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Criptomind – investing in cloud mining or regular hype and pseudo mining

Do you want to make money on cloud mining, but you know nothing about technology? Do you want to make big profits every day? Administration Criptomind promises you mountains of gold and manna from heaven, if you invest money in their project. But I strongly advise you not to spend money on this scam, because it is financial Pyramide. Mining rogues are not involved.

Famous project names

Links to the project website

E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information “Criptomind”

Here’s how scam artists describe their activities:

Criptomind – a rapidly growing company providing cloud mining services. Since 2018, Criptomind has been steadily taking a position in the global market for cloud and remote mining cryptocurrency.

We provide the opportunity to earn on cryptocurrencies with minimal investment and without immersion in technical aspects.

All their praise is sheer deception.. The project exists less than a month, and could not take any position in 2018. And the phrase “without immersion in technical aspects” does not mean that resource creators care about their investors, but that their target audience is inexperienced users of the Network who do not understand mining.

What do the charlatans offer? Profit of 50% of the deposit amount for 24 hours. Minimum deposit – 50 rubles. Maximum – 50 000 rubles. Scammers work with Payeer wallet. This payment system is famous for its anonymity, which is misused by all sorts of criminals.

Extra earn quacks offer on referral program. Payments – 10%.

Project Contacts

Email: (email protected) – fake

Address: 193 BALHAM HIGH ROAD, BALHAM, LONDON, UK, SW12 9BE – restaurant is located

On the page “Contacts” is Links to Telegram and Vkontaktebut they lead to the main pages of these sites, not groups. That is, accounts Criptomind There is no social network and messenger.

Site Technical Data

  • Domain Registered April 14, 2019
  • The name of the owner is hidden privacy settings
  • Ai pi (there are 11 more sites at this address)
  • The server is located in Rostov-on-Don

Exposing the project “Criptomind”

On the FAQ page, I learned that fraudsters supposedly work with altcoins. Funny statement. Altcoins call all types of cryptocurrency, except Bitcoin. But why is the currency not listed by name? After all, not all digital money is profitable. Many online coins fall in price strongly, and those that grow do not give a profit of 50%. What makes money? Fun with the process do not describe. Only require money. But for what? To buy new powerful equipment? Mining is a process that a special program will perform. The program is resource intensive. She needs powerful graphics cards. Miners create entire computer cryptocurrency mining farms that are physically located somewhere. Where did the creators place their farm Criptomind? Not in the restaurant ?! Funers write that data centers are open in China, Albania, Argentina and Ethiopiabut no specific addresses.

There are no answers to all these questions. One conclusion suggests itself: Altcoin mining farms Criptomind not. Which means platform makers are cheaters.

Next, let’s read the Rules published on the site:

3.2 Administration is not responsible for possible damage caused to you as a result of using the Criptomind investment platform.

That is, the administration not only does not guarantee profit, but also refuses in case of anything to pay damages. We read further:

4.2.6 The Criptomind platform automatically has the right set limits on withdrawals from the platform from 1p to 50,000 rubles per day depending on the state of the cryptocurrency market.

At any time, withdrawals can be frozen, even if the project is working.

4.5 Conflict / controversial situations (not related to clause 4.7. Of this document) of any kind between the client and the administration of the investment platform Criptomind should be solved only through negotiations with the conclusion of a mutually beneficial agreement.

I’m sorry, what?! But what about the right to court? But where to sue? In which jurisdiction does the platform work? Who is its owner? His name is unknown.

And so it is clear that Criptomind fake organizationwhose representatives are not engaged in altcoin mining. So what are we dealing with? WITH conventional financial pyramid. Participants who have invested money earlier will receive money from participants who have invested the scam later. At any time, the project may burst. It can happen the other day. Why? Because financial pyramids do not live long. As soon as a decent amount is collected on the accounts of the platform, the creators of the scam will assign the money, and the site will either be closed or restarted, resetting the accounts of the participants.

Possible losses on the project “Criptomind”

  • The minimum deposit amount is 50 rubles
  • Maximum amount of deposit – 50 000 rubles
  • Number of deposits – unlimited

Total: amount of possible losses on the project from 50 rubles to 50 000 rubles

Conclusion about the project

Criptomind – HYIP project. This financial pyramid is already breathing its last. Do not invest in this scam. You risk losing your investment. You can not return the investmentsince the owner of the scam is unknown.

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