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Light Orders Copier

High-speed purchase copyer (deal duplicator). employed to copy transactions with the changed lot and management on the same trading

If you are a contributor of signs, then you may have encountered the fact that the lot of copied signals isn’t acceptable to your dangers.

such copier opens and closes transactions on the same account. it is also possible to automatically change the direction of transactions,
set new StopLoss and TakeProfit, etc.

changing the direction of trades is useful for constantly losing signals or strategies – in this scenario, there’s a chance to reverse the loss into profit, because
BUY orders will turn into SELL and Vice versa.

Example 1: Initial lot size = 0.01. It is necessary to increase the risk 10 times.

Solution: Set the lot multiplier = 9. In this case, the new lot size will be 0. 01×9=0.09.

The resulting lot size will be 0.01 0.09 = 0.10 lots.

Example 2: the Initial lot size is 0.1. you need to reduce the risks – lower it to 0.02.

Solution: Set the copy mode to REVERSE and a fixed lot size of 0.08.

The resulting lot will be: Buy 0.1 Sell 0.08 = Buy 0.02 lots.

All price settings are defined in points. (1 pips = 10 points for 3/5-sign quotes, or 1 pip = 1 point for 2/4-sign quotes)

  • CopyMode-the mode of operation of the expert Advisor – Direct copying or Reverse copying.
  • Trades operations – operations with orders: 1. Opening and closing 2.Opening only 3. closing only
  • Signal’s definitions – signal Definition: 1. Magic number (magic) 2. In the order comments
  • Magics ID-Selection of source order magics: 1. All 2.List of used 3.All but from the list
    ignored (delimiter “;”)
  • Order’s comments – comments of copied orders. If the string is empty, the comment doesn’t matter.
  • Lots Managing – manage lots to choose from: 1. lot Multiplier   2. Permanent lot 3. Lot on
    $ 1000 account balance
  • SL and TP mode , the copy Mode, SL and TP: 1. Copy SL and TP 2.Do Do not copy SL and TP 3.Copy only SL
    4. Copy only TP 5.Copy pre-installed TP and SL
  • Defined SL – Preset SL
  • Defined TP – Preset TP
  • Duplicated profit XX points – Virtual (invisible) TakeProfit-used to close trades when a profit is reached
    XX points.
  • Max Slippage – Maximum price slippage when opening duplicate trades. 0 – off.
  • Better Price-Copy orders at the best price. 0-off (the minimum difference in opening prices between the original order and
    copied order)
  • Max DropDown – Maximum drawdown for pausing copying, %
  • Custom orders comments – Comments on copied orders.
  • Working pairs – Working pairs: 1. All 2.A list of pairs 3.All, excluding ignored pairs from the list
    (separator “;”)
  • Duplicated orders magic number – magic number assigned to copied orders. If the copier is open in
    if you have multiple window charts, then set a unique magic for each open chart, for example 1111111, 2222222, etc.
  • MaxSpread – the Maximum allowed spread. 0 – off.
  • SendPush MT4 notification-Send alerts to your smartphone
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