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Gli ambientalisti chiedono che anche Bitcoin passi da PoW a PoS

Da very few giorni Ethereum è passato da proof of work a proof of stake per quanto rigarda il funcionazione e la sicurezza della sua rete, il che ridurrà il consumo di energia del 99%, con grande gioia dei gruppi environmentalisti e delle persone preoccupate per l’ambiente in generale.

Ma se da un lato gli environmentalists welcome the passage of Ethereum to PoS, but they also wonder if Bitcoin, by far the largest crypto currency on the market, can make the transition.

Gli ambientalisti chiedono che il Bitcoin segua l’esempio di Ethereum

Others, instead of asking questions, ask simply that Bitcoin follows the same path as Ethereum, also starting the transition from PoW to PoS.

This is the case of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American group for the protection of the environment, which yesterday announced the launch of a 1 million dollar campaign to spur Bitcoin to pass proof of stake, in collaboration with Greenpeace .

“Other cryptocurrency protocols have been operating for years with efficient consensus mechanisms”, declared Michael Brune, director of the EWG campaign, adding that “Bitcoin has become an exception, refusing in a provocative manner to accept its own climate responsibility”.

The Greenpeace and EWG campaign also foresees presenting a petition to mainstream financial institutions such as Fidelity, BlackRock and Paypal to put pressure on the Bitcoin community to accept a protocol change towards PoS.

It is worth noting that this notizia arriva poco dopo che la Casa Bianca has published a rapporto che strongly criticizes il mining di criptovalute PoW e lo esorta a porre remedio al suo consumo energetico oa rischiare di essere bandito.

In addition, the topic of energy consumption for the extraction of cryptocurrency has acquired importance in the last few months as a cause of the global energy crisis.

Anche Bitcoin può pasare da PoW a PoS?

However, some experts believe that these requests reflect a profound misunderstanding of Bitcoin’s operation. I purists believe that PoW is the true innovation in the creation of Bitcoin and that it is essential for its correct operation and respect for its original philosophy.

Without entering technical details, it is noted that PoS networks carry the risk of centralizing power on the network, something that is not possible with the highly distributed PoW system of Bitcoin.

Moreover, it is not the first time that Bitcoin has been asked to modify its own operation. Some years ago there was talk of increasing the size of the blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain, which would lead to the centralization of the nodes of the network.

However, this attempt to centralize the network eventually failed, as the decentralized network remained strong and an update known as SegWit allowed the necessary updates to the dimensions of the blocks without centralizing the Bitcoin infrastructure.

In addition, le critiche al Bitcoin e al suo consumo energetico sono in parte unfondate. In fact, Bitcoin mining companies always use renewable energy to power their activities. In addition, Bitcoin mining can contribute to regulating electrical networks by consuming excess energy in moments in which consumption is low and production cannot be reduced.

Finally, there are also risks legati alla regolamentazione, in caso di passaggio al PoS. In effetti, le autorità di regolamentazione tendono considera le cryptovalute basate su un sistema PoS come titoli, il che rende le soggette alle finanziarie norms, con gli vantaggi che ciò comporta.

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