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GreenWay – MLM Way to Freedom and Financial Success


Greenway (Greenway) – appeared in Russia in 2016 the company, trading in bioactive additives, slimming teas and other dietary supplements. Company works according to the principle of network marketing (MLM). Let’s take a closer look at it and decide whether to join the project.

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  • Telephone: 8 800-555-26-16
  • Telephone: 8 (383) 292-07-22
  • Email: (email protected)
  • Skype: skype_8979

affiliate program

Greenway is an affiliate program.


At the time of writing this review, the company is offering products 11 rulers. The main emphasis is on the environmental friendliness of the goods.

The buyer or partner may purchase:

  • Genetic tests for home use
  • Instant drinks based on natural berry extracts
  • Plant-based low calorie instant cocktails
  • Chinese tea
  • Dry cosmetics and creams
  • Aroma oils
  • Dietary supplements with colostrum and other dietary supplements
  • Split microfibre wipes
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Towels

Greenway collaborates with such brands: HEALTHBERRY, AVITALL, BAOFIBER, AQUAMAGIC, TEAVITALL, SHARME, ECOPAM and others.

Platform terms

In order to join the project, you need to register on the site. There is no open access business plan. That is, you will not find out the conditions of cooperation until you send a request for cooperation or communicate with a partner of the company. This is an obvious cant. Information had to be obtained from distributors of products.

In order to become a partner of the company, you need to register by the link from the inviter or make a request on the site. Then you need to activate the partnership agreement by purchasing a minimum of products 50 points. One point equals 77 rubles. That is, the total amount not less than 3 850 rubles. At least this amount must be brought to the company every month! With 50 points you won’t get income.

Each type of product is equal to a certain number of points that are visible in your account. Also in the calculations appear arbitrary units. It’s not about dollars namely, the conditional currency within the company, which allows different countries to set the same price, converting it into local currency not at the national and often unstable rate, but at a fixed rate. Conventional unit equal to 35 rubles. Over time, the course may change.

Income is accrued from personal and gift bonuses.

A personal bonus is paid on a personal sales volume, over 50 points. Company pays partner 40% from the sum. That is, someone bought a hundred points products from you. Take away from one hundred and fifty. It remains 50. Multiply this amount by 40% and 35 rubles. It will turn out 700. This is your income.

The gift bonus cannot be cashed, but they can pay for the products. Depending on the personal sales volume for a certain period, you will receive from 10% to 40% to the gift account.

If you bring other partners into the project, you will receive a mentoring bonus in the amount of 20 conventional units. If partners scored only 50 points, You’ll get 40% of the turnover.

There is a group bonus. The company pays 6% if you score 770 points per month with your group. If you score more points, then payments will increase up to 24%.

There are other bonuses in the project. The program is quite confusing and you won’t understand it the first time.


The functionality on the site is minimal. There is a catalog with prices for ordinary buyers (not partners). There is a registration form, but without feedback from a partner it is impossible to register. There is an authorization button that allows you to get into your personal account. It is in it that one can see how much a particular product brings points and real money.

The main focus of the company is on the communication of employees outside the site. You cannot directly buy tea or dietary supplements on the site. There is no Buy button.

The trust

The author of these lines looks askance at sellers of dietary supplements. Bioactive supplements are served as something mega-super-duper healthy. In fact, these are just nutritional supplements that do not or do not significantly affect the quality of health. In addition, dietary supplements do not always undergo a thorough inspection in supervisory authorities, so some of them can be harmful. Now i don’t mean Greenway. This is just general information for thought.

But I will be objective. Network marketing is a real business system, a subspecies of private enterprise. There is a demand, there is a supply. So making money with GreenWay is quite possible.

The company operates legally in Russia. Seller – LLC “GREENWAY” TIN 5406620999 KPP 540601001 OGRN 1165476173477. KVED: 47.91.2 retail trade carried out directly using the information and communication network Internet

If you want, you can check this information yourself on the website of the Federal Tax Service.

Despite certain advantages, Greenway not without the drawbacks that are common to all MLM companies. For instance:

  • Overpriced (similar products from other brands are cheaper, since you do not need to pay 40% or more to distributors)
  • Novice distributors are forced to participate in expensive paid seminars, trainings, and so on.
  • Management is focusing on expanding the distribution network, rather than ensuring expansion of sales

And if the first two points are clear, then the last one needs to comment. No wonder MLM in some people is associated with the financial pyramid. Both systems work on the same principle – participants who are the first to enter the system receive profit from beginners. But there is a significant difference – the goods. In MLM it is, in the financial pyramid – no. It is obvious. But the other is not obvious. That MLM, that the financial pyramid is destroyed equally. If a large participant falls out of a complex and tightly connected structure, the whole system will fly. In MLM companies we are talking about the seller who sells the goods and brings money, and not about the distributor, whose goal is to bring distributors who will bring their distributors, and those who are distributors, and this whole company will parasitize each other, investing a minimum funds.

Therefore, before starting to seriously engage in this business, study your mentor and his mentors.


Greenway – A young company selling bioactive additives, cosmetics and towels based on the principle of network marketing. If this topic is close to you, go for it and earn money. If not, you will be disappointed.

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Thanks for the detailed information) it is not clear why network marketing is still alive with the availability of a wide variety of supermarkets, hypermarkets, online stores?




This site cannot be called a 100% scam, because after all it pays. Although less than the amount that you invest in the project itself. Personally, I do not recommend this platform for making money.




The company teaches you to create pages in social networks. And advertise, sell through them. But wait a moment. You can also take any product, and promote it on your pages. At the same time, working really for themselves, and not creating advertising for someone.




Deception about what you can earn here. Yes, probably the higher guys probably earn on the new ones, selecting the paid points in their favor, the new one has no choice but to pay again and again, because points are all burned out in someone’s favor.




They take a commission for each transaction plus interest rates and do not risk anything, and you risk your capital. They are interested in the number of products, quality comes second.

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