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Fibo Alert Ultimate

The indicator adds alarms to your “Fibo Retracement” and “Fibo Expansion” items on the graph. there’s also a convenient menu for simple and quick changes to the preferences of Fibonacci objects!

  • alarms to Fibonacci lines and extensions.
  • sound alerts, notifications to mobile devices and email.
  • Up to 20 Fibonacci levels.
  • A continuous sound alert every few seconds until it is disabled by the consumer on the graph.
  • just one audio album with a pop-up window.
  • save all user preferences even after changing the timeframe.
  • New user-friendly menu for easy change of Fibo settings.
  • Automatic placement of the chart on top of all others when alerts appear.
  • Fully customizable, including the required values and colors of the Fibonacci levels.
  • Automatically hiding the menu.

If the price touches any of the Fibonacci level:

  • The level will start flashing.
  • If the chart was located behind other charts and remained invisible, it is automatically placed on top of the others.
  • An audio alert starts playing, in case you are not currently at the computer.
  • Notifications are sent to your mobile device and email.
  • The description of the Fibonacci level is changed to “Was Hit “(broken), so that you no longer receive alerts on it.
  • When you click on the chart, the sound notification is disabled.
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  • Level 1 to Level 20: The buttons are Fibonacci levels default
  • Color 1 – Color 6: Colors available in the panel
  • Bring the chart to the top: When the Fibonacci level is broken, the chart will automatically move on top of all other charts.
  • Continually sound alert: When the Fibonacci level is broken, the level will continue to flash and attract attention until the user clicks on the chart with the mouse button.
  • Continually sound alert speed: The speed of a constant audio alert.

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