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that their essence of this index is the analysis and forecast of quotations together with the Fourier transform. The index decomposes numerous costs into harmonics and calculates their product on these bars. The index displays cost tags on the background indicating the cost swing in the past, in addition to price tags with the expected movement in the future. also, the predicted decision to buy or sell and the dimensions of the take profit is signaled in the text label in the index window.

The index uses another indicator – FreqoMeterForecast-as the” engine ” for calculations. FreqoMaster calls FreqoMeterForecast a few times for different frequency ranges and combines the results obtained.


  • iPeriod1 – iPeriod5 – multiple periods (in bars) for analysis; default values- 120, 60, 48, 36, 24; each of the periods is passed to a separate instance of FreqoMeterForecast; the minimum of the specified periods is automatically selected as the prediction length;
  • iStartFrom – number of the bar where the analysis starts (goes to the left in the history) and prediction (goes to the right); by default-0;
  • iWindowSize – the size of the window in which the frequency decomposition is constructed; by default-240;
  • ShowTrend-enable / disable trend output; by default-true;
  • EMAPeriod – the period of averaging using the EMA; by default-0;
  • PriceType – price type; default is 1 (open);
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The indicator is calculated by bars – ticks are not processed. At each bar, the entire result is recalculated.

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