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IKK Polyakov Finance. Should I bring money here?


Not all investment and consulting companies that offer their customers a profitable investment at higher interest rates than banks are successful and honest firms. Among them many frankly muddy organizationsthat do not even provide detailed financial statements.

And if you see a company in front of you, the management of which is hiding something, something is not negotiating, then do not rush into cooperation with such a company immediately, without additional checks and analytics.

Is the organization we are considering completely honest and transparent? Does she have real positive feedback from satisfied customers and permits to take citizens’ money into management?

This is what we now find out.


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  • (email protected) (frames)
  • (email protected) (attraction of bank financing)
  • (email protected) (PR and marketing)
  • (email protected) (technical support)
  • +7 499 499-59-19 (telephone of a single call center)
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  • (group on facebook)
  • Moscow city, Presnenskaya embankment, house 12, Federation Tower East, 18th floor
  • Rostov-on-Don city, st. Tekucheva, d. 234, BC “White Elephant”, 9th floor
  • live chat with operator

affiliate program


Here it is:

  • Services for business.
  • Investments.

Platform terms

Services for medium and large businesses:

  • Bank brokerage.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, investment banking.
  • Financial consulting.

Tariff Plans, in rubles:

  • Your 500 – contributions from 500 000 rubles, from 9% to 20% per annum.
  • Your 1500 – contributions from 1,500,000 rubles, from 20% to 23% per annum.
  • Affiliate contribution – from 5,000,000 rubles, deposits from 23% to 25% per annum.

Tariff plans in dollars:

  • Your 10,000from 10 000 dollars, from 2% to 5% per annum.
  • Your 50,000from 50 000 dollars, from 9% to 10% per annum.
  • Affiliate contributionfrom 100 000 dollarsdeposits from 13% to 14% per annum.

Additional investment insurance is available at the expense of the formed own Reserve Fund:

  • Maximum amount of coverage – 10 000 000 rubles.
  • The volume of the reserve fund – 87 000 000 rubles.
  • Protection cost – 3%


The site has an SSL certificate, as well as protection from hackers.

Sections at the top of the dashboard:

  • Investments.
  • Services for business.
  • About company.
  • News.
  • Contacts.

Sections in the “basement” of the site:

  • Investments: Protecting your contribution, Where we invest, Tariffs and services.
  • Services for business.
  • About the company: Team, Q & A, Jobs.
  • News: We are in the media.
  • Contacts.

In case you want to ask a question to the specialists of the company, you should leave your contact details in a specialized form, specifying the name and phone number.

To start cooperation, you need to fill out another form. In it, indicate the name, surname, patronymic, phone, email address, and also select the tariff for selection:

  • Portfolio Polyakov Finance.
  • Government procurement.

Click send and wait for the company manager to contact you.

The trust

Very strange but I could not find positive feedback from real clients about this platform on the Internet. And this is not because I searched poorly, normally did not analyze the available information about the platform, and so on. But because they simply do not exist.

Even negative comments are very few. And you can find them quickly enough.

Mainly either negative or neutral reviews that question the honesty of the company and the real capabilities of the company.

Some commentators write that mutual funds do not conduct banking activities, but are engaged in a consulting and investment business. But in this case, such companies do not have the right to offer customers investment plans and investments in them at your site. This is a direct violation of the law and misleading users.

The site also says that the company invests in 3 sectors of the economy, namely stocks, futures and government purchases. But where are the reports, where are the documents that would confirm this?

They are simply not there.

Although the head of the company is not hiding information about the CEO Alexey Polyakov You can easily find it on the site.

The platform has been working for almost a year and a half. The site domain has been registered 483 days ago (as of October 31, 2019).

The company is still very young, but the interest here is too high, because even 20% per annum is not conservative investments at all, but deposits with medium risk, but as for 23% and higher, the risk here is even greater. And besides the words that all investor deposits are protected, no official papers confirming this I have not found.


A strange company that couldn’t even provide financial licenseas well as reporting.

There are very few reviews about it. As for deposit protection, in addition to positive texts on the site no evidence of this.

But the final decision is whether to work with this company or notyou accept anyway. You can conduct your own analysis and explore the platform yourself. Only then draw conclusions.


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Marc Green

Marc Green


I registered on the site of this company from the day it was founded – about two years ago. This company is engaged in consulting and investment business.
It is also said that the company invests in 3 sectors of the economy, namely in stocks, futures and public procurement. Interest in this company is quite high, I learned about it from friends. Of course, I did not receive 20% of annual interest rates, but I got a small income. I advise you to try, but you should start with small investments for the sample.




I heard a lot about this company. In no case do not contact this company. The risks are too high that here you will lose your money. Be extremely careful and go past similar offers on the Internet.




I do not advise. There is no information where exactly the company invests money of investors. There is only general information. Money depositors are not insured. The organizers do not even hide this. Therefore, people can lose their savings.




Strange company. It is stated that external insurance is provided by the Sterkh insurance company. However, this company conducts its business extremely negatively. NONE positive feedback from Sterkh customers! If the “Siberian Crane” throws customers a penny, how can she be entrusted with deposit insurance in Polyakov Finance? Very doubtful.

top forex eas

top forex eas

Finally I found what I was looking for, only took 4 pages of search results.




The company accepts investments on the basis of a loan agreement – in the event of bankruptcy of the company or its closure, it will be very difficult to return its contribution. She has signs of a financial pyramid.




On what basis the company attracts private investment is not clear. In addition, up to 25 percent of annual profits are offered here – this is a lot, only hype offers such percentages, since no legal investment company can guarantee such income.




If the company had actually been operating for 9 years, there would be a lot of feedback about it on the Internet. But they are not there! It seems that the project appeared only recently, and was artificially aged.




Bank deposits should be insured by the state, but investments should not. Investments, in particular in securities, as Polyakov Finance does, are a more risky investment, but can yield a higher return than the return on the deposit.




The company writes to itself like this: “For 9 years we have been successfully implementing investment and consulting projects, so our customers increase their fortunes and also increase the efficiency of their companies through a whole range of business services.” However, until recently (on January 1, 2019), the company had neither revenue nor expenses. Data from Rosstat. How does this fit with the information that “for 9 years we have been successfully implementing investment and consulting projects”? What does it mean? Why is the company deceiving potential investors?

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