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Evolution – Contribution to bonds with maximum yield

Today we will talk about bonds. What it is? What are the pros and cons? Should I invest? Let’s analyze all these questions on the example of the project. Evolution.

Official site


  • Telephones: +7 (499) 704-29-90 for calls from Moscow, +7 (800) 511-29-90 for calls from other regions
  • REGION Investments LLC, INN / KPP 7725639693 • 770601001.
  • Address 119021, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 11A
  • E-mail address: (email protected)

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Before we dive into the project, let’s find out what are bonds:

A bond is a security that confirms the borrower’s obligations to you. That is, by investing in bonds, you directly give a company or state a loan for a fixed term at a fixed percentage.

That is a unique proposal of this project is based on a loan to the state where you are a lender.

Evolution is a project of the Region Investments company, which is a part of the Region Group of Companies. This is one of the largest private financial corporations in Russia, operating since 1995. From year to year the companies of the group occupy leading positions in the ratings of the Russian financial market.

All information is available and easy to learn. Just scroll down the page and get answers to frequently asked questions. Below we highlight the most important theses.

In addition to a fixed percentage per year, you can earn even more. How it’s done?

  • Need to open IIS (individual investment account) for at least 3 years.
  • Required documents – a 3-NDFL declaration, a 2-NDFL certificate from the employer, an application for a tax refund, a brokerage agreement and a document from the broker for crediting the client’s funds to IIS.
  • Your official salary must be at least 8 300 per month.
  • After that you can get + 13% annual from the state for IIS.


For example, you opened IIS in Evolution and invested in bonds 100 000 ₽ in the current year. Next year you can return the paid income tax in the amount of 13% of 100 000 ₽, i.e 13 000 rubles.

Questions that may arise during the opening of an account can be discussed at a toll-free telephone number.

Generally interest rate is higherthan in banks, 1.5 times.

Platform Terms

Registration on the project is simple. You need to enter your phone number. To open an account will be required enter passport data and also send scanned passport pages and TIN.

  • Minimum deposit – 1,000 rubles. This is the average cost per bond.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds no commission
  • No fine for early closing of the deposit
  • Payment of interest every six months.

What are the commissions on the project?

  • Brokerage Commission – 0.1% per annum of the value of bonds
  • Commission for placement of funds (REPO) – 0.73% per annum from the amount of placement of bonds

There are no other commissions on the project.

What you need to remember?

Follow the key rate of the Central Bank (central bank). The key rate at which banks borrow from the Central Bank affects the change in bond yields. When the rate decreases, as now, new investors receive a lower yield on bonds (as well as on deposits). But those who have already bought bonds, when selling them, will be able to get additional benefits, as the price of securities will rise (subject to a permanent coupon).


One of the important advantages should be attributed availability of a mobile application. Through it is convenient to download all the necessary data to open your account.

Everything else on the site is provided demo account. To understand the work of your deposits, you can simply view the schedule, yield and what bonds you can purchase. It is enough to enter the amount and date.

The trust

The online platform itself started relatively recently – in October 2018. Funds in advertising a lot. Most often the project advertised in social networks, through pop-up banners and other advertising. The graph of visits shows that it is growing. For December site visited more than 90,000 people. It remains only to wait six months – a year to look at the first reviews.

If you take into account the technical documentation, it is clean. All company actions are legal.


A relatively new project, which is actively promoted to the masses. It is necessary to wait for the time before investing large sums. And we advise you to “scout” the bond market as a whole. While we see only promises. What happens in the end, time will tell.

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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