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InTrade Bar – binary options broker

Binary option is income-generating method based on predicting the movement of a certain asset.

Today we will review the project, which was launched in 2016 and positioning itself as transparent binary option. There are many reviews that money is withdrawn here very quickly. And accounts do not block. Let’s see what’s true and what’s not. Let’s go!

Official site


affiliate program

This project is very questionable affiliate program. It is divided into 2 different ones:

  1. Now every trader has the opportunity to recommend a broker and make a profit. 53% from the broker’s earnings from each given client.
  2. Now every trader has the opportunity to recommend a broker and make a profit. one% from each transaction given by the partner.

Before you begin, you need to decide which program you will participate in.

By the way, how to register in the program that you want is not clear. Referral link is one for both programs.

Let’s take a look at partnership agreement.

  • 8.2 Partner Reward depends on the volume of the transaction and the type of customer account. The partner is paid 1% of the transaction of the given client, or 53% of the broker’s earnings. The type of affiliate program the Partner determines prior to the start of cooperation with the Broker. A partner does not receive a partner reward when trading a client on a random chart.
  • 8.1 Affiliate remuneration is accrued to the Affiliate. Once a day, according to the table of partnership rewards on the financial instruments provided for trading in the Company.
  • 1.5.3 The company has the right to require confirmation from the Partner the reality of the data specified during registration in the affiliate program. For this, the Company may at any time obligate the Partner to provide an electronic copy of the passport or a notarized copy (at the Company’s discretion).


The project provides us with the opportunity to trade, based on chart view view. Everything is easy and simple. Project slogan:


On the main page of the site there are very loud statements that assure us that trading with this broker is much easier than with others.

The site offers a lot of pairs for trade. There are about 20. There is also a concept as “risk management”. That is, the transaction will be closed if the price drops to the level you specified. Therefore you will not lose everything.

  • Everything else is unlimited demo account

You can even change the “background” of the marketplace. Serious brokers do not have this.

Platform Terms

  • Registration is simple, you need to enter a login and email. A confirmation email and password will be sent to the email for future login.
  • The client accepts the Offer by registering and creating an account on the Site. Offer Acceptance means full unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Offer by the Client. The place of service is Scotland. Why is Scotland incomprehensible
  • Despite the fact that on the main page we are told that verification is not needed (We can request proof of identity only if you display it on a card with which you did not replenish. Trade as you like!) in the client agreement is written:

1.5. The procedure for verification of identity and data is carried out by the Company to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the data specified by the Client during registration. To carry out this procedure in individual cases, the Company has the right to demand, and the Client is obliged to provide:
– For citizens of the Russian Federation – page spread (s) of a general passport with a photo and personal data
– For citizens of Ukraine – spread pages (s) of a passport with a photo and personal data in Russian and Ukrainian (if any)
– For citizens of other countries – a passport page (s) with a photo and personal data or another document (for example, an ID Card) containing a photo and personal data.
In addition, the Company has the right to request current utility bills, an agreement with a bank to open a personal account, bank card scans, an TIN, and any other documents if the above documents do not allow the Customer to be fully identified and / or personal data specified by him.

1.12. Confirming the registration, the Client agrees to receive information from the Company, including messages to the email address and phone calls specified by the Client to the phone number specified by the Client

So you will still call and write to you.

The withdrawal time also depends on the amount. The site indicated 5-15 minutes. And in the agreement:

2.3. Funds are transferred to the Client within 6 (six) hours following the day of the application for withdrawal of funds. The withdrawal request, after prior notification of the Client, may be withheld by the Company’s security service without execution of 1 (one) business day.

Just withdraw money from the site you will not succeed. The minimum amount in 7 dollars maybe and here 100 – unlikely:

7.7. When withdrawing funds by the Client, the Company has the right to request confirmation from him of the personal data of the account. At the same time, the Company has the right to demand from the Client certified notarized copies of documents certifying his place of residence, registration and identity.


  • Minimum bid $ 1 for dollar bills and 50 rubles for ruble accounts
  • Maximum bid $ 500 for dollar bills and 25 000 rubles for ruble accounts
  • Minimum output $ 7
  • The minimum deposit is $ 10
  • Deposit and withdrawal are possible through various bank cards and payment systems
  • The authors of the project promise to withdraw within 5-15 minutes with the exception of holidays and weekends. In fact, the output may be delayed for 6 hours or more.

The trust

If we talk about trust, then everything is ambiguous. In most cases, the reviews are positive, but let’s consider the site as a whole and the documentation that it offers to us.

  • On the site itself there is a CROFR tab, there is a survey and information about the cost of entry. She makes up 4000 $. As a result, the company has not entered. The tab remained a tab.
  • Company registered in the UKbut at the same time works according to the laws of Scotland. Why then there is no necessary documentation on the site. If we take a company that is listed on the site and find it in the register of organizations in the UK, an interesting fact will open. Namely, physical address of the company is NOT CONFIRMED. This means that there is no office there. That is, the authors of the project simply registered the company, “bought” the address and made the site. And the activity itself is not confirmed

Consequently there are no documents confirming the company’s activities.


In general, all looks like a tape measure. You are offered a trading platform, you can win or lose. It is also possible to change the background on the platform, which is strange. The company is not registered with any regulatory organizations.

To enter this broker or not is up to you. Be careful. Good luck!

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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