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Kosovo renews cryptocurrency mining ban

The government of Kosovo has adopted measures aimed at maintaining the energy supply in the next few months, including the prohibition of cryptocurrency extraction. The move comes as a result of the strong increase in import prices and the restrictions can be extended to six months.

The authority of Kosovo reintroduced the prohibition of cryptocurrency mining

The executive power of Kosovo has approved some measures to guarantee sufficient energy supplies for the case and the companies in the next weeks and months. L’agenzia di stampa Tass reports that the relative decree has been published by the government of Pristina this week.

The measures adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers include assistance to all families to meet their heating needs, support to the operator of the national network to guarantee the security of electricity distribution and efforts to reduce consumption on the part of all institutions.

Even the ban on using electrical energy for the production of digital currency is a necessary measure. Industrial activity, starved of energy, was blocked for the first time last winter, when the Republic partially recognized in southeastern Europe found itself having to face a lack of energy.

The government has explained that it is introducing the “emergency measure” in relation to the current global energy situation, in particular the strong increase in energy import rates from Kosovo and the possible ban on the export of fossil materials from some European countries. The latter could potentially involve an ulterior increase in prices.

Proteggere l’interesse pubblico? Mah!

In a communiqué, the Kosovar authorities reiterated that their main motivation is not only to guarantee a sufficient energy supply during the winter, but also to protect the public interest. The measures, including the ban on extraction, have been imposed for an initial period of two months, but the ministers will be able to extend them up to 180 days with a majority vote.

In addition to suspending cryptocurrency mining last year, the government has pursued operators of illegal mining structures, seizing hardware in a series of police raids, including hundreds of crypto-currency mining devices. farm clandestine.

Il giro di vite has risked increasing the ethnic tension in the small country, since the central government led by the Albanian government has taken aim at the region with a Serbian prevalence in the north, where the consumers refused to pay the electricity bill more than two times. decenni perché non riconoscono l’autorità di Pristina.

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