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Not a profitable trading system


Today I want to tell you about an extremely strange site, which is a slightly obscure resource that does not even have protection against hacking.

The site owner and author of the trading system talks about his brainchild and offers make impressive moneyusing it in the process of trading in global financial markets. Even promises to quickly disperse the deposit.

The site design itself causes a lot of questions and bewilderment. And the author’s unwillingness to post additional contact information clearly indicates that he is not very configured to communicate with clients.

However, let’s do it in order.

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

To begin with, on this mysterious platform you will find video demonstrating this mysterious system, which will soon become real for us if we want to purchase it.

Someone Maxim Makarov talks about how to trade correctly and profitably in the financial market.

However, where is the information about this successful trader? Why can’t I see reviews about him online? After all, the site has been working for more than six months? And there are no responses about the system either. Kind of weird.

Strategy is included 10 indicatorsthat are configured for specific currency pairs and timeframes. And Mr. Makarov trades precisely on indicators, having chosen the most liquid trading pairs.

Trading goes through the platform MetaTrader 5, which has long been well established. But is it really really good, given the presence of such an “interesting” trader who openly spoils the impression of her?

The main rule of the strategy is to use a stop of a certain size, which depends on many factors.

If you do not go into too much detail, then you should use two specific strategies after everything is configured:

  • The yellow arrows on the chart are a sell signal.
  • Green arrows on the chart are a buy signal.

The archive that you receive after purchase will be complete algorithm trade this strategy.

And now the price for it is promotional – 1800 rubles.


Thank you, but somehow we can do without obscure info courses written by mysterious muddy traders.

Project Contacts

The site domain has been registered March 6, 2019.

Communication with the administration is carried out only through mail – (email protected).

There are no more contact details here. I also do not see information about the author, and his details are missing.

It looks like a divorce.

Project exposure

Let’s start with the fact that the domain of the site with some fright for sale. That is, the owner put it up for sale and placed an advertisement on his trading strategy on it. What is this nonsense at all ?!

Secondly, who is he? Maxim Makarov? Why did he not provide any more information about himself, except for the email address? Is he afraid of something, doesn’t want to show his face? But why should he be afraid if his algorithm is so simple, understandable and so clear?

Even there are statistics, information on dispersal of the deposit is present. Only I can draw all this data, even I can without any problems.


The video shot by the mysterious comrade Makarov is also not very professional. Can easy to fake trading results, for this there are certain tools, algorithms and other components.

The broker where this person trades is not specified, there are no confirmed statistics of profitability with screenshots. And even the additional details are missing. We do not know, who is in front of us – an individual or entrepreneur, and what guarantees he provides.

And why sells a strategy if it is profitable? After all, after people receive copies of it, it will automatically lose its uniqueness, become useless to anyone. The working strategy (especially the author’s one) is kept secret, not shown to anyone. They don’t even talk about what it is!

Possible losses on the project

  • Strategy Cost – 1800 rubles.

Total: you can lose everything 1800 rubles (this is exactly what Mr. Makarov’s trading strategy is worth)

Conclusion about the project

Muddy site, same muddy author, and an incomprehensible strategywhich costs already 1800 rubles.

We buy a pig in a poke, and we will not be able to return the purchased materials if something goes wrong.

Strongly recommend buy such information products on an incomprehensible website from strange traders that no one has heard about on the network.


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Alyson Prosacco

Alyson Prosacco


The stock price they have with a margin, that is, it is underestimated, for their profit, that is, if you buy for sale, you take it at an inflated price, if you are to reduce it, then at a lower price.

Kiram Azar

Kiram Azar


This is exactly a divorce. Moydrug fell into this trap, he was promised the golden mountains, as a result, he doesn’t even answer letters. There are so many scammers now, and every time they come up with new tricks and new schemes.




Now a similar scheme is common in relation to electronic stores. In general, this method of deception has already become a thing of the past, and let’s hope it does not return.




It seems smacks of divorce. I read reviews on this creation on the Internet – users of this scheme are not particularly happy. Yes, and such – a lot in the vast network.




Judging by the reviews, the office uses various methods of deception. Basically, scammers are guided by newcomers who are little versed in financial markets.

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