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Le researches su Google per “cripto” e “NFT” sono crollate

Individuare il fundo del marketo is one of the most difficult challenges for investors. Come si fa a sapere quando il peggio è passato e forse, solo forse, è arrivato il momento di tornare a comprare?

This question is very important at this moment, while The Merge stimulates a summer rally in Ethereum and sogna una nuova corsa al rialzo. While the investors are trying to find signals of this change, many are turning to an unusual metric. i dati di Google Trends.

Research on the web:

Google search analysis has become one of the best ways to understand the sentiment of investors and public interest. The Defiant has discovered that in 2022, web searches for “crypto” will drop by 73% and “NFT” by 86%. Meanwhile, 57% of people are searching for “Ethereum”.

I results are not obviously surprising. Con il rollo da 60 miliardi di dollari dell’ecosistema Terra a maggio e le successive conseguences del failure di Celsius e Three Arrows Capital, gli investitori stanno evitando le criptovalute.

The interesting aspect is that the last time the feeling was so negative – dicembre 2020 – the biggest rise in the rise in the history of crypto was just around the corner. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market multiplied 17 times between March 2020 and January 2021, when the total value of the sector reached 2,200 billion dollars.

I dati di researcha di Google sono quindi un segna contrarian? Quando il sentiment becomes so negativo significa che le cose stanno per cambiare?

Se solo fosse so semplice

What we know now is that the economic forces that would have had to leave the crypto currency in peace are stanno plasmando the exit of the market with the same security of actions or obligations. In March 2020, Western governments flooded their economy with unprecedented levels of capital in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. All this money in circulation has created the premise for a bullish market of stocks and digital assets, as investors have bet a lot on risk.

Allo stesso modo, the economic developments of this year – i postumi della sbornia – si stanno ripercuotendo sulle azioni e sulle criptovalute, mentre gli investors reducono il rischio. The inflation drive in the United States and in Europe was triggered by the funding of the emergency of the pandemic and is pushing the central banks to increase interest rates. The increase in the cost of capital always slows economic growth and the attractiveness of securities, at least in the short period.

The truly significant aspect is that the move of the Fed, the Banca d’Inghilterra and the Banca Centrale Europea stanno comprimendo anche la criptovaluta, che si thoughta fosse immune alle machinazioni delle autoritaria.

Inflation all stars

Il che ci reporta ai dati di Google Trends. The loss of interest in the cryptocurrency sector is symptomatic of a bearish market.

In the meantime, the uncertainty of the upcoming price movement of the crypto has fueled research on the “death” of the crypto. The volume of research on the term “bitcoin/crypto is dead” has reached a peak in May and June, when many big players in the crypto sector have imploded and the media have published reports on the incorrect practices of many crypto platforms.

Naturally, the cryptocurrency is not dead. It’s only about an emotional reaction to a period of movement in the market that’s been followed all the time. Ora è corso un summer rally, especially in decentralized finance. According to The Defiant Terminal, Ethereum is up 38% in the last 30 days. Anche altri pilasteri della DeFi – Polkadot, Polygon, Avalanche – hanno registrado aumenti a two cifre.

Il Merge, l’imminente aggiornamento di Ethereum a un sistema blockchain Proof-of-Stake, sta spurgendo l’acquisto di ETH e ricalibrando la narrative della DeFi. E se c’è una cosa che gli investitori amano, è una buona storia. The measurement of Google Search data on “The Merge” can undoubtedly be a precious indicator of sentiment in the coming weeks.

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