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LBLOCK Is Set To Skyrocket From A Demand Zone

Lucky Block Price Forecast – August 4

The Lucky Block price forecast is for the coin to skyrocket after it pulls back to a familiar demand level. The price is making a double retest before it shoots upwards.

LBLOCK/USD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (30-Minute Chart)

Key Levels:
Supply Zones: $0.00083930, $0.00089540, $0.00111300
Demand Zones: $0.00076050, $0.00078000, $0.0007996
After a long stretch of upward movement, the market was capped at the $0.00111300 resistance and prevented from moving further upward. A consolidation phrase followed with the $0.00096170 acting as the support level. Afterwards, the desire of the market to break the consolidation trend makes the coin slide below the support level. DEFCUSD would go on to bypass several key levels to get to $0.00078000. The coin is set to pump from there.

Market Expectations for Lucky Block: LBLOCK/USD Restores Bullishness

The $0.00078000 critical level is a benchmark zone for the coin. It is at this point that DEFCUSD was strengthened to effect a reversal on the 14th of July after an extended bearish period.

Afterwards, a bearish regime took over, with the coin breaking through multiple key levels. The strength of the bulls has reduced allowing the coin to be capped at the $0.00111300 resistance zone.

As a result, the price has dropped back to the benchmark support level at $0.00078000 and the market is now set to skyrocket immediately. The MA period 30 (Moving Average) has risen above the candles to guide it to the benchmark zone.

LBLOCK/USD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish (5-minute chart)

The 5-minute chart shows the price touched down at the demand zone and immediately jerked up. However, the market is pulling back again towards the demand zone. A second retest is a confirmation for the upsurge. The Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse) alternates around the candles in sideways movement but above the candles as it drops to the demand zone.
Lucky Block Price Forecast: LBLOCK Is Set To Skyrocket From A Demand ZoneThe MA period 30 (Moving Average) is also closely guiding the market downwards for the second test of the demand zone. The price is expected to skyrocket immediately after. The DeFI Coin will be looking to immediately get back above the $0.00089540 resistance and then break further grounds.

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