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Sign In – your cloudless prosperity

At an interesting time we live. In the network of darkness, there are darkness, sites on which they share their experience of saving, tell how to live with the whole family on 10 000 rubles per month, complain of lack of income, low salaries, economic crisis. At the same time, websites of investment companies of all stripes multiply on the network, like flu viruses in the offseason.

Why is that?

Yes, everything is simple. There are very few really serious investment companies. But those who call themselves as such, and in fact are only financial pyramids, are just a huge number.

The company we’ll talk about today is called BSFinance Limited. And she promises us cloudless prosperity.

Let’s see what is booming and whether to contact them.


With contacts like everything is fine.

there is email addresses – all domain workers:

there is feedback form

there is online chat. For some reason, not on the site itself, but on an external resource:

There is a page in Facebook: In English and not very active.

There is an account in On twitter: Also in English.

there is news channel in Telegram:

there is phone number for communication: +442080897218. Do you have a desire to call London?

there is office adress. Also in London: 1 Scott Pl, London, United Kingdom, M3 3RN. If you are going through, come in, they will be glad to see you.

To find any documents and legal information about BSFinance LimitedYou have to try. For some reason, links to the About Us page aren’t on the menu. But there is such a page. And links to documents are also presented. In the registry Companies house the company is – Director of the company – William holt. There is no information about him on the site.

But this is not particularly important, of course. Registration of a company in London is just a screen company, which is so loved by hype trying to pretend to be serious companies.

Why is “seemingly” all right with the contacts. The site has a whole page with regional representatives. At the place of registration of the company, i.e. in the UK, for some reason, there are no representatives. In Germany, Thailand, Poland, Bangladesh, Cambodia (and a couple of dozen countries) – yes, but in the UK – no. Somehow it’s not very good.

There are many representatives in Russia. But only if you think that the representative of the company is Surname, Name, Patronymic, position, office address, then you are mistaken. Representatives BSFinance Limited in the Russian Federation is: Rezeda, KingInvestCash, Lordborg and a dozen more of these same mysterious personalities. It is strange that among them Dmitry Yurievich. True, he is – Dima Shorinjudging by the profile of VKontakte. Each representative has coordinates for contacting them – links to instant messengers, email addresses, a page on the social network. Somehow it’s not solid when the representative of a serious company is called Hyip hunter or kissska.

affiliate program

Affiliate in stock. Three level: 5% -2% -1%. Referral accrued “to your client’s account immediately after your referral makes a deposit using the payment system, and not your account balance”.

Earning referrals, not being a client of the company, will fail:

note that you cannot invite partners until you have tested our service yourself (you need to make 1 deposit, at least $ 10)
To receive a referral commission, you must be an active investor (make at least 1 deposit in the amount of $ 10) If you want to advertise our company, you must first test our services.

Is logical. Conventional breeders are thus eliminated. Or just too forced to make at least a minimum deposit. The terms of the deposit of the referrer are not specified.

What BSFinance offers

They offer us prosperity without clouds on the horizon of life. And to thrive, you just need to become a client of this terribly reliable company. So that we can see how clients are flourishing, we are invited to get acquainted with the top investors – these are 10 clients who made the largest contributions. Beautiful amounts: from $ 616 366.78 before $ 1 710 521.05.

The table of recent payments looks no less impressive. Last payout (at the time of writing) was produced Oct-10-2019 12:55:21 AM. And they paid the customer a nickname volf8 $ 1 105 984.00. This client does not appear in the top of depositors.

Company works (on 10/10/2019) 633rd day – from 01/15/2018. The statistics look very nice:

  • Total customers 58 658
  • Total deposits $ 174 105 625.04
  • Total paid $ 8 654 8547

Tax, ay, where are you, where are you looking ?! Such money flies past the cash desk! This is not all taxed – an offshore company.

Where does the money come from? If we believe what they tell us, then BSFinance Limited – This is a living team and a fine-tuned mechanism. BSFinance Limited is an investment company focused on the conclusion of transactions with securities on stock exchanges in combination with the use of investment capital also in the Forex market and in the cryptocurrency market … ”

And many more such watery platitudes. This information in different variations is repeated on the site several times.

Accumulating the investment pool, we distribute it into several investment flows. The amount of these investment flows, as well as their vectors, are determined by the company’s analysts on the basis of data received from monitoring programs that determine the maximum trends in exchange rate volatility.

Where the investment flows go, who the analysts are, what monitoring programs are all a mystery. Since there is simply no information about this.

There is another statement:

One of the most striking examples of positively progressing synthesis between investors and BSFinance Limited is the appearance and active use of the website by our customers, which is becoming the main resource that can unite and give new opportunities for investing and obtaining constant passive income for our customers.

Which copywriter has collected all these texts, what audience they are intended for, only site admins know. Because it’s very difficult to single out at least some meaning from what has been read.

However, this is not necessary. You need to invest money.

BSFinance Platform Terms

“Terms and PnProvisions “is a separate menu item. And this is a small amount of text, divided into 5 sections. Everything is extremely concise, but not always clear.

For example, here is a statement:

2) Clients conduct all financial transactions solely at their discretion and at their own risk. The size and term of the deposit is determined personally by each client.

It’s immediately clear: he brought the money, gave it, it’s his own fault. When a large international company in terms of investing speaks about the fear and risk of the client, this is somehow not serious.

It is impossible to see some kind of summary table with tariff plans before registration. There is only a carousel in which the numbers change. Moreover, it is impossible to see the conditions for each tariff – there is no such function:

To calculate your profit, we are offered a calculator. Ok, count (for minimal contribution). The calculator works out of the blue badly – the page has to be reloaded several times.

Works BSFinance Limited only with US dollars. The first three tariffs are ordinary hype. Only the sums for two of them look wild.

  • At a rate 2.1% DAILY FOR 20 DAYS minimum deposit amount 10 $. In 20 days we will receive $ 14.2.
  • At a rate 2.5% DAILY FOR 35 DAYS minimum deposit amount immodest – $ 100,000. In 35 days we will receive $ 187,500.
  • At a rate 3.5% DAILY FOR 55 DAYS the minimum deposit amount is even steeper – $ 200,000. In 55 days we will receive $ 585,000.

On these three tariffs the body of the deposit is included in the payments. there is 4 more tariffs, which promise to return the deposit at the end of the term. At the sight of the promised interest, I want to rub my eyes: it seems that a comma was missed somewhere. But no, everything is in all seriousness.

  • At a rate 655% AFTER 25 DAYS minimum deposit amount $ 100,000. In 25 days we will be paid $ 655,000.
  • At a rate 1500% AFTER 45 DAYS minimum deposit amount $ 50,000. In 45 days we will be paid $ 750,000.
  • At a rate 3000% AFTER 60 DAYS minimum deposit amount $ 25,000. In 60 days we will be paid $ 750,000.
  • At a rate 6 500% AFTER 90 DAYS minimum deposit amount $ 15,000. In 90 days we will be paid $ 975,000.
  • At a rate 16,000% AFTER 160 DAYS minimum deposit amount $ 15,000. In 160 days we will be paid $ 80,000.

After registration in your account we see two more tariffs – VIP (they are not in the calculator):

  • VIP555 AFTER 12 DAYS . Can invest from $ 300,000 to $ 500,000. Over 12 days, the amount will increase 5.5 times (555%)
  • VIP1555 AFTER 24 DAYS Even cooler. Deposit amount from $ 200,000 to $ 400,000. And in less than a month, they promise us 1,555%.

Just by looking at such rates, you can immediately close this wonderful site of a fabulous company and never come back here again. Because it’s not even a fairy tale.

BSFinance Functionality

But if you still believe in a fairy tale and want to become investors, then you must first register. It’s simple. Register Vasya Pupkinand with a password 123456 and email address (email protected). Everything goes great: Hello, vasyapupkin!

Once again, we draw your attention. Such a registration, when you do not need to confirm the email address, when you can register with a obviously non-existent address, when registration is anonymous is anything but not an investment company. This is possible only in different kinds haypah.

No confirmation is requested at all. However, in the section with frequently asked questions you can read:

We maintain the complete confidentiality of our customers and do not share any information with any third party.

We do not require any documents, neither confirming the identity, nor the address, nor the origin of your money.

What company BSFinance Limited the origin of money is not interested – that’s good. But here is how we will explain the appearance on our accounts of such beautiful amounts? Will we also legalize them through offshore?

Most likely, yes. Because you can make a deposit either in cryptocurrency (which is anonymous by definition), or through no less anonymous PerfectMoney or Payeer payment systems.

Trust in BSFinance

First thing not worth believing at allThis is the payout statistics.

10/10/2019 it was indicated that in 12:55:21 AM investor volf8 got $ 1 105 984.00. Total for 10/10/2019 investors were paid $ 2 402 229. Despite the fact that the total amount of payments for almost 2 years of the project’s existence at 10.10 was $ 8 654 8547. Somehow more than strange – in just one day more than a quarter of payments. Well, okay, maybe the day was too successful. This is how it looked:

The other is even weirder. See payout statistics 10/10/2019. We see that October 10th the last payout was made to the investor Szrvt at 11:59:59 PM – she made 42 cents. And following his $ 1.26 got danghanh47cbp 10/11/2019 at 12:00:01 AM.

And where has a million plus gone ?! But not him. And there wasn’t, of course. Where are the payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Also there. Statistics are simply drawn here.

What else do not believe.

Sure, in the promised yield. Forex trading is highest risks. Even very experienced traders sometimes go into minus. Cryptocurrency markets also do not give a chance to be confident in profits. No matter how experienced the analysts are, it is simply impossible to forecast trade in such a way that it is stable and reliable to guarantee such interest. Even a one-time such profit sounds fantastic, but acceptable. It’s like breaking a jackpot in a lottery. However, talking about guarantees, putting such profits as the basis of tariff plans is not even a lie, it’s just bullshit on a moonlit night. And to believe in the reality of these plans is a sign of absolute clearness of consciousness.

The site of this pseudo-investment company is also not credible. Firstly, it is absolutely not informative. No specifics, alas, no. There are common words, there are some unfounded allegations. So, for example, it looks News section:

Can you imagine that this is possible on the site of a really working company? Especially if the site has been functioning for almost two years.

Secondly, the site is not adapted: in modern realities, a site that does not adapt to different monitors is a bad manners, even novice site builders avoid this. The site is full of typos. There are not many of them, but they are not corrected: typos in the headlines are also a bad manners.

Thirdly, usability leaves much to be desired: the inactive menu item “Ratings”, a crookedly working calculator.

And absolutely not anonymous. While investing offers very serious amounts, a statement “we don’t care who you are or where you got the money” sounds naive. Especially with offshore registration of a company that does not conduct any activity in the territory of the state where it is registered.

Online information about BSFinance Limited a lot of. That’s only on serious authoritative resources (such as RBC, for example), in the ratings of brokers and investment companies BSFinance Limited can not found. But the company is represented at a variety of hype monitoring. The reviews are contradictory: someone claims that the project pays, someone says that the payments have stopped.

According to “Trust in the network” site trust level negative: since July 2019 has been holding at around -10.

It would be fine if the site administrators somehow tried to rectify the situation, somehow commented on what was happening. But they are silent. Why? After all, users indicate serious things as the cause of distrust: fraud, phishing, viruses.

At BSFinance Limited there is a clone site that is targeted at a Russian-speaking audience – lifestile.funexisting for more than six months. Site owners disown from the twin brother, claim that they have no relation to him. They even warn that there are such scammers on the network who mow under an honest officeBSFinance Limited. But somehow I can’t believe that more than six months a serious company was unable to take measures to close the resource, undermining the reputation of the investment company. I don’t believe it! And you?


Is it worth it to trust your money BSFinance Limited? It is up to you to decide. For the conclusions, the lies that were piled up on the site are quite enough for us. – this is pseudo-investments, this is a contribution to the financial pyramid. That is a contribution to ensure the prosperity of the creators of this pyramid.

But in the network they say that you can invest, that the project pays. Yes, there is one. AND referral links to such statements are attached. Can one believe this?

If you decide to invest, still be careful. Don’t invest more than you can just throw in the window: in “Pnterms and conditions “honestly warned you: all contributions you make at your own peril and risk. Returning the lost money will be extremely difficult, long and expensive. After all, they will have to sue in London. Do not believe that the representatives of the company in the Russian Federation, whose name is Rezeda or Dimka Shorin, in fact, somewhere will represent your interests.

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