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HelixxMine – Investing in cloud mining cryptocurrency

Helixxmine – quite a popular project on the Internet. This company offers cloud mining for the extraction of altcoins and bitcoins. Let’s read the conditions in more detail.

Official site


The company is registered:

615, 7 Baltimore wharf, London, UNITED KINGDOM, Registered in ENGLAND, Number 11350738

Such organization really exists. But it is strange that about the creators of the company and from where it appeared nothing is said on the site itself. As we remember you can register a company in England online. For this, a lot of experience and money is not needed. Also, people specifically sell their physical addresses for business registration.

If this address is searched in Google, it will give us the organization Felixxmeine, as well as phone number +44 20 3936 3193

What is strange? If you click on the tab “for communication”, you can find the following address: KONG CHRISTIANS ALLE, 5. AALBORG, 9000. And there is, allegedly, the main office. If you drive it into Google, then we will have an ordinary house, which is located not at all in England, but in Denmark. Why? Nobody knows.

affiliate program

The project presented 5 tier affiliate program. Excerpt from the site:

Join our affiliate program and get 10% of the profits from the investments of your customers. Subsequently, you will receive 4%, 2%, 1% and 1% of all investors invited by your main investor. Or create your own network of investors and get up to 10.8% of your partners!

The most interesting condition for attraction is paying for clicks of the company itself. That is, for each person following your link you will be paid 0.07 $ . In this case, a person may not register, just go. If he buys a contract, you will receive 10% of the direct referral and further down the funnel.

But how to find out that a person followed the link? In your account in the “Referrals” tab. It is worth noting that the creators can half of the visits and not display. Actually what prevents them from doing this? Nothing. Therefore, do not rejoice in such a gift of fate.

It is because of such a marketing plan that this project has become so popular. The authors have implemented MLM in a project for cloudy mining.


HelixMine is involved in both cryptocurrency mining and sales of hardware. offers cloud mining services.

Simply put, you buy speed – you get income. The percentage of income depends on your capacity. For convenience, there is a calculator.

Cryptocurrencies that you can mine:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • Bicoin cash
  • Multi (highest percentage of return)

At registration you are given 14 day free contract at a speed of 300GH / s ($ 21).

Contracts are concluded for 1 year and for 2 years.

The company also offers to buy their own equipment for mining. What is its value is unknown. To find out, you need to turn to technical support.

Output from 5 dollars. It is possible to reinvest from the internal account, which can also confuse. Usually for such projects it is not inherent.

The recoupment of deposits is different, as it is calculated is not written anywhere. For example, when investing 21 dollars for a year, you will return 33 dollarswhich means 58% of net profit.

Platform Terms

Registration on the project is simple, requires confirmation by mail. You also need to enter cell phone number.

Remember that by investing in such projects you always risk and HelixMine warns you about this at the bottom of the page. But again, the warning is written in English. Well, nothing, anyone can use Google translator:

The information on this website does not contain offers of any type and is not intended and should not be construed as an offer to sell or an offer to buy any securities, commodities or other financial products. In addition, the information on this website does not constitute investment advice. It is not possible to give assurances that any goals, assumptions, expectations, strategies and / or goals expressed or implied in this document have been or will be implemented or that the actions or any described performance has been performed or will continue in general or in the same way as described on this website.

That is, in fact site is not responsible for your investment. Let’s look at the site’s Terms and Conditions. There all the information is presented in English, which is not very convenient.

5.5. The mining process continues until the mining becomes less profitable. This means that the mining process will stop if the maintenance fee and the electricity becomes more than the payout. If the mining remains unprofitable for 21 consecutive days, the Service is terminated forever (depending on the type of hashrate). Payments and charges will also be temporarily suspended for a 21-day period. If, during the suspension period, mining-related mining factors (such as the exchange rate and mining complexity) that are beyond of control HelixxMine will change favorably, making mining profitable again, the Service will be suspended and contracts renewed.

Possible outcome of scam:

Due to the fact that the project is large-scale (every day around the world come the order 65,000 people), he will bench in several stages. First, stop advertising the project completely. Then the interest profit will decrease. The authors will come up with some kind of legend that they have problems with farms and they solve them. Further, within 21 days interest will not be charged. And after that, the project will be able to retire with peace of mind, telling its contributors how the admins tried, worked, did not sleep at night, so that everything could be restored. But the intrigues of the enemies did not allow them to continue working. A similar situation was with the acclaimed Cashberry, and with a lot of other projects.

Just any financial pyramid is simply a scam, just by the fact of its existence, all stages of its development are predictable and 100% predictable, it does not require psychic abilities.

Also, the authors report:

15.14. Helixxmine reserves the right terminate the access of any Account to the Referral program or the ability of any Account to participate in the Referral program at any time and for any reason.


The authors could take care of the Russian-speaking audience and provide documents in Russian. The interface itself is convenient. Made in pleasant colors. It is strange that there is a telegram for a Russian-speaking audience, but not for an English-speaking audience. Similarly, and vice versa. There are no groups in Vkontakte, but Facebook is.

The trust

Highly many positive reviews can be found on the Internet. After all, he really pays, but what if you dig deeper? You can see in it the unreliability of information, low-income HYIP with signs of mlm. But who will pay attention to this if the project pays? Naturally no one needs it. Therefore, we pay attention.

On the site in the information “about us” indicated that:

We sincerely believe that in the future cryptocurrency will prevail over all other currencies. Our goal is simple and clear: to grow this industry! In 2018, the world will see the general availability of Helixxpay – our exchange and financial platform, as well as Helixxcoin – our ICO, and the beginning of the expansion of the company.

But wait, already 2019. We decided to see if there is a website. Helixxpay. There really is. It was created at about the same time as the main site, namely February-March 2018. So it could not be a coincidence. On the official website it is said between the lines.

We went to and found that some tabs are not working. The very same registration wallet possible. What is strange?

In the tab “About Us” the address of the headquarters is the same as on the official website. And there it is hidden, and at the bottom of the page is the legal address. We also see another phone number and email address.

  • Telephone +454 5405 855 11
  • E-mail (email protected)

And if you look down the page, you will see a completely different address and email.

Why do authors make a test site with different addresses? Was it difficult to leave the official?

You can also pay attention to the description under Helixxpayit is not even in English.

Even more strange information, which states that companies have 4 years. How is this possible if it was created only in 2018? Or is it too, for the sake of “test” wrote? Another postscript about 248 professionals. I wonder what.

We will not be deprived of attention and Helixcoin about which it was also written between the lines on the site. The funny thing is that this is really a test site with dates of 2017 was also registered with other projects.

What is even more fun is the presence of the Russian language on it. That is, the developer of the site from the CIS. Therefore, we can conclude that the creators of the project are also citizens of the CIS.


Large-scale project that pays. But how much do you think it will work, given the information that we wrote? To invest or not in the financial pyramid, it’s up to you. Good luck!

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