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FinMax – platform for trading binary options

Over the period of 3 years, many people have tried themselves in the role of traders. Why? It’s simple. Native advertising on how to easily earn on cryptocurrency. Various courses, closed groups, paid signals and scripts followed by users. It all gave birth excitement around “virtual money”. But where can you actually earn a lot at once? Of course on binary options, whose advertising was absolutely everywhere. True, of all the advertising appeals best conveys the essence of this phenomenon: “Make a deposit and drain it! We will help”.

Today we will talk about such a platform as Finmaxwhich has been operating since 2015.

Official site



  • +7 (495) 040-04-39 – Russia
  • +7 (727) 349-52-28 – Kazakhstan
  • +38 (044) 392-21-70 – Ukraine
  • (email protected)

Also social networks:


Themselves social networks are little active. They publish news of the financial market as a whole, and not the platform. Twitter not conducted since July 2018.

  • Online chat with support
  • Feedback form

affiliate program

At the project is present affiliate programbut dividends do not go directly. To participate in the program you need to register on the service Tariffs are very attractive, but judging by the information provided on the site, the manager will contact you and will try to build a dialogue. Some users don’t like this approach.

Online Finmax details about the partnership is not written. Water alone.


The project deals with binary options and CFD contracts. There are two separate accounts for these types of earnings.

Binary option – this is roughly speaking a fixed profit for a certain period of time. Same you can’t lose more than you invested. The risks are high here too. No one knows thoroughly how the schedule of the couple you have chosen will behave. There are all sorts of earning strategies. Some of them are presented on the platform.

Psychology – if you start trading without familiarizing yourself with this term in trading, you risk losing all your money. Composure and suppression of impulsive emotions is the key to success.

Naturally so brightly you will not describe it on the project. You only warn of risks. In the “Options” tab you will find only the positive aspects of earnings with the help of binary contracts.

Excerpt from the site:

CFD is trade difference contracts. With this tool, a trader can make money on fluctuations in asset rates, where the final profit depends on the number of points that the price passes from the moment of opening the transaction.

Unlike binary options here there is no fixed profit or time allotted for it. In this path, there is the concept of “leverage”, which can increase the amount of your assets several times. But in the end you can lose more. The bottom line is this: open a contract for the pair you need, bet that the schedule will go up or down and just wait. See that the schedule went up and you put it on? Then you can close the deal or enter the amount for which your deal should close.

This way of earning requires even more nerves and it shakes you. Some people are prone to excitement and it’s better for them not to become a trader at all. Many novice traders use the “scalping” strategy by which a transaction can last for a very short time after which you make a profit. All additional information is listed in the corresponding tab.

Platform Terms

As we said earlier, the project offers two bills to make money. It is possible to create a demo account for the “sample”, but it works only 7 days. Let’s highlight a few main points:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks is call center imposition. When registering, you must enter your phone number. Then they will call you as if you owe money to a bank and offer platform services. Finmax. This is really annoying and unfortunately “reject” this offer will not work. The question is, why in the settings this switch
  • To access all the features of the project, including trading, you will need to enter your data (passport is one of them). Same send the scanned pages of this document at the request of the operator.
  • First decide which account you will work with.
  • Minimum replenishment – $ 100, maximum – $ 5,000. Deposit of funds is accompanied by bonuses to the account depending on the amount of the deposit.
  • Available multiple replenishment methods
  • Commission to withdraw. The first conclusion is free. In general, it is written a little and incomprehensible about commissions for withdrawal. For binary options, there are rules for CFD contracts – their own
  • there is mobile app. According to user feedback, it sometimes slows down and works incorrectly.
  • Each deposit amount is linked to its status. You can find them in the “account types” section at the bottom of the page.


The main advantage is availability of training materials and signals in the relevant sections. Depending on the deposit, there is a possibility of visiting webinars. But this one has a reverse side of the coin. You will often be called by operators with a proposal to raise your status for admission to courses (in other words, replenish your account even more)

Naturally, the presence of a mobile application and all kinds of contacts with project support

Permanent promotions with prizes to attract new investors

The trust

Before registering on any platform, do not be lazy and read the rules. ABOUT Finmax There are a lot of rumors and negative reviews. Most popular this account blocking and draining funds. The reasons for this are different and the creation of another account and the failure to re-verify. You can also call and offer to pass a voice verification, to make sure that you are the account holder. This most often happens when the amount of your funds passes for a few thousand dollars.

Dip into the rules and choose for you the most interesting excerpts from them:

To whom is your personal information disclosed?

  • Ships, tribunals and regulatory authorities in obtaining relevant court rulings and / or proceedings against the client, as well as the requirements of the regulatory authorities;
  • Government and law enforcementwhere required by law and other legal and regulatory documents;
  • To third parties Only minimal personal information about clients is disclosed, which is required to secure contractual obligations to the Company. Third-party suppliers are not entitled to disclose and use the personal information of our customers for any other purpose than stated.

That is, the authors of the project do not hide that your personal information may be disclosed to third parties. And as you later prove that it is Finmax revealed information about you? No

Have owed Finmax on CFD contracts? Be prepared for collectors. This is the position of the project.

Suppose you seem to be verified. You traded on $ 5,000 and try to get more at once $ 2,000. You can be stopped and request notarized documents:

4.3. We reserve the right to verify your registration information, such as name, address, age, and payment methods used, by requesting certain documents at any time. These documents usually include an identity card, passport or driver’s license, proof of address, such as utility bills and proof of your payment. If necessary, we can ask that the specified copies of the documents be notarized, which means that the documents must contain the stamp and signature of the notary. In the event that the client does not provide documents upon our requests, the Company may, at its discretion, close the account and withhold any funds on it. If the documents did not pass our internal security check, for example, if we suspect that they were tampered with, or in some way mislead, or distort information, we are not obliged to recognize such documents as valid, are not required to provide feedback regarding the true nature of our findings regarding these documents.

What else can the creators of the project do?

4.4. We reserve the right to inspect any member for any reason, including (but not limited to) conduct any investigations regarding the identity of the representative, any verification of the user’s creditworthiness, or clarify questions regarding the user’s personal history. Such an investigation will depend on the specific case, but may include (among other things) verification of user registration data, such as name, address and age, verification of the financial operations of the user and verification of the user’s trading activities. The company is not obligated to inform members of an investigation of this kind. It can involve certain companies – third parties who carry out investigations as necessary. The Company has the right, at its discretion, to block the user’s account and hold all funds based on an investigation of this kind and its positive result for the Company.

“Conduct any investigations.” just think about it.

And now just look at item 13. It is called “No commitments”

13.1. Services and Software are provided “as is”. The company does not give any guarantees or warranties, express or implied (as a law, statute or other documents) for warranties and conditions of commercial value, satisfactory quality, suitability for a particular purpose, completeness and accuracy of the Services or Software or for violation of applicable laws and regulations. All risks related to use, quality and performance, fall on you.

A complete list can be found on the website.

  • The company’s assets are located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (offshore). This is an independent state, in which there is no taxation and financial statements. I.e ideal place to register binary options
  • The site itself is registered to the company Morris Processing Ltd 372 Old Street, Suite 1, London, England, EC1V 9LT. Although the documents indicate another company: This website is owned and operated by IK PARTNERS LTD Suite 305, Griffith Corporate.
  • Servers of the company through which funds are transferred are located in Bulgaria. At the same time being in Bulgaria or the UK, you can not open an account here. You are simply banned, jurisdiction does not allow. those. a priori saves you and your money from significant losses
  • At the source Finmax there are people from Ukraine. You can see this by reviewing Morris Processing documentation.

The site says that it is in the CROFR registry (the center of regulation of relations in the financial market). it non-profit organization, established in 2011 in Russia. which has committed itself to monitor the activities of brokers and dealing centers. In theory, this center has a compensation fund that will pay you some of your losses in case of a bankruptcy of the company.

But given that Finmax has a bunch of reasons in the arsenal and excuses to throw you, then the CROFR will not help. Another begs the question. Why CROFR issued a license Morris Processing LTD with a registered address in Bulgaria when the company is registered in the UK?

Why certificate of conformity issued by a brokerage company Morris Processing LTDif it does not conduct financial activities, but only responsible for the functionality of the site? She even has no SIC code (equivalent to OKVED) in the documents confirming this, or at least something related to money transactions. Consequently CROFR is not the registry you can trust.


Before registering anywhere, be sure to read the rules. You will not be dealing with 5 dollarsand at least with $ 100. Match the terms of trade with the documents that are on the site. And if possible, trade on European sites. If you look, most of the CIS companies register their offshore on the islands, and the site in the UK. So the easiest way to comply with various laws.

Same Before investing read about trading in terms of psychology. Perhaps you are prone to excitement. It is these people most often looking for such binary options. Remember that the losses that you may incur on trading will be losses. It is extremely difficult, and often impossible, to prove the facts of bad faith or outright fraud in this area. In addition, it is very long and expensive – to sue in the event that you will be with a foreign company.

Be careful and good luck!

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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