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La prevendita di Tamadoge reaches a hard cap of 19 million dollars

La prevendita di token più chiacchierata del 2022 puerde essere estere una fuga verso sicurezza per alcuni investors di fronte al collo dei prezzi delle cryptovalute.

A few hours ago the pre-sale of Tamadoge (TAMA) has registered all sold out on tamadoge.io, increasing the goal of 19 million USDT in a context of the crypto-currency market in crisis.

At the time of printing, Bitcoin is down 6% in the last 24 hours, falling to an intraday minimum of 18,400 dollars on Binance, while operators are potentially derisive in view of the FOMC on Wednesday.

Cronologia della prevendita di Tamadoge

La: prevendita del token Tamadoge: It started on July 25, 2022 with a beta sale, during which the price of TAMA was discounted to 0.01 dollars.

Questo ha attirato l’attenzione di Yahoo Finance che ne ha ladato l’utilità e l’interessante caso d’uso.

A differenza della maggior parte delle so-called memecoin, Tamadoge è stata progettata to avere un’utilita reale. It serves as the native currency of a platform of games populated by virtual domestic animals Tamadoge. I proprietario possono coniare, allevare e combattere i Tamadoge per salire di livello. Tamadoge is designed to make Play-to-Earn fun, teaching the mistakes of the first games P2E.

Yahoo Finance ha poi recensito Tamadoge altre two volte, intorno alle tappe di 5 e 8 milioni di dollari.

Even CNBC talked about Tamadoge reaching the $15 million mark.

The fact that its prevendita performance has surpassed that of Ethereum and the popular move-to-earn platform StepN is an excellent indicator of future growth potential. Some experts predict a 10-fold increase by 2023, while others are talking about a 50-fold increase in prices. Tamadoge has obtained an excellent score also regarding the fiduciary factor, with CoinSniper that has carried out a complete KYC on its founding members and a “100 per cento sicuro” label from the Solid Proof review.

The prevendita di Tamadoge, initially foreseen for the fourth quarter of 2022, has sold out in less than eight weeks.

Quotazione della criptovaluta Tamadoge

The next step will be for the investors to reclaim their TAMA token – a complete announcement on how to do it safely is scheduled for September 20, on the project’s official Telegram and Discord (administrators will not send you a DM first, attenti alle truffe).

The investors of Tamadoge can also choose to receive updates via e-mail, even if it is not mandatory. Last month, the exchange LBank confirmed on Twitter the imminent quotation of TAMA.

Tamadoge, an ERC-20 token, will also have its initial offer DEX (IDO) on Uniswap. TAMA will be quoted at a price of 0.03 dollars. Because the prevendita di Tamadoge has sold out before the forecast, according to the team, all quotations of the crypto currency TAMA will take place in the next few days.

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