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Forex with Alpari – Tradition and Reliability in the Forex Market

Today we have a great overview on Alpari – a company that was formed in the distant 1998 enthusiasts from Kazan. Well, let’s get started. Let’s go!

Official site


Social networks:


Telephones (in Russia a call is free):

  • 8-800-200-01-31 (customer service)
  • 8-800-200-01-31 (ext. 1) – technical support
  • 8-800-200-01-31 (ext. 2) – processing client payments

affiliate program

The company offers 2 types of cooperation:

  1. Introducing BrokerBecome an introducing broker. Get up to 50% of the spread for each trading operation of the attracted client
  2. CPA partnerBecome a CPA partner. Receive a reward of up to 275 USD for the fact of attracting a client and for replenishing his account

The company provides:

  • Comfortable Personal Account, analysis tools and transparent reporting.
  • Cashback program
  • Advertising banners, logos, videos

To register in the partner office you need:

  • Enter Name and Surname
  • Phone number and mail

It may be difficult to register. The system prompts you to select a way to send a confirmation: either by mail or by phone. When you choose to mail, a bug happens and redirects you to confirmation with a message. But when you choose SMS at once, instead of mail, then everything works.

It looks like a personal account:

For further work as a partner, you will need upload documents, namely the current passport scan

Rewards schemes:

  • Introducing Broker

This affiliate program has 3 levels. In order to get to the next, you need to make a turnover of funds more than the previous level.

The level of remuneration of a partner is determined by the total monthly trade volume of customers attracted by a partner.

  • Level 1 – greater than or equal to 0
  • Level 2 – greater than or equal to 400 lots (deals)
  • Level 3 – greater than or equal to 800 lots (deals)

Your reward depends on the type of account your referral has. For example, at the third level, you can get 35% of the spread. But why then on the main page indicated up to 50% is not clear.

Your referral must make a deposit within 30 days from the date of registration.

  • When making from 0 to 35 dollars your reward will be – 1,5 dollars
  • When making from 35 dollars your reward will be – 35 dollars

Payments to all remuneration schemes occur on a monthly basis.


Forex with Alpari – traditions and reliability of work in the Forex market

Company Alpari enters in the top three forex brokers on the territory of the CIS. Works since 1998. You can open an account and trade yourself or donate your funds to a trust management (PAMM account)

The PAMM-account service unites investors and traders, allowing them to make money on Forex first without trading on their own, and the second to make additional profits for successfully managing investors’ funds.

How to start trading in the Forex market (Foreign Exchange)?

  • Open an account
  • Download Forex Trading Terminal
  • Fund your account and start trading

What else does the project offer:

  • 75 tools
    Currency pairs, spot metals and CFDs
  • 1: 1000
    Maximum Leverage
  • Narrow spreads
    from 0 points
  • ECN technology
    Interbank liquidity, deals from 0.01 lots, instant execution
  • Quick and easy deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • MetaTrader 4 and 5
    Mobile and web platforms

On the project there are various training materials, courses. Large sections with F.A.Q. on different topics.

It is also possible to open a demo account.

Affiliate account and personal have the same data. So if you signed up for Alpari as a partner, you can safely enter the office and as an investor.

It is always possible to contact online support.

There are two quoting methods on the project: Standrad, ECN. Each method has its own characteristics.


With this method, applications are displayed on the Alpari company’s internal server, and only then on the external market.

  • lack of a minimum deposit and commission;
  • maximum volume limit;
  • Leverage up to 1: 1 000


With this method, applications are displayed directly to the external market. There will already be a commission. But everything is compensated by the fact that the application is executed instantly.

  • huge liquidity;
  • instant performance;
  • lack of requotes;
  • availability of commission.

Be sure to pay attention to what you click. If you click “start trading”, then you default register an account “Standard”. You need to press the registration button, which is slightly higher and less visible. When you sign up for the system, then later you will be able to choose which account to open for you.

On Alpari There are numerous ways to replenish – bank transfers, plastic cards, electronic wallets etc. All information about commissions is available in the tab on the main page “Forex Metals and CFD”> Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Platform Terms

In order for you to safely make a withdrawal, you will need to send passport scan and additionally specify information in the appropriate fields in your account.

If you look at the “Privacy Policy”, then nothing supernatural there you will not find. The only thing worth paying attention to is debt to Alpari. If you have one, then wait for numerous calls and letters to your address.

At the same time, Alpari may disclose your information to law enforcement agencies and third parties. Apparently this is provided in order to return their funds 100%.

Relevant law enforcement agencies, regulatory or governmental organizations, courts or other third parties, if necessary (a) within the framework of relevant laws or regulations; (b) to define or protect our legal rights; or (c) to protect your interests or the interests of others.

You can also get ready to spam after registration.

The Company has the right to transfer your identification information to subsidiary / affiliated companies, banks, auditors, agents of the Company, including payment agents, or other trusted organizations and persons (hereinafter referred to as Trustees) only for the purpose of processing your trade and non-trade instructions

And you know that “leaving” a good review or appearing in an advertising company without your knowledge is normal. After all, they themselves agreed with the rules:

The company may from time to time act on behalf of the Client with those with whom the Company or any of its other affiliated parties have an agreement to receive goods or services

And this is how to understand?

2.6. A company, its partners or any of its affiliates may have a material benefit, legal relationship or agreement regarding any transaction in the Personal Account or in a trading platform; either a material benefit, legal relationship or agreement that conflicts with the interests of the Client.

In the “Risk Notifications” you can find the following:

3.1. Customer accepts risks financial losses due to faults in information, communication, electronic and other systems.


At the moment, a new website has become available, with a more user-friendly interface and a pleasant design.

Also presents mobile applications for trade, which can be downloaded in the respective markets.

Various contests are held that encourage additional public interest.

Convenient online support and all kinds of phone numbers that will help you in resolving your issue.

It is also possible to register with the investment academy. Alpariwhere you will find all the training material

The trust

In 2010 on the domain could detect the logo Alpari and three links to units: UK, USA, Russia.

In the UK, Alpari went bankrupt due to losses in 2015, in the US – as well. Only Russia remained and soon moved from .ru domain to .com

In general, if you look into the domain cache 2010, it is possible to detect other registration documents. Namely that the company was registered in New Zealand.

Alpari NZ Limited is a member of the Commission for Regulation of Relations of Financial Market Participants.
Legal address: 135 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.
Registration number 2193139.

Does it relate like that Alpari to the company of the same name, which in December 2018, deprived of the license? Legally, no. In general, yes. Let’s start with why it applies. It’s simple:

In 2008, a company was established to conduct trading on the stock exchange in Russia Alpari Broker LLC. Then and now she finds at The authors of the project wanted to attract as many citizens as possible, stipulating that their transactions are regulated by law and they are protected from losses. Therefore, in those years began to open numerous offices throughout Russia. There were about 18 of them in different cities. The company tried to reach the maximum target audience. Those who could not trade on the platform could bring money to the office.

The authors Alpari created the project “FX +”, where they signed a cooperation agreement with the commodity exchange “St. Petersburg”.

On December 18, 2008, the Alpari Group of Companies entered into an agreement with the St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange on a mutually beneficial partnership in the provision of financial services in the derivatives currency market.

Brokerage activity of companies on a commodity exchange in Russia is a licensed activity. Alpari-Broker, a member of the Alpari Group of Companies, after passing through all the necessary procedures, received a license from an exchange broker that makes commodity futures and option transactions in exchange trading (license number 1272).

A service agreement was concluded on the derivatives market of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange with Alpari Broker LLC, a resident of the Russian Federation. According to the agreement concluded with the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, the transactions of Alpari-Broker’s customers are registered on the stock exchange while maintaining the conditions of the FOREX market. Information on client transactions that are registered on the derivatives market of the exchange is fully stored in the electronic trading system in the form of a register of transactions.

If you go to the domain cache , then you can find a link to Alpari Broker LLCwhich just provided services on the exchange.

If you are unable to return the funds, and there is no legal basis for retention by the broker, then submit an application to an independent dispute resolution organization – . By the way, Alpari there is also a member of this organization.

Legally Alpari Broker was not tied to Alpari. After all, this is a group of companies, in other words, a holding.

It is also strange to observe the address where Alpari-Broker was registered:

Broker registered in the Russian Federation in 2008 at:
Kazan, st. Kalinina 48. License ФСФР №1272 November 11, 2008

Now the address is different:

The broker is registered in the Russian Federation in 2008 and is located at: Moscow, Volokolamskoe shosse, 73, floor 4, room I, rooms 32-34, office 413

Judging by the original city of registration and all the links you can answer exactly – Alpari broker belonged directly to Alparibut legally never attached. So the selection of a license no effect on alpari in general.

Now Alpari All emphasis is on the Internet. There are no offices in Russia, and there is no trade in the United States, Great Britain.

No one will even pay attention to the fact that your output will be blocked.

By the way, the phone number for the and domains was the same in 2010 – 8-800-200-01-01-31

An additional company was created to advertise its product on television – Alpari Company LLC. When the ban on advertising in this segment came out, the creators came up with another way to advertise. Namely, for educational purposes. And they began to hide behind their investment academy. By the way, now this LLC has been successfully liquidated.

The entire focus is on CIS users. The overwhelming number of people visit the site from Russia and Ukraine.

Considering that now Alpari denies binding to Alpari Broker as such, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the feedback. People really throw. No one can influence this. Alpari’s manipulation is too big.

Conclusion about the project

Total we have a broker with a long history that does not violate Russian legislation because all of its members are registered in another jurisdiction. It is not known how much money this large-scale project brought to the authors. Be careful when registering and remember the risks. Good luck!

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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