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DeFC Price is expected to hit the

DeFI Coin Price Forecast: September 22

The DEFI Coin price forecast anticipates the price to hit the restriction zone at $0.07730, after the unsustainable attempt on the 21st of the month. The momentum with which the price was moving upward could not be sustained, hence the reason the price attempted to retrace to the closest demand area.

DEFCUSD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-Hour Chart)

Significant Levels:
Supply zone: $0.07730, $0.07350
Demand zone: $0.07470, $0.07200

The bearish movement was intended to generate more interest among buyers who sought to make an entry at that discount. DEFCUSD market is now making headway back to the supply level, although not without another consolidation like the one that occurred on the 20th of September. The bulls eventually won, and the uptrend can only be expected to continue and, more likely, to create a new peak.

DeFI Coin Price Forecast: Market Outlook

The Moving Average period 9 indicates that the market is currently making a run up the price chart. The recent bullish move is supported by the MA indicator. Period 21 also supports the long position that the market is currently holding.

The Bollinger Bands indicator reveals that the DEFCUSD price is set up to move higher. This signals that the price movement this time is steady and able to be sustained.

The DEFCUSD market has formed an ascending triangle, although it is a neutral pattern. This is expected to result in a more precipitous bullish movement.

DEFC Medium-Term: Trend Bullish (15-Minute Chart)

On the 15-minute chart, the MA period 9 gives more support for the upward market direction. The period follows suit in agreeing to the steady rise in the DEFC price as it seeks to hit the restriction zone above it

DeFI Coin Price Forecast: DeFC Price is expected to hit the restriction zone at $0.07730 soon

With the recent steadiness in the formation of the bullish candles, the price rise can be further taken advantage of. This is because the price is expected to break through the restrictive level very soon.

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