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LBLOCK Anticipates an Imminent Rise

Lucky Block Market Prediction – June 10

The Lucky Block market prediction is for the market to put an end to its current bearish regime when it finally drops to the $ 0.0011900 critical level.

LBLOCK / USD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (30-Minute Chart)

Key Levels:
Supply Zones: $ 0.00134000, $ 0.00146000
Demand Zones: $ 0.00100000, $ 0.00119000
LBLOCK / USD is expected to receive support at the $ 0.0011900 critical level. Hence, the coin is anticipating an imminent price rise. Simultaneously, the market is also sliding down a trendline. It is observed that when the price touches the trendline, it tends to experience a surge upward. The combination of these activities makes LBlock lie in anticipation of a bullish drive.

Lucky Block Market Prediction: LBLOCK / USD Anticipation

The beginning of the bearishness in the market is when the price rose by more than 100% from the $ 0.00119000 key level. The price rise was cut off at the $ 0.00281000 resistance level.

Rejection at the resistance level allows the bears to step in and begin to influence proceedings. Hence, the price started sliding down via a falling trendline.

The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator emphasizes the bearishness in the market as its lines slip below the zero level.

LBLOCK / USD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish (5-minute chart)

On the 5-minute chart, the candles are now falling towards the $ 0.00119000 price level, where the coin expects to get enough support to turn around the tide in the market. The Moving Average period 50 remains predominantly above the market but currently has slipped below the 5-minute candles to lift the market.
Lucky Block Market Prediction: LBLOCK / USD Anticipates an Imminent RiseThe MACD chart tends to show more bullish activity as the bulls try to wrestle the market from the dominance of the sellers. The price is currently in a sideways movement, but it is expected to touchdown at the $ 0.00119000 support level, from where an upsurge towards $ 0.00134000 is expected.

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