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El-Terro – investments in "clean air"

Do you want to become an investor and invest in some good project? For example, related to ecology. Now it is fashionable to talk about ecology, clean air, global warming, alternative energy and the development of the electric vehicle industry. Many governments are preparing bills to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars in the coming decades.

This situation can not take advantage of all kinds of scammers who under the guise of a good cause create scam projects and deceive ordinary citizens. These cheaters include El-terro. The company allegedly invests in the network of electric stations, but in fact it is not

Famous project names

Links to the project website

E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information “El-terro”

Legend among crooks beautiful. That’s what bastards write on their website on the page “About company”:

In a world where the problem of environmental pollution is so acute, thanks to the constant improvement of technology, the popularity of electric propulsion is rapidly gaining momentum.

Most countries in the European Union are implementing government programs to subsidize clean energy. In Norway, the share of electric vehicles reaches 30% and the EU states continue to expand programs for the promotion of environmentally friendly vehicles.

This approach has made adjustments not only in the development of the electricity market, but also in the automotive industry.

Mission Elterro – expanding the network of electric stations and reducing the cost of electricity for owners of electric cars.

Deceivers even put a map of electric stations in the EU. Just what is the point, if we are not an investment project, but banal financial pyramid. Here are its conditions:

Minimum / maximum amount of deposit: equivalent $ 50 – $ 25,000

  • Deposit Term: from 1 week to 10 weeks
  • Profit: 1.1% -2% per day

With the increase of the term income increases. So in the first week the profit will be 1.1% per day, in the second 1.2%, and at week 10 the net profit will be 2.0% per day.

Used payment systems:

  • Perfect money
  • Payeer
  • Payeer RUB
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

In the list we see cryptocurrency and anonymous e-wallets. Using a bank card, Qiwi or WebMoney it is impossible to pay a deposit. What does this mean? That the company will not pass a serious banking check.

What else do charlatans offer to earn? On referral program and advertising. Affiliate two-level. First level: 1% of the amount of the referral deposit plus 10% of the profits. Second level: 1%.

For the publication of the review on the site fraudsters promise to pay 5 dollars. Interestingly, rogues will send a reward to the team for this review?

For the video on YouTube will pay less – 4 dollars. Not fair. Movies are harder to write.

For the webinar promise 100 dollars. Given the fact that you must first invest in this scam at least 50 dollars, the amount of compensation is also not so hot.

Project Contacts

There is a lot of contact information. The administration does not accuse that it does not want to communicate with customers. However, instant messengers and social networks do not give us real information about the names of the owners and employees. El-terro. Essentially they remain anonymous.

Social network:

  • Vkontakte community: (the first post of March 19, 2019, subscribers are slightly more than a thousand, clearly wound up, for the majority are inactive) VK group administrator Konstantin Nikolaevich Taranyein (the hyphen was written by the admin himself):
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Classmates:
  • Youtube: (channel is empty, there is no video, but there are already 29 subscribers)


  • Telegram bot: tg: // resolve? domain = elterro_bot
  • Telegramchannel: tg: // resolve? domain = ElTerro
  • Telegramchat English speaking: tg: // resolve? domain = El_Terro_eng
  • Telegramchat Russian speaking: tg: // resolve? domain = El_Terro
  • Victor’s administrator telegram (on advertising): tg: // resolve? domain = elterro_advertising
  • Alex Administrator’s Telegram (general questions): tg: // resolve? domain = elterro_common_questions
  • Administrator Robert Telegram (technical questions): tg: // resolve? domain = elterro_tech_2
  • Telegram administrator Constantine (technical issues): tg: // resolve? domain = elterro_tech_1
  • Skype: skype: (email protected)

Email: (email protected)

The company of swindlers exists officially. EL-TERRO LTD registered January 31, 2019 In Great Britain. Number of company: 11799454. Business type: 64301 – Activities of investment trusts

Remember! Misty Albion – offshore zone! EL-TERRO LTD does not cover Russian jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the CIS countries! In essence, this document is a filkina letter.

Office adress: 3 Hardman St, Manchester, United Kingdom, M3 3EB (in this building you can rent a virtual office)

Site technical data:

  • Domain Registered January 29, 2019
  • Domain owner name is hidden by privacy settings
  • There is a digital certificate
  • Pi
  • The server with the site is located in California

Exposing the project “El-terro”

No matter how sad to write about it, El-terro not related to the creation of a network of electric stations. The owners of this resource have created a low-income hyip.

The administration actively paid for the company’s PR in March of this year. The site was visited by about 130 thousand visitors. In April, these figures fell by half. Judging from the geography of the traffic, the views are clearly twisted, because the main contingent was from Turkey, Brazil and Venezuela. What does this mean? About hthen the project is a dummy that will not last long. Maybe a month, maybe a little more.

Of course, for some time, rogues will pay on deposits, but how much? Let’s count. In the first week our profit will be 7.7%, the second 8.4%, then 9.1%, then 9.8%, 10.5%, 11.2% and so on. Much more than a bank. Percentages are added depending on the time of the deposit. For example, for 6 weeks, the yield together with the deposit body will be 156.7%. If you invest 50 dollars, the profit is insignificant – 78.35 dollars. Profit with 1000 dollars looks more fun – 1 567 dollars. But where is the guarantee that you will pay it? There is no guarantee. But there is a disclaimer. Fun have published on the site user agreement. There are such interesting points in it:

7. Risks

7.1. User agrees that investment activity is associated with risks and understands that, under certain circumstances, revenues may be less than stated Company due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company.

7.2. Company’s work directly depends from the volume of incoming investmentstherefore, it is important to provide them with the necessary volume daily.

And I thought that the profit depends on the work of electric stations, and not on the daily contributions to this scam! That is to us no one promises that we will get the stated amount!

I was also amused by the last item:

9.1. Dispute resolution between the Company and the User is held in the format of negotiations through any available channel of communication.

But what about my right granted by the Constitution to go to court? To send the agenda, if suddenly what?

Why do I think the project will burst pretty quickly? Everything matter in the structure of financial pyramids. They exist as long as money pours into them – This is what is written in the Rules of this project.: Well done, honest guys. And every day the amount of money should increase. At some point, the funds will cease to be enough, and the pyramid will be covered with a copper basin. But usually scammers do not wait for the moment when the accounts are empty. Creators scam deliberately bankrupt the project before, when the money is still there. Swindlers appropriate money to themselves, and the pyramid either close or restart, zeroing accounts of gullible investors. Finding scammers will be difficult. As we remember the company is registered offshore, the names of the owners are hidden, and the police statistics on the detection of fraud on the Internet is deplorable.

Possible losses on the project “El-terro”

  • The minimum deposit amount is is equivalent to 50 USD
  • Maximum amount of deposit – is equivalent to $ 25,000
  • Unlimited deposits

Total: amount of possible losses on the project from 50 dollars to 25 000 dollars and higher

Conclusion about the project

El-terro – scam project. The creators of this resource write that they are investing in electric refueling, but in fact they created common financial pyramid. They themselves do not hide it. Do not invest in this scam. You risk losing money!

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