существованию и несколько раз прочтите условия использования сервиса, а так же поищите о нем правдивую информацию в интернете. Такие простые действия хотя-бы частично обезопасят от вероятности потерять все, деньги что у вас есть. Не кормите мошенников!

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