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Kuzya's Domestic – a non-child scam

Not all financial pyramids look as pathos as the infamous MMM. Some crooks make out their scam very ridiculous. Hype creator “Brownie Kuzya”apparently has not yet grown from childhood. At least psychologically. Nevertheless, he was smart enough to create a project that divorces people for money.

Information about the project “Brownie Kuzya”

“Brownie Kuzya” – classic accelerator Payeer. How does he work? The official response of the scammers is as follows:

You are presented with a unique economic system that was created by professionals and thought out to the smallest detail for the possibility of making a profit without significant time and money costs.

We have created convenient conditions for additional earnings, accessible to all our users without exception.

On the page FAQ you can read the details (spelling saved):

1) How does the project work?

Amount to be invested from 10 to 20,000 rubles (increase at the discretion of the administration). Invested money becomes the speed of building up the balance to withdraw money to the wallet.

You can also earn without investments, in this case the amount will be insignificant.

2) When was the start of the project?


3) How long will the project work?

The project will work until the reserve has exhausted its resources.

6) What income will I receive?

Any amount pays off in 4 days. The deposit is open for 8 days.

When replenishing There is a calculator showing your income.

That is, a depositor will receive a day 25% of the invested amount. Payments are made from 1 ruble.

There is a project referral program. Commission for negotiators: 10%.

Registering for a project is easy. Need to indicate Payeerwallet and captcha. Password, email is not needed. That is, security is at zero.

My account is primitive. In it you can fund your account, order a payment, get a referral link. Generally, standard personal account of a standard scam.

Project Contacts

In contact with: – The first post of October 7, 2019, the admin is hidden.


Email: (email protected)

Who owns the site domain is unknown. The name is hidden by privacy settings.

Exposure of the project “Brownie Kuzya”

I’ll start, perhaps, with the rules. Swindlers published a few disclaimers.

I will quote:

1.3 Administration is not responsible for possible damage caused to you as a result of using this system.

3.8 Administration is not responsible for possible losses resulting from the collapse of the system.

3.9 Administration has the right restart service with resetting any credentials when the system account balance is zero.

5.1 Administration DOES NOT WARRANT return on invested money, you make your deposits at your own peril and risk. We strongly recommend that you invest only those amounts that you can afford to lose.

5.2 Administration is not responsible for possible damage caused to you as a result of using this service.

5.3 Administration is not responsible for possible losses due to system shutdown.

it standard disclaimer. These points are found in the rules of 9 out of 10 hyips.

What does disclaimer mean? That there will be no earnings! Fraudsters promise that your contribution will pay off in 4 days, and after 4 more – it will double. It’s a lie!

How does it work accelerator Payeer? Just like any other financial pyramid. Project participants do not conduct real business activities. The so-called earnings are due to the redistribution of money within the system. Participants who invested earlier receive profit from newcomers.

In order for the pyramid to grow, more and more new investors must constantly join it, who will bring more and more money every day. This cannot go on forever. At some point, there will not be enough money for everyone and the scam will burst. Typically, crooks who create financial pyramids do not expect a natural collapse of the system. They bankrupt their scam earlier, when there is still money in the accounts.

Bankruptcy occurs before the bulk of depositors begin to make a profit. Judging by the Kuzi marketing plan, the scam will work 7-10 days. And then what? Paragraph 3.9 states that administration has the right to restart the service with resetting all accounts. That is, existing participants will incur losses, and the administration will begin the search for new naive investors.

If anyone is in doubt, look at the payout table! Participants mostly withdraw a few rubles! Less often – a few dozen rubles. And only two brought a few hundred rubles! What do you call earnings? A part-time cleaner earns more!

Possible losses on the project “Brownie Kuzya”

  • Minimum deposit amount – 10 rubles

Total: the amount of possible losses on the project any amount.

Conclusion about the project

“Brownie Kuzya”another hypewhich will soon burst. Do not invest in this financial pyramid. You cannot earn. In the best case, you will return part of the money spent.

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