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Il battito sul mining di Bitcoin si riscalda negli USA

At the end of last week, United States Congressman Jared Huffman, Senator Elizabeth Warren and four others sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

In this, they offer “new information” deriving from their studio on cryptocurrency extraction. The dates were simply a reproposition of the same old figures from the University of Cambridge that compared the energy consumption of Bitcoin to that of a Scandinavian country.

“La nostra indagine suggests that the whole sector of cryptocurrency extraction in the United States is probably problematic from the point of view of energy and emissions,” they declared.

The researchers asked that the EPA and the DOE compel all companies to present reports on energy use and environmental impact by August 15.

Is the extraction of Bitcoin really negative?

In reality, the demand for energy from part of the Bitcoin network (quote BTC) is down 41% since February, as miners have spent a lot of time worrying about the profitability of the ribass market. However, the long-term consumption trend is on the rise, as competition increases to extract only a few remaining BTC.

In addition, many mining operations in the United States use renewable sources of energy, especially those with headquarters in Texas. Alcune acquistano anche creditsi di carbonio per compensare il loro impacto e le loro emissioni.

The politicians have also affirmed that the mining operations exerted a pressure on the energy networks. Questo può essere vero in alcuni casi, ma è stato mentito da esperti del sectoro più preparati dei politicos.

On July 17, a researcher from the sector published results that support the concept that Bitcoin mining helps balance a network, especially if it is powered by renewable sources.

The researcher has observed that excess energy and redundancy must be always available to allow all electrical authorities to supply electricity in a reliable manner. The frequency deviations of the system (60Hz in the United States) can be verified when the offer and the energy demand are not compatible, he added. This can damage the equipment and cause problems in the cascade.

Le reti alimentante da combustible fossili erano più prevedibili e facili da bilanciare, ma questo non è il caso delle energie rennovabili, che possono essere imprevedibili se basate su elementi naturali come il sune o il windo. Il mining di Bitcoin può fungerie da charge controllabile per il Primary Frequency Response (PFR), ha aggiunto.

Moreover, Bitcoin miners can be switched off and accessed almost instantaneously in response to demand, which is not the case with other energy consumers on a large scale.

Innovative applications

The Bitcoin mining process presents clear advantages and can be adapted to support the existing infrastructure. Quindi, nonostante lo sfogo dei politici anti-crypto, non ci sono solo bad notizie. The ex-director of Facebook and PayPal, David Marcus, has suggested that the politicians in the United States are working on a diverse agenda.

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