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Il rally del Bitcoin ignited le performance poco brillianti dei titoli crittografici

Il Bitcoin (quote BTC) increased by more than a quarter, reaching 24,000 dollars, while Ethereum increased by approximately 55%, trading around 1,700 dollars.

In the first week of July, the price of BTC has led to a strong increase in the price of all cryptocurrencies. Not unexpectedly, this has contributed to the increase in Bitcoin mining actions, as shown by Arcane research.

I minatori di criptovalute godono di entrate consistenti

Because the miners get revenue in the form of BTC, an increase in the price of the crypto currency should favor their income and profits.

This aspect adds the fact that the miners hold a substantial amount of tokens that they extract, instead of converting them instantly into money. Ciò può essere problematico quando il prezzo della criptovaluta descende, ma quando aumenta, l’effetto sui prezzi delle loro azioni è amplificato.

According to a new research by the IMF, the bond between cryptocurrency and traditional investments, such as shares, has strengthened significantly in response to the increase in their use, limiting the perceived benefits of risk diversification and increasing the risk of market instability. .

Anche le economie dei mercati emergenti, molte delle quali sono state pioniere nell’adozione di crypto-asset, show a più correlazione più between criptovalute e azioni.

The effect of Bitcoin

Se avete seguito il mercato delle criptovalute, avrete notato che quando il prezzo del Bitcoin diminuisce, i prezzi delle criptovalute alternative (often note come altcoin) lo seguento. Quando il prezzo del BTC aumenta, prevediamo che le altcoin di valore immediately dopo.

Because the price of Bitcoin has decreased for almost half of this year, it is inevitable that even the actions of the cryptocurrency have experienced a negative first semester. In 2022, the prices of the shares of MicroStrategy (MSTR), the company that holds Bitcoin, have fallen by 38%, of Marathon (MARA), the cryptocurrency miner, of 55%, and of Coinbase (COIN), the cryptocurrency exchange. del 60%.

La solida corsa del Bitcoin stimola l’ascesa del mercato delle criptovalute

However, questi titoli sarebbero ancora più in basso se non fosse per la loro dramatica remonta dell ultimo mese, stimulated by the recent and impressive performance of the crypto currency.

From the beginning of July, Marathon is up almost 180%, MicroStrategy is up 102% and Coinbase is up 100%. There was no substantial difference between MicroStrategy and Marathon that spurred these price increases, but the prices of both companies were strongly influenced by the price of BTC.

It is essential to recognize that Bitcoin often has the last word when it comes to the trust of investors. Prima di acquistare o vendere una posizione in altcoin, i trader e gli investitori esperti monitorano attentivemente il Bitcoin.

The future direction of the cryptocurrency markets will be determined by macroeconomic variables, but investors could be expected to be in alarm in the next few weeks due to inflation, rising oil costs and fears of a recession.

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