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FXcoins – a tool for making money in financial markets

Company Fxcoins provides new opportunities for traders in the financial market. The company has its own multifunctional and modern platform, provides free training.

Is it possible to take seriously an investment company that starts its acquaintance with a potential client with such an offer:

She really wants an iPhone XS!

And you have the opportunity to get it!

And they offer to immediately open an account. Somehow it is stupid and does not cause confidence. You do not find?

Now, probably, every day there are new companies, projects offering their own unique trading platform, with the help of which make money on the world forex market. All as one style provide free training for beginners, as well as experienced traders, each client will be supervised by an experienced specialist of the company, who in the future will help to make huge money.

Official site


  • Phones: +441315070730, +44 131 507 07 31
  • Email Address: (email protected)
  • Office adress: Edinburgh, St Andrew Square 9-10 Moscow, Presnenskaya Embankment 6, 51 floor
  • In contact with:
  • Classmates:
  • Facebook:
  • Telegram:
  • Instagram:

affiliate program

Affiliate program is available in your account


The company proposes to start trading in the global forex market using their multi-functional platform.

Broker Fxcoins specializes on cryptocurrency trading. This type of activity requires very serious knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms, and a newcomer will quickly lose everything very quickly. Therefore, if they promise that everything can be quickly understood (even with the help of supposedly experienced mentors), it’s just that – it’s very doubtful.

On the main site you can find analytics on cryptographic market, as well as important news events and forecasts. The minimum deposit is 100 dollars. The company conducts its own training in all trading skills and knowledge.

Platform Terms

To start trading, you must open a choice of 4 types of accounts. Each account has its own minimum deposit amount. The higher the deposit, the better the score. Accordingly, more offers and services from the company.

When registering, you must familiarize yourself with all the rules of the company, risks If you break one of the rules, then the client will be blocked from the account and block cooperation.

The texts on the site are written, apparently, by the student-Losers. How else to explain such a disregard for elementary grammar? Risk Warning (spelling author):

  • We note that financial transactions using currency pairs, contracts and other securities for price difference are risky and can lead to a loss of invested funds.

And this is not the flaws of machine translation – this is precisely illiteracy. No serious company like this will allow.


You can note multifunctional platform for trading on world markets. Free training, constant news related to market changes. Ready solutions: trading systems, investment ideas, model portfolios. Insurance of transactions, guarantee of saving and withdrawal of money, the absence of additional fees, fast execution of orders.

The trust

Let’s start with the most understandable – the actual address and methods of communication. The site contains the address in Moscow: Presnenskaya Embankment 6, 51 floor. If not more, then he just incorrect. It is not indicated in which of the buildings on the 51st floor you need to look for an office. There are no phone numbers, there is no evidence of legality of the company in the Russian Federation. And not only in the Russian Federation, but at least for Edinburgh phones are listed.

Email address (email protected) does not exist at all.

When the email address is not listed on the site – it is doubtful. If a non-existent address is indicated, this is a deliberate misrepresentation. Not good, gentlemen.

The domain of this site was registered in 2018, but on the Internet you can find reviews for 2014 on similar projects. In 2014 reviews, people indicate that the project stopped making payments and after a while just closed. Often these 2 sites compare and say that they have one administrator. Respectively do not recommend making deposits and trading using their platform.

Currently there are reviews from customers Customers indicate that it is worst brokerdo not withdraw money. there is many negative reviews where the authors indicate that the administrators of this project are scammers. Technical support ignores its customers.

There are very few positive reviews.. Mostly positive reviews are written only by those who receive free training and place an affiliate link – to believe this is naive and rash. It is worth noting these customers have not tried to withdraw their money.


Fxcoins – this very doubtful project as it has a whole range of analogues. Add to this the questionable actual office address, the lack of documents, a fake email address, illiterate texts. Somehow The picture is not good. Mostly such projects are just mislead people promising “golden mountains”, and in fact customers lose their money. On the Internet mnnegative reviews and reviews, some reasonably compare it with the project of 2014 Fxcoin.

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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