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Galaxy Mine – mining money for fraudsters in your pocket

Mining is a rather interesting topic, but nevertheless it is almost a thing of the past, since today you can mainly earn money in this direction only if you assemble a production farm, which will include far from several video cards, how could this be done? before. But today appear cloud mining servicesthat offer buy power and profit from it. But they are fraudulent and today we will consider one of these, called Galaxy Mine

Project Email Address

  • Project Email absent.

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please Contact us or write about it in the comments!

Galaxy Mine Project Information

The project is a cloud mining servicewho offers to earn to everyone. You will start to make a profit immediately after registration, and for a larger stream of profit it is proposed pay one of the proposed tariffs to increase the speed of mining.

Additionally, the project also offers to profit by participating in various promotionsgetting bonuses and increase the flow of money surfing sites.

Profitable is also available. affiliate program with payments of 7% from replenishment of referrals.

The site is still completely new, but at the same time it has already gathered more than 1,500 participants. And you can start earning right now.

But is everything as smooth as described on the project itself, or are there any tricks? And we can immediately say that they are, but we will consider the detailed further.

Project Contacts

There are no project contacts, communication with the site administration is possible only using a special form on the site.

Exposing Galaxy Mine Project

And now it’s worth to take a closer look at this miracle project and start with surface data. Let’s start with the lack of any contact details. Thus, we can conclude that the creators hide themselves, not giving out contacts, but accepting applications only through the form of contacting technical support.

The next point can be identified too high interest rates of the project, in particular 36 and 56% per month from the deposit. This is a rather high interest, and where the money comes from is not explained.

Nothing is known about the project as a whole, where can we conclude that it is completely new. In this case, in statistics you can see more than 1500 users. But for such an amount, a minimum of 6000 visitors is necessary, and given the number of visitors at 250-300 per day (as indicated on the site itself). For such an amount, he needed to work out for at least a month, or maybe more, but in fact the site was registered August 19, 2019therefore, for such a period, he would hardly have gained such a large number of users, given the fact that the majority of site visitors are people who earn on surfing in axle boxes.

Also no and no guarantee of profit. When asked about the safety of funds, fraudsters say only the following “No one will give you a 100% money back guarantee on such projects, but we guarantee the stable operation of the site and the project as a whole”.

In addition, after reviewing the rules of the project, you can see there a number of points that say disclaimer. That is, the site administration is not responsible for any losses on the project. Therefore, we conclude – this is just another scam.

Possible losses on the projectcte

Losses on the project will depend on the selected tariff and the amount of investments, in particular:

  1. From 10 to 499 rubles with investments at 36%.
  2. 500 to 9999 – with investments at 56% per month.

Conclusion about the project GalaxyMine

Analyzing all the available information, we can draw a simple conclusion: GalaxyMineregular scam. Therefore, you should not trust this project with money, because you can only lose it here. And if you want to start investing, then find a more reliable resource.

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