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Hacker confession or casino roulette hacking

Want to heat up the casino? Yes – you did not hear. It is a casino. Famous blogger Alexander tells how to fool the roulette. And he does it – imagine – for free. Unselfishly. How does the system work? Everything in order.

Famous project names


Links to the project website

E-mail address of the project

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Attention! Fraudsters very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information WARMING MONETARY ROULETA !!!

Alexander, with the help of his hacker friend, found a way to crack the roulette TankCash ( On the main page posted login and password of the casino administrator. there is two tabs:

  • login to admin panel;
  • go to the site and get 50 rubles at the expense of

The point is that a blogger Alexander with a friend hacker found a hole in the system. And now you can earn at the roulette 5000 r. in a day. But no more, so as not to sleep. In the video, he tells in detail how to do it. It is enough to go to the admin page, enter the provided login and password. Drive your name, which is registered on the roulette and set the percentage of luck.

P.S. Alexander recommends setting a value not greater than 80%. Otherwise, you can burn. And after the game, set the value again 20%. Password is valid until March 17, 2019

Project Contacts

  • Domain name: HacksCASINO.Ru
  • IP-address:
  • Date of creation: 2018-11-18

Exposing the project “we are breaking a monetary roll !!!”

I here now represent the facial expression of the administrator, who climbs himself on the Internet and stumbles upon a site where in the open access is the login and password from his site. And dude periodically puts this data, if the admin changes them. In its place, I would seriously think about the security of your site. In the extreme case, would hire a programmer who will improve the security system.

But the site does not change, admin pretends that he knows nothing, but the tape remains relevant. This is all because there is no “lobalka”. there is cheater (most likely the site administrator or his friend), who decided to spin the roulette just in such a sophisticated way TankCash.

This can be seen simply by certain markers:

  1. Many of you have asked to check out a site like Who asked? When asked?
  2. Go to the site and get 50 rubles at the expense of What kind of charity is this? Now using the login and password, all users will earn up to 5000 r. in a day. What are these pathetic 50 r.
  3. At the end of his video, the author makes a reservation. Now I will wait for the withdrawal of the money transfer to show that the site is paying. This is frank advertising.
  4. The site is made in haste, very unpleasant in appearance, severely hurt the eyes.
  5. Site exists with 2018 of the year. And during that time admin type does not see that his site is periodically hacked.

Possible losses on the project WARMING MONETARY ROULETA !!!

On the site itself the user will not lose anything. But the project is completed in the form of a bush, which is very sophisticated advertising another scam. In particular – roulette TankCash. If the user leads this divorce, he can lose on a scam from 100 p. up to 300 r. This is the cost of cases.

Conclusion about the project

This is not just a divorce. Spread publicly the login and password of the administration, and report that there will be a separate website where these passwords will be updated – this is the height of art. Alexander just advertises his friend’s scam. And naive users are kept on this nonsense and, as a result, lose all their money in the casino.

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