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Collective investment in a dummy


It would be really cool engage in investing on the Internet and get a guaranteed profit every day, and all the risks to share with other investors. And also make money on such a unique platform and in other ways.

If you are really determined to earn income on the open spaces of the World Wide Web, then pay attention to the project discussed in this review. His administration attracts new investors and promises them passive income every day, as well as many other goodies.

However, after a more detailed study of the platform and platform offer, it becomes clear that Crowd tradeno investment, but frank nonsense.

So what is it?

I’ll tell you now.

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the address you need in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

The specialists of this platform trade cryptocurrency assets on the exchange and increase their income, while also allowing ordinary people to invest in their project and earn income.

A unique system of collective financing was developed and several options for making a profit were created, starting from the usual investment of funds, and ending with a free crane and surfing for money.

But I have a question, and an extremely simple one: why then is there no confirmed positive feedback about the project on the network? Why on earth do I see only negative feedback and the same reviews? Where is the positive content regarding collective investment?

Here’s how the system works:

  1. You register and get bonus 50 rubles.
  2. Use them for Bonus contract purchases for 5 days.
  3. At the end of the term, you can withdraw money from the system.

The bonus contract has no schedules and deadlines. Funds for his payments are taken from an auxiliary fund, which is formed from the percentage of income from trading contracts.

The user can have an unlimited number of contracts of various types. To purchase a trading contract, you must replenish the account balance by an amount equal to the total value of the contracts desired for acquisition and buy them.

There is an opportunity to earn by performing surfing jobsas well as receive various prizes by participating in promotions and sweepstakes.

Supported payment systems:

  • Payeer
  • AdvCash.
  • Alpha click.
  • PromsvyazBank.
  • Exchange services.

affiliate program is and is thirty% from the profits of user referrals.

Would I invest in such a resource?

Yes, even at gunpoint would not. Why do i need financial Pyramide.

Project Contacts

The site domain has been registered December 7, 2019.

Communication with the administration:

And all there is no other contact information on the site. There is also no information about the management of the company, details, information about the specialists of the company and so on.

Very reminiscent of a dumb breeder.

Project exposure

And did you expect that this is a real honest investment project? Yes this just hype low interest, which forms a common cash desk due to the contributions of new users. It is they who fill this site with money, and then the funds are distributed among all participants.

A low-interest financial pyramid can live very long if it has competent administration and thoughtful marketing, as well as other types of earnings.

But sooner or later, such a resource will be chipped anyway, and all the funds invested by investors will end up on the accounts of the platform owners.

Statistics cannot be completely trusted, they painted on.

The age of the website domain is also ridiculous – 6 days (as of December 13, 2019).

Platform Crowd trade just recently launched, and we are already in full swing “hang noodles on our ears” that project specialists successfully trade cryptocurrency and earn income. But there is not a single proof anywhere, and financial reporting is completely absent.

About the license and other permits do not have to talk at all. And what kind of license can a hype have? Yes, no.

And there are no guarantees here either. You invest at your own risk, and you can lose them at any time.

Possible losses on the project

  • Minimum replenishment amount – 50 rubles.
  • Maximum replenishment amount – no restrictions were found.

Total: minimally you can lose 50 rubles (such is the minimum deposit here), but the maximum loss depends on your financial capabilities and Wishlist

Conclusion about the project

Such projects have nothing to do with investing. it regular dough collectors, a Crowd trade and it looks wretched at all, and the responses about it on the network are extremely negative.

If you want to save money, then stay away from similar sites.

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Nathan Rlppon

Nathan Rlppon


I want to share information about this project
The specialists of this platform exchange cryptocurrency assets on the exchange and increase their income, and also allow ordinary people to invest in their project and thereby receive passive income. For security reasons, you should start with small investments in order to test the project. Personally, I liked it. But, of course, I did not earn a lot of money. But for fans of making money on the Internet, it’s worth a try.




With all the advantages of collective investment, they also have a serious drawback – they are still market investments, that is, investments in financial instruments. So, the investor can both earn and lose money.




I believe that collective investment is now profitable.The Internet simplifies access to collective investments: online services make it easy for investors to join groups and make the market more transparent.




I fully agree that it is possible and realistic to earn money on the Internet as an investment option. But you need to be able to do it and produce it correctly. And for this it does not hurt to learn a little




No legal information is available. They talk about some European companies, which, of course, do not even exist. There is even no contact information, so it is impossible to contact these figures. At least until you are an authorized user. Register, of course, is possible only for someone – a pyramid, as it is.

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