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Graham Stephan believes that the recent collapse of the cryptocurrency is “diverso”

Most of them: investors in cryptocurrency è consapevole del recent collapse del mercato. The decline is dramatic. The total value of the cryptocurrency market has fallen from almost 3,000 billion dollars to its peak of less than 1,000 billion dollars.

Il marketo è già stato volatile in passato, ma alcuni investors ritengono che questa volta sia diverso.

One of these investors is Graham Stephan, a YouTube character and a real estate agent who often talks about saving and creating wealth. Recently, Stephan connected to Twitter to share his thoughts on the collapse and his projections on the future of the cryptocurrency sector.

Ecco cosa ha da dire Graham Stephan sul recente crollo delle criptovalute

Stephan began his intervention on Twitter by clarifying that he was a fan of crypto-currency and had a personal stake in virtual currencies in 2017. However, while affirming that he had already witnessed large price fluctuations and recognized that “the highs and lows fanno parte del mercato”, believes that questo grande rollo sia completamente diverso e che sia solo la “tipta dell’iceberg”.

Stephan has warned that “the irresponsible management and the financial levy have brought a crisis of the crypto currency”, that in his opinion it is not destined to decrease soon for two principal reasons.

The first problem identified by Stephan is that cryptocurrency platforms were largely unregulated and took advantage of this lack of oversight to take loans against client funds, which they then used as a guarantee to take other loans.

Il risultato è che alcune platforms erano talmente sovralimentate che, quando i clienti hanno hanno initiazione vendere in preda al panico durante la crisi, hanno duvoto congelare i prelievi. Stephan has attributed to this phenomenon the responsibility of the collapse of Celsius, Voyager and 3AC.

The second problem highlighted by Stephan is that of “non-forced errors”, including Celcius who hides the hack and accidentally returns millions of dollars of tokens and Voyager who grants huge loans to 3AC without adequate guarantees.

L’avvertimento di Stephan is important and investors should keep an eye on it. It touches on some of the same problems mentioned by the billionaire Mark Cuban, who commented on the recent collapse of cryptocurrencies affirming that the society without a solid business model is at risk of disappearing definitively during the crisis because, as he says [Warren] Buffett, “quando la marea si ritira, si vede chi nuota nudo”.

Cosa pensa Stephan che si debba fare to protect his own money?

In light of the fundamental problems of the crypto platforms that Stephan points out, the investors who are still interested in this asset class could ask what to do to protect their funds while acquiring virtual currency.

Stephan has offered some advice also for this purpose. In particolare, ha fornito quattro suggestions, tra cui: prestare attention alle truffe a livello di utente; spostare le proprie partecipazioni in criptovalute a longo termine in un deposito freddo; utilizzare più platforms diverse per effetante investimenti in criptovalute; Make sure you don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose if things go wrong.

Si tratta di consigli validi, soprato per quanto riguarda l’advertimento di non investire denaro su cui si conta. Even experts in finance like Suze Orman have warned against making investments in cryptocurrencies with money that they can’t afford to lose.

Regardless of the fact that Stephan is right about the underlying issues that will lead to continued problems in the cryptocurrency sector, it is fundamental to keep in mind that the lack of regulatory oversight and the high volatility of this untested asset class make cryptocurrency an investment. più pericoloso di molti altri Ciò non significa che si debba abandonare il sectoro, ma che è necesario essere prudenti e azura di investitrazione traditionali consolida nel tempo.

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