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Golden Eggs 2.0 – plagiarism on an old scam


Withdrawal games are a popular type of money divorce on the Internet. So it was fun to see plagiarism on an old scam. Meet me! Golden Eggs 2.0 – A copy of the good old scam “Golden Chickens.”

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

In principle, crooks did not come up with anything new. The essence of deception is the same, but plagiarism is more primitive. So what do charlatans offer us? You need to buy chickens that lay golden eggs. Eggs are exchanged for money.

Deposit and withdrawal in the game from $ 2.

Course: $ 1 = 1000 Gold

Also scammers accept rubles. Their internal course is overstated: $ 1 = 70 rubles.

1 Golden = 120 Golden Eggs (if you have less than 120 Golden Eggs, the exchange will not take place)

Prices for chickens are as follows:

The first level chicken costs 1,000 gold ($ 1)

  • Brings 144 gold per month

The second level chicken costs 3,000 gold ($ 3)

  • Brings 432 gold per month

The third level chicken costs 9,000 gold ($ 9)

  • Brings 1440 gold per month

A fourth-level chicken costs 27,000 gold ($ 27)

  • Brings 4752 gold per month

The fifth level chicken costs 81,000 gold ($ 81)

  • Brings 14544 gold per month

A sixth level chicken costs 243,000 gold ($ 243)

  • Brings 43920 gold per month

A seventh-level chicken costs 729,000 ($ 729)

  • Brings 134928 gold per month

Also need buy extra cellson which hens are planted. Their cost – 5,000 gold (5 dollars) At the start, two cells are given for free, as well as one of the cheapest chicken.

As you can see, the payback of the deposit will come on average in 5.5-7 months.

Account Numbers, which crooks ask to transfer money (may change in the future):

  • Bank card: 5599005023170025 – similar to Yandex virtual card
  • Yandex: 410019096311920
  • Kiwi: +79208473395
  • AdvCash USD: U 1271 9659 6087
  • AdvCash RUB: R 8686 7032 4673
  • Payeer:
  • Perfect Money: U2647153

Additionally, scammers offer to earn on a referral program. Commission – 5%. Charlatans also write that earnings are possible on surfing sites (paid viewing of ads), but I have not found a specific offer in my personal account.

Apparently, the site is “raw.”

Project Contacts

For communication, only mail is indicated: (email protected)

Also on site there is a chat section, but it does not work. The conclusion is that the administration is not eager to communicate with the players.

Site Technical Data

  • Domain registered April 6, 2018
  • Owner name is hidden

Project exposure

All economic withdrawal games work on the principle of a financial pyramid. Participants who invested first will profit from newcomers. Profit is counted from newly joined participants. That is, there is no real economic activity. Money is simply distributed within the system between the players and the administration.

Can I make money on the project? Theoretically, yes. If you buy several chickens and wait 5-7 months. But in practice these scams do not work as stated in their rules.

For some time, the project administration will really pay, and then stop. Player accounts will be reset, and the game will either close or restart. The crooks will go in search of new naive buyers of hens carrying painted golden eggs.

How long can a similar project exist before closing or restarting? It all depends from resource popularity and marketing. In this case, quite a long time – several months. Participants may get the impression that the game is fair. But this is an illusion. According to the result you will still be at a loss.

Possible losses on the project

  • Minimum deposit amount – $ 2 dollars

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project any amount above 2 dollars

Conclusion about the project

Golden Eggs 2.0 – primitive plagiarism on an old scam Golden eggs. I strongly do not recommend playing either the new or the old version. For it is banal financial pyramid. Earn in the online economic game can only be the scammers who created it.

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Sintiya Lein

Sintiya Lein


Cash withdrawal games are a popular form of making money on the Internet. It was fun to see plagiarism on this old game. Golden Eggs 2.0 is a copy of the good old Golden Chickens scam. According to the rules of the game, we need to buy chickens that lay golden eggs. Eggs are exchanged for money.
Replenishment and withdrawal in the game from 2 dollars.
Price: $ 1 = 1000 gold.
1 gold = 120 gold eggs (if you have less than 120 gold eggs, the exchange will not take place)
The prices for chickens are as follows:
Level 1 chicken costs 1,000 gold (1 dollar)
I played with pleasure and earned some money. It is also worth noting the good technical support of the game – they immediately answer all questions and help beginners. So I recommend it.

vurtil opmer

vurtil opmer

I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. kudos




The GOLDEN EGGS project is really scammers and Olga Pogorelova, Innochka and Viktor Tarasov really are deceiving people, which means scammers too, and this is absolutely true. The project allows you to display only a penny. As soon as you invest money in the game, a letter of happiness comes with three impossible conditions, then ban and forgive your money. People do not get fooled by these hens !!!




FRAUDERS AND THIPS !!! Do not invest a penny. Anyway, get nothing back! Unless you bring, who will believe in this … and invest money. Then you will have a small chance to get at least something.




there is no conclusion apparently the project kicked in and the game was good. Apparently SCAM! The second day does not work. Something today the site does not open all day (((did the hens have finished to death?




In August 2019, Kurmagedon arrived in the game. All accounts were frozen. To defrost it was necessary to buy one of 3 hens. The most cheap one costs 1800 rubles. Month 2, it seems like the payments went. But later they started to freeze. My last application 3 weeks hung up so waited.




Wasted time and money.
I want to write a negative review about the game Golden-birds without points, in no case do not invest money in this game, a complete divorce. In the beginning, when there will be little money to withdraw, you will be given to do it, but as soon as you get 50 rubles a day you will be offered to buy a VIP status




Another big plus is that in the game, in my opinion, there is a three-level system of referrals. That is, from the invited people you get your interest (percent comes from the system). And if your invitee invited people, you also get it. And so on up to three levels)




It turns out that in fact you cannot get passive income here. You will constantly have to invite referrals to earn. Moreover, referrals must be active and invest in the game.




This is a financial pyramid. Throws 30 rubles, you buy hens, you sell eggs. Thousands of points are credited to your account, which are converted into pennies. having 4000 points, a conclusion of 40 rubles! BUT, there is one very big “but.” You can withdraw rubles only those that brought referrals in the game! That is, I have 6 rubles to conclude. This is for 2 months of the game. Even my 30 rubles cannot be returned unless you create a pyramid of investors.




A LITTLE MUCH, BUT FROM YOU WILL BE DRAWN MORE THAN YOU HAVE invested AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY! Every 5-6 months, they come up with Kurmagedon or something like that (quarantine, holidays) – the chickens all freeze and stop rushing. But you will have to replenish the account, the withdrawal at this time does not work.

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