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From now on, InstaVerify available also for iOS! 17.09.2021

17.09.2021 01:32 PM

InstaForex has made it easier for clients to open a new account and verify personal data. From now on, InstaVerify mobile app is also also available for iOS gadgets. Earlier, the Android InstaVerify version used to be the only option which has been already used by thousands of new InstaForex clients.

The iOS version can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store to an iPhone with 11.0 iOS and higher.

InstaVerify is the tailor-made app for new InstaForex clients to facilitate their verification. When all personal data is confirmed, every new trader will gain access to a great variety of services and privileges in the company. A newcomer should sign up for either the Android or iOS version and upload scanned copies or photos of an ID. As soon as personal data is processed, this account will be recognized as verified. Besides, a client can pass the second level of verification that opens up even more privileges.

So, a new account can be registered directly in the app that includes the following features:

  • Verification of a trading account
  • Checking the current status of account’s verification
  • Verification of a bank card for faster deposits
  • Checking the current status of bank card’s verification
  • Contacting technical support on verification matters

Please take advantage of InstaVerify, the new mobile app that is now available for iOS! We managed to make hassle-free verification for you!

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