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CashUp online loan

Site Cashup provides fast and affordable loans to citizens of Ukraine. The application procedure and receiving money takes only 15 minutes. You can get a loan on the card of any bank.
At least so say the administrators of the resource. But how is the situation really? Let’s figure it out.

Official site


  • +38 (044) 227 52 70
  • +38 (073) 571 78 78 – Lifecell
  • +38 (097) 571 78 78 – Kyivstar
  • +38 (095) 571 78 78 – Vodafone
  • FC “Business Capital”, 01001, Kiev, st. Esplanadnaya, 34/2, office 18

affiliate program


Site administration offers providing loans to the population on the most favorable terms. Registration of the application takes place in the online mode. They write that during the initial treatment the procedure takes from 10 minutes. Next provide detailed instructions:

  • Open the official service page in your browser. Find the application form, it is often located on the first page with the online calculator (or gives out after entering information into it). Answer all questions in the required fields.
  • In the online calculator, mark the desired amount of money and the loan period. Next, calculate (next is the corresponding button). The system within a few seconds displays the final loan amount with interest. No hidden charges and percent.
  • Then you receive a confirmation email and personal account. You all check. If there are any errors, immediately call the call center and inform the operator about your problem. This can also be done via email.
  • Submit a request. The client is immediately sent an agreement and from this point on it is possible to use the money that was transferred to the card.

Although it is extremely doubtful that such a detailed instruction is needed at all. All actions and so intuitive. But, nevertheless, the process is described in great detail.

Also offer to issue bank loans without documents.

Two statements in the text are very confusing:

  1. We check that the card is framed by us. Do not worry that the money will be blocked or will disappear altogether, as we conduct an honest policy! We give additional finance, but do not pick them up!
  2. We said goodbye to sanctions and penalties, because we know that our clients are decent!

Highly strange words for a serious, formal banking structure. One gets the impression that this is some kind of sharazhkin desk that deceives people with money. Because, as an unpleasant practice shows, these are the statements on their websites that are expressed exclusively by fraudsters who are most important in luring a client into their project.

Platform Terms

They write that the requirements for future creditors are practically not made. I tried to arrange their application. They offer two options:

  1. authorization through your online bank;
  2. filling out the questionnaire.

It is strongly advised to first, it is understandable, so the client immediately opens the admin access to all their accounts.

But you can fill out the form. When registering, you must confirm your agreement with the contract. It is published completely in Ukrainian, but of course you can make out the meaning.

  • You should know that the project deals collection of clients’ personal data with the right to transfer them to third parties.
  • You should know that the project exists a huge number of warnings about possible risks, which of course is not at all surprising, given that the requirements for the lender are minimal.

Also very embarrassing primitive registrationwhich is not valid for credit institutions.

Yes, and they have some kind of “dumb” print, so I don’t even want to select another word. For example, the stamp seal in Ukraine according to the latest requirements of GOST should look very different.

And this is some kind of “filkina literacy” which in any transition can be bought and made any impression. For example, “I am a fool of my mother,” and a document certified with such a seal will also be considered in court as this letter from the unknown Filka.

A few more embarrassing moments as excerpts from the proposed contract to us:

4.4. The site administration is not responsible for any errors, typos and inaccuracies that may be found in the materials contained on this Site / Mobile application. The site administration makes all the necessary efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented on the Site. All information and materials are provided on an “as is” basis, without any guarantee that the Website / Mobile application or its Service may or may not be suitable for specific purposes of use, and that they will meet the requirements or expectations of the User. The site administration cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from using the Site / Mobile application and / or its Service.

4.5. The site administration is not responsible for the statements and opinions of visitors to the Site, left as comments or feedback. Opinion Administration of the site may not coincide with the opinion and position of the authors of such reviews or comments. At the same time, the Site Administration takes all possible measures to prevent the publication of messages that violate existing laws or moral norms.

4.6. The site administration is not responsible for any illegal actions of the User regarding third parties or third parties regarding the User related to the use of the Service.

4.7. The site administration reserves the right to delete information posted by the User on the Site and take technical and legal measures to terminate access to the Site of Users violating the requirements of the Agreement and / or the legislation of Ukraine.

4.8. The parties are exempt from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if such performance is a result of force majeure (force majeure), including riots, prohibitive actions of authorities, natural disasters, fires, catastrophes, failures in telecommunications and electrical networks, actions of malicious programs, and also unscrupulous actions of third parties aimed at obtaining unauthorized access or disabling software or an aratnogo complex.

Pay for loans offered in different ways. For example, like this:

They write that the system itself finds your contract by phone number. The truth is not the fact that the guys will be ready to provide some real confirmation of the fact of online payment and will not remind some time later that you have, they say, dear person, the debt is hanging for several months, and the interest has already come up more than he credit.


Provided contacts and official documents: addresses, phone numbers, owner’s name. At first glance, everything is in the public domain.

Legal office address: Kiev, st. Esplanadnaya, 34/2, office 18.

Google map for some reason at the specified address shows ordinary house. Specially examined it from all sides, did not find any banking organizations. Yes, and offices are usually indicated when the company is located inside a large room, such as a large business center … Strange, is not it?

On one of the official sites of Ukraine found information about FC “Business Capital”. It turned out the guys in this shabby house rent an apartment for office.

The number is really 18. Although it is possible that this is just the home address of one of the founders, to which their office was registered. Like that not very solid for a serious company, anyway.

Director FC “Business Capital” Shlyakhetko Boris Vladimirovich. To date, the organization is considered valid. The contacts listed on the site are completely the same. All detailed information can be found here:

The trust

Reviews, posted on the site in our opinion it makes no sense at all to consider as evidence of something.

They are very few, and all positive. No user photos. We will never know who actually wrote them. In addition, the most recent ones are dated as early as August 2018. It turns out from the guys, since August, who did not take loans? Strange …

Domain: Domain age: 935 days. Description: Need money before paycheck? Getting a loan online on your bank card is easy. Online loans throughout Ukraine, call? (073) 571-78-78. Server IP: IP Location: Lithuania.

Reviews were found on the Internet, but most of them look as if their beginner rewriter wrote in 30 / kiloznak. It is not at all natural and all in the same manner. We will not post them here. Find yourself, they are in the Internet in the public domain.

But there are negative comments, such as:

I took a loan on my head ((So the percentages are crazy ((People are driven into such an ass that there are no words) ((Mats on the phone, threats to children, etc. (((No words on them … This is the a company that pushes people into a pit (((

To which the admin responded as follows:

Julia, thank you for your feedback on CashUp
We recommend in this case to issue an interest-free loan in one of the MFIs

and a question for you: did you read the dogs when you made a loan in a cache? Did you see interest and calculated your return?

That’s always, first lured with beautiful promises and prospects, and then they remind you of the contract you need to read … (By the way, you really need it! Read its user carefully, wouldn’t get into such an unpleasant situation). However, any lawyer will tell you that to threaten you in any case, no one has the right (by the way, the admin of the CashUp site advertised in his post was not even surprised that there were threats. So, this is how the guys work with clients.)

And more reviews:

ATTENTION!!!! FRAUD !!! Do not try to borrow in this office !!! At first glance, everything is just great. Normal interest, bonus and loyalty programs. But in fact, it’s all complete bullshit! All your low interest rates and bonuses will burn in a jiffy! When receiving a loan from this company, you sign a contract with one company, but after a while without notice the company transfers the rights of debt to a completely different company which you should not already according to conditions site !!! This is a financial scam! And the employees of the cashup company are beginning to fall into the cold claiming that all the company’s customers were supposedly notified of the change of their financial partner. Then the new company starts demanding the return of the debt from you, and the cashup company with its website or application has absolutely nothing to do with it! But paying the debt of the new company which transferred the rights of debt, you will not close your loan. because that in time, the initial company sues you in court with a claim that they did not transfer any debt rights and that you should only them! Must loan amount + interest + penalty! And this amount through this time will be tens of thousands of hryvnia! With all this, the site or the cashup application remains just a cover for a financial scam! I personally I was a regular and respectable borrower and client of this office, but today I just got into a stupor after learning about their financial fraud !!! Once again I will repeat to everyone – IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO STAY A FOOL AND ETERNAL DECEMBER, DO NOT CONNECT TO THIS OFFICE !!! THESE CONFLICTS AND SCAMS! You will then bite your elbows.

Why was no one warned about the loan transfer? Why now you need to give the entire amount to another organization? There is no such clause in the contract, so why act in a similar way with honest borrowers who did not allow delinquency?

These reviews are taken from the source:
P.S: spelling and punctuation preserved copyright.


Impression of the site Cashup formed the most unpleasant. Another MFO, a desk where borrowers are stifled with unimaginable interest. To take loans from such leaders only for oneself is more expensive. They also will transfer your personal data to the same lohobanks. Who loves endless calls from operators of credit institutions – this is your chance!

In fact, it is better to try to do without credits at all, but if you need money, contact the banks in your region with a good reputation. Understandably, there and conditions will be stricter, no one will give you a loan for beautiful eyes without documents and with a bad credit history. But they will not call with threats.

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