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Investments – Cloud mining or hype pyramid?

Our grandparents, and even our parents, all their lives have been convinced that money can only be earned. You could still boil up money, chop cabbage, mow lave …

With the advent of cryptocurrencies in our lives, “mine“. Some especially cunningly made gentlemen offer to immediately mine money.

Site Cryptouniverse offers cloud mining and claims that they have a new line of miners.

A very decent site whose domain is several hundred days old. But for some reason, when meeting him, it turns like this: scam-scam.

Is this really so, or is my paranoia played out?

Let’s get it together.

Famous Project Names

  • Cryptouniverse
  • Cryptouniverse cloud mining
  • Cloud Mining LTC
  • Cryptouniverse – this name is not on the site, but is found on the network more than once.

Links to the project website


Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the Cryptouniverse Project

If you are interested in new technologies and are ready to become part of the evolution of the global financial system – join Cryptouniverse. Let’s create the future together!

Come on!

A well-made site meets us … But does not meet us! They say right away: Summer will be hot.

America has been discovered! We already have about plus forty, which is much hotter. Even the Ministry of Emergencies warns of danger.

How can the guys from Cryptouniverse? They don’t explain anything right away, they just tell how to start mining. It is very simple, we were explained a couple of words:

  • Register an account
  • Choose and pay the tariff
  • Get daily profit

Ok, we get it. Only who are you guys? Why can you believe it right away ?!

No answer. But there are tariffs. A lot of them. For 365 days, for 480, Until January 1, 2025, for 600 days, even for 720

Aw, gentlemen, how is it? right now, you don’t need to understand who under mythical digits for almost 2 years you need 8 800 dollars to give? For today in rubles this is 560 odd thousand. Are you seriously? And after two years, where to look for you? Yes, despite the fact that you are going to fuck from that amount per day 12 cents?

No, really, gentlemen, readers! Here, right on the main page of the site, we are immediately offered rates in the forehead. For their bitcoins in the arsenal Cryptouniverse is available 8. You can invest in dollars, starting out from 27.9 to 8800.

Do not want bitcoins, you can in lightcoins. Here 4 tariffs. Also in dollars – from 33 dollars until January 1, 2025 $ 1,437 for 720 days. What means 1,437 – not explained. Whether it’s almost a half dollar, or a comma in vain painted, and this almost fifteen hundred dollars. Well, somehow it’s doubtful for 2 years to take one and a half bucks, even funny. Then why a comma? Are website creators unfamiliar with decimals? It happens.

If lightcoins do not suit you either, there is still a line CryptoUniverse Cloud Miners.

09/10/2019 tariff starts Antminer s9k. Need to make 449 dollarsthat will work until January 1, 2025. The service will be 1.6 dollars per day.

Guys, hello again, garage, are you serious? It’s 1950 days for 1.6 dollars. You only want much more for the service than you offer to invest. How about arithmetic?

And there is still a tariff Avalon 1041 (turbo)which starts approximately 10/09/2019 and will work until January 1, 2025. Need to invest 1399 dollars. A day of maintenance will cost $ 3.41 per day. Again the same: the interval 09.10.2019 – 01.01.2025 is 1912 days. Service almost 3,5 dollars will cost more than in 6.5 thousand dollars. What are you going to mine there? Diamonds in the cut “heart”, not otherwise.

However, then:

You start earning immediately after purchasing a tariff. Our ASIC miners work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Profit is credited to your account daily.

Okay, maybe it will become clearer further. Register. Yeah, right now! There is no registration button – you have to press the Buy button in some tariff. Ok, select, click, the registration form in front of us. First name, last name, password, email address. If there is, a promotional code. minimum captcha from google and confirm agreement with Terms of use. (We will return to them.) They don’t ask anything else.

Register Vasya Pupkina with email address (email protected) and password 123456. Voila, we are in your personal account, where we are offered replenish balance.

That’s all, at this point you can complete your acquaintance with the site. Before us is a scam.

Project Contacts

The site has a menu. Usually a separate page is Contacts or something similar. Our guys do not have such an item, contacts can be found only in the basement of the page.

The most understandable contact is the email address (email protected). He exists, everything is fine with him. They will only answer you if you ask anything about investing a couple of thousand dollars. To the question “Does your company have a representative office in the Russian Federation” We did not wait for an answer.

How and what other contacts may be useful for is a mystery.

  • Site under management MIOTECH IMPEX LP. Registration number: SL31818

Can you suggest how this might be useful to you?

  • Copyright Cryptouniverse OÜ (14423879) All rights reserved. 2017-2019

We are also glad that the rights of this scam are protected. We can be especially glad that ALL rights are protected. I would only like to know which ones. Rights to scam. Alas, they are violated by fellow swindlers daily. Who is Cryptouniverse OÜ – a riddle.

  • Miotech Impex LP Company number: SL31818

Who is that anyway? There is such a company in the register of companies in the British Isles (omit the question about the offshore zone as unnecessary). What does she have to do with Cryptouniverse? No answer. There is no information about employees. Who are the founders, co-founders …

  • 101 Rose Street South Lane Edinburgh Scotland, UK

At the same address there is a couple more scams, and what else – you can see here – Cryptouniverse there didn’t stand nearby.

There is a company Cryptouniverse on Yandex maps. In St. Petersburg is located. Only here is not a word about mining:

  • IT company, sale of businesses and franchises, computer repair and services

(see link

No names on the site not. No representative offices in the Russian Federation not. Phones are not even given Scottish.

So who and where to look for the proposed contacts?

Exposing the Cryptouniverse Project

A resource that offers to give them good money for a long time, which does not represent at all any evidence of the reality of its existence.

The organizers have problems with mathematics – they do not see the difference between $ 1,437 vs $ 1,437. They did not pass decimal fractions at school. Or didn’t go to school at all. Or – then excuse me, scammers are ready to accept growth one and a half dollar for two years with a service charge $ 1.35 per day. Still, most likely they did not study at school.

The guys write:

Legal mining
We have have all the necessary documents to provide services in full accordance with international practice in the field of cryptocurrencies.

To this you just need to believe a word? How is this confirmed? A video clip in which 2.5 minutes tells that they are opening the largest mining center in Russia. The sound is disgusting, you can make out something only by trying. Who and where was filming the long-legged young ladies and respectably dressed men, why was there a buffet table in the video … Some equipment, a sign Cryptouniverse.

It’s just not clear why then there are no Russian contactsaddress only in Scotland?

On one of the sites that monitors the hype, on behalf of Alexei, who allegedly co-founded this company, there is even an invitation to visit this mysterious mining center. But the mystery of where he is located has not been revealed. This information is not on the site either, only movies are shown.

Somehow I can’t believe it. And you?

For familiarization, several documents regulating relations with users are proposed:

  • Privacy Statement
  • Terms of use
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Cookie policy

Traditionally turn to User agreement, it is indicative.

5.1. Any activity related to cryptocurrencies, there are a number of risks. Taking into account the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and their turnover does not lend itself to strict regulation, the exchange rate is highly volatile, mining complexity is constantly changing, the size of tariffs and other details of the mining agreement are subject to change. The user assumes all risks associated with a change in the value of the extracted cryptocurrency. User also accepts responsibility. for managing cryptocurrencies on his balance sheet and any fees or losses incurred by third parties.

That is, the administrators immediately warn: we, of course, promised you reliability and profitability, but you yourself understand everything … And what does it mean “the size of tariffs and other details of the mining agreement are subject to change“? Naturally, the administration may at any time change the terms of this agreement without warning users, is also written.

What is it, we are investing at a certain percentage, and tomorrow the administrators decide to change this percentage? Surprise!

5.3. The site administration declines responsibility for any delays and technical malfunctions of the service caused by the fault of payment systems, banks, as well as for interruptions or malfunctions caused by force majeure circumstances and / or breakdowns in electric, telecommunication and other engineering networks.

5.4. Site administration not responsible for the proper operation of the web resourceif the User does not have the device and technical means suitable for the full use of the functionality and capabilities of the web resource.

For technical delays and proper operation are also not responsible. Sorry, but who is responsible? What devices should the user have? Mining is cloudy. No instructions on the power of devices on the user side warn us!

What do we have as a result? Hype with a thoughtful legend. But thought out a little crooked. It seems that the insurance fund, they say, is. And the site is solidly made. But such big doubts about everything !!!

Possible losses on the Cryptouniverse project

Minimum contribution to Cryptouniverse50 dollars. How much you want to give to administrators – decide for yourself. Amounts are limited only by your credulity and financial capabilities.

Conclusion about the project

What is there? A solid offer to receive money by investing good amounts on parole is unclear to anyone. And this one today will promise some tariff conditions, and tomorrow he will change his mind – you initially agree to this.

There is a story about a mining center in St. Petersburg, but there is no address. There are no telephones, there are no licenses for work in the Russian Federation, there are no legal details at all. There are no names of founders, co-founders and other employees.

There is a network many reviews about the company. But they are so sugar that immediately everything sticks together that can stick together. And they are reliable, and responsible, and cooperation with them is beneficial… And plus reviews – referral link. Can you believe such reviews? We believe in no case.

Our verdict is too muddy site to talk about the meaning of investing money here. And you decide for yourself.

————————————————– ————————————-


The review was written and published. in June 2019. Please note that in review speech exactly About the site, about the offer on the site, about the contact details that are presented on the site. BUT not somewhere in the news, in the media and other sources.

4.5 months have passed since the publication, we received letter from a company representative. We publish it in full with comments. Italics – text of a letter from a representative.

Good day!

I represent Cryptouniverse.

We understand that the time for a detailed study of each of the services is difficult to find, and it is not necessary. We have nothing against the negative. In the review, the truth is written in places, so we get in touch, explain ourselves for the moments from the review and ask you to correct or remove them.

We are ready for constructive interaction. And to the recognition of their own mistakes and possible bias.

1. “Cloud mining as a hype pyramid.” We are not a pyramid. We pay money not from the money of newly arrived people, but from the fact that it extracts equipment in data centers. Creating a pyramid is a criminal offense in which you accuse us right in the headline.

Title corrected let users make conclusions.

2. “This is important.” Of course, scammers can do a lot, but we have had the same contacts for more than two years. You can check in any whois-service. The site is lively and unique for the cloud, you can check through the Wayback Machine, for example.

This item in the review is not specific to the site., it present in all reviews on the site precisely because scammers can do a lot. Highlighted in contrast with a separate block. This is a warning to our readers.

3. In math, all is well. All calculators are true in real time. If he considers a loss – there will be a loss, all honestly, this is possible. Choose a different contract / amount. In the case of Antminer S9k until 2025, you incorrectly calculated the commission without looking at the footnote crawling out when you hover over the question.

How daily profitability works: the productivity unit on our pool is taken for the period of time, converted at the exchange rate to dollars, the service fee is deducted, the resulting value is converted to BTC at the exchange rate.

According to the current calculation on this contract, you pay $ 188 per miner, you get $ 60 profit (31.91%) for the year. Pay for service only from income. There is an option that the service will exceed profitability. In this case, the contract can be suspended or canceled altogether. And yes, a miner on this line in 5 years can come and pick up.

Thank you for clarification. If these explanations were on the site itself, there would be less misunderstanding. And there would be no such misunderstandings as in the review of our review. (we have nothing to do with the recall).

4. By contacts – yes, there was a problem with this on the site at the time of the review, but social networks could be found even then. Letters were not found in the mail, looking a few months before the review. Now there is a button more:

Now your link (and the Details button) opens the block:

cryptounivers "data-entity-type =" file "data-entity-uuid =" bde43c85-061f-4f19-87c3-bec0c8a44661 "src =" .png "width =" 1247 "height =" 636 "/></p>
<p>That is represented <strong>in Scotland and Estonia. About the Russian Federation is still nothing</strong>.</p>
<p><em><span><span><span>5. Everything is written <span class=about licenses and addresses:

We have: Russian registration, two Russian licenses, Estonian registration, Estonian license, Scottish license. Scottish license – acquiring in order to work with VISA and Mastercard. You can believe the word (or google it), it is so difficult to get it that no sane scam will do this and are unlikely to get it.

  • PSRN: 1177847249370
  • TIN: 7810700388

Check in: (enter PSRN)

License 1:

License 2:

Estonian registration and license:

Scottish license:

The main office is St. Petersburg, Vyborgskaya Naberezhnaya 61, BC “Water Area”, office No. 306. I am writing to you from here. You do not think that the management staff of cloud mining is sitting in a noisy hangar in the wilderness?

We have mining centers in Kirishi (geek is clickable) and Irkutsk. They built the third in Nadvoitsy on the territory of RUSAL. They talked a lot about this in the news.

We did not doubt the availability UK licenses. And even in Estonian registration. We strongly doubt that these licenses may be of some use to investors from the Russian Federation. And there is no information on the representation in the Russian Federation on the site.

The details of the Russian company indicated by you (PSRN and TIN) are real, belong to LLC “Cryptounivers”. Do not doubt, do not deny. Wonder what about LLC “Cryptounivers” on the site no information. See screenshot above: Cryptouniverse is represented in several countries: Estonia, UK.

The details of the real LLC you have indicated, including the address in St. Petersburg, do not appear on the site. At the time of writing, they were not there either.

On the page there is no information about mining centers, there is a video about which it is written in the review. Your mention talked a lot in the news it has nothing to do with the review of the site – we did not refer to the media news in the review.

At the same time, I repeat, we are ready for constructive interaction. What do you consider to be false in the review, excluding misunderstanding about mathematics? Although a misunderstanding is controversial, since the table on the site is exactly like this:

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