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Global Palace – your personal broker

Three decades ago the word “exchange” was perceived by our compatriots as abusive. Now traders, brokers, currency pairs, deals, futures, FOREX … Perhaps even in school it is difficult to find someone who would never hear these words. And, probably, it is even good – the more people have knowledge and understanding in this area, the less there will be those who fall for the brokers from GLOBAL PALACE and the like.

BUT under no circumstances. And now we will see why.

Famous project names


Links to the project website


E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “GLOBAL PALACE”

At first glance, the site is very decent. Menu, links to documents … And everything works, no errors were noticed. Straight great!

We will help you today to make a step and join millions of traders trading with full confidence. Technological solutions provide comfortable and safe conditions for investment.

This is the first phrase that meets us on the site. That is, we are directly promised confidence and security when investing. And immediately offer:

Become a successful investor today.

So immediately, right away!

The company, they say, very serious. On the page “About the company” we read:

The goal of our company is to become an ideal tool for our clients, whose goal is to achieve financial independence by providing them with unique opportunities and conditions, as well as help in effective financial management. We analyze huge amounts of information, develop new investment strategies and improve old ones so that our clients achieve financial well-being.

And some more text around this. A common leitmotif – we are great, we are honest, we will help you become successful.

That’s just not a word about who are such “we.”

But they offer for review a whole list of documents confirming the seriousness and responsibility:

  • Quotation rules;
  • Anti-Money Laundering Procedure and Know Your Customer Policy (AML & KYC Policy);
  • Risk Notification;
  • Privacy policy of personal data (non-disclosure policy);
  • Refund policy;
  • Responsible policy.

All documents are in Russian and English. Solid.

On the main page there is a nice chart and a long table with colored numbers.

It also looks solid: you get into trust – because these mysterious “we” understand what’s what! And they are so kind that they promise to even teach you to understand all this. Teach quickly, easily and efficiently. Because “Traders who have completed the courses become professionals who are able to independently analyze the market, giving high-precision forecasts.” How not to believe? Register!

When registering, they are asked to confirm the email address – a link is sent to it to activate your personal account. They require a phone number, but do not need to confirm it. They offer (but do not require) to enter passport data, date of birth and home address. Be sure to agree with what is indicated in the list of documents above – for this there is a checkbox.

That’s all logical and justified, it seems. It is only puzzling that the password 123456 passes on such a serious site. But what about the security of accounts? Or fasten a script that checks passwords for reliability, did not reach the hands?

But the personal account disappointed. It looks like this:

It has a single button – Deposit funds. If you click on it, the disappointment increases:

You can replenish your account:

  • Bank transfer if you want to deposit euros or dollars
  • Cards VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, if you deposit rubles
  • Through the Mpay system, if you want to deposit a cryptocurrency (BTC)
  • Via AccentPay, if you have dollars.

All deposits, except for bitcoins, will pass with a commission. And – strange thing – up to 7 working days! This money will go on foot, or what? Where are the transfers from the cards taking place at such a time ?! The answer to this question appears quickly – payments go through an electronic payment processing system for online stores and online service providers. Fatpayment. Well, at least she has a reputation for being reliable.

To enter money, you must first open a real or demo account. In any case, the account is dollar. And again it needs to be activated – the link is sent to the email address. And at this moment the “bell” turns into the alarm! To activate the account, we are sent here the following information:

Congratulations on the successful registration of the trading account 12480. Data for access to the account:

  • Login: 12480
  • Password: tPTkFJHoup
  • Investor password: IEkzVFkTpW
  • Server name: gp-real

We strongly recommend that you keep this data in the most protected place.

Yes, yes, that’s it, in open form. Ale, gentlemen from GLOBAL PALACE! Do you guarantee reliability and safety ?! Well, okay, we are not the first.

And now you can refill your account. Why is this walking in a circle?

Project Contacts

There is a lot of contact information on the site.

Have an email address:

They promise to promptly answer all questions.

Perhaps this is the only useful contact. The rest can hardly come in handy.

There is a phone number to which you can even call: +44 20 3286 5828. Call will have in London.

There is a legal address – First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street Vincent and the Grenadines. Will be on the occasion in Kingstown – the capital of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – look at the light.

The address is not unique, it is also listed with the same questionable brokers TryStock and Agricole Trade. It happens, yes.

There is no question of any representation in Russia. Only the London telephone and address in Kingstown.

there is accounts in social networks:

  • Facebook – 2 subscribers and 2 entries. Page in Russian.
  • Channel on Youtube – Why gave a link – a big question. It is completely empty, not a single movie.
  • Vkontakte community – Created by 09/05/2018. In the group of 548 people, but the stormy activity was not observed.
  • There is a Twitter – Also not very active.

Exposing the project “GLOBAL PALACE”

And now another call, also loud. A site in English, transfer in places rather clumsy. Company registration in the offshore Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, telephone London. BUT groups in social networks only in Russian?! How is that?

And so that’s easy.

The first thing we turn to is Risk Warning. Good document, correct. Investing without risk is not complete. It is only in the texts and slogans on the site that the guys from GLOBAL PALACE say that they are able to do everything that is success everywhere. And in the document they write honestly:

  • Trading in financial markets high risk, This Notice describes the most common types of risk, but the list is not exhaustive.

And then there are 4 points with subparagraphs, in which they write in good Russian, that:

  • Company is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client due to an erroneous choice of a trading strategy or the Client’s neglect of capital management rules.

And a lot of text on the same topic. Briefly, this can be stated as follows: He himself came – he spent the money himself – was to blame. BUT GLOBAL PALACE – all in white.

Customer agreement even more fun. In him the client guarantees the company and is responsible. There is no talk about liability and guarantees from the company. An interesting document, be sure to read before you decide to cooperate with these guys in any form.

Alas, when you merge all that you can with the recommendations of these brokers, they will nod exactly to this document. And the law enforcement agencies will turn uselessly – you transfer the money yourself without coercion, being in a sober mind and solid memory. What if the broker does not have an official permission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives a legal entity the right to carry out broker, dealer, investment (securities management) or depository activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, what to complain about?

And the fact that the money will be merged under the guidance of these brokers, alas, is confirmed numerous reviews of their clients. Those in the network very much.

Relying on the experience and sweet promises of brokers, people take loans (sometimes with the help of these brokers themselves), and very quickly lose everything.

This is only in the group VKontakte all the reviews – completely praiseful. And in the network, people describe their own experience with Global palace. And the result is always like this:

Global palace – kitchen! Lit and credit and “helped” to lose 150,000 rubles! No work or earnings are there, just shoe people!

The scheme of divorce may differ slightly and looks like this:

You are offered a job as an assistant trader. After the “training” it turns out that now you need open an account for your real money. You become a customer Global palacewhere you are actively helped first to merge everything that you deposit, then help to take a loan (or several), then merge it. The result is

She came for an interview, was trained, then the super VIP manager was hooked on the ears about Bitcoins and the golden mountains, took 3 credits, an apartment on bail. Now I eat a little =).

Possible losses on the project “GLOBAL PALACE”

The amount you can lose, if you believe the promises of these brokers, can be any. According to the experience of people who have already participated in this, you can lose tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands, and even millions.

It will be extremely difficult to return this money, most often it is impossible.

Total: minus money plus headache and credit bondage for many years. Do you need it?

Conclusion about the project

What reviews to believe? Those in the group VKontakte? Your will. Then this broker has everything in openwork, clients get richer right before their eyes.

But if you read reviews on sites that are not related to GLOBAL PALACEThe picture is sad.

Experienced investors bypass such sites. But the newcomers, on which the scammers are counting, lose everything.

Be prudent. I want to play a trader – use demo accounts, they are provided for free.

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