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Oilsystem srl – give at least a dime


What is the difference between HYIPs? In addition, some pay, while others do not. To those, some administrators are willing to invest their money in creating their own hype, while others simply do frank bills. And in the first there is some chance at least not to lose your contributions.

Meet: Oilsystem srl. Hype, where the administrator worked before the start and promises a long-term work of the resource and good earnings. But can this be believed?

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

The creator did not come up with anything about trading on exchanges and buying terribly profitable shares. To explain why he needed money and why he was going to return it, he came up with a fairy tale about business.

Back in 1998, “we founded a small family business producing cylinders for cars and trucks.” Who these “we” are is a mystery. What is ceLindra, I do not know. Why, from the 98th year, these “we” did not have time to correct mistakes in their texts – I don’t understand.

But the family-owned company developed, grew for more than 20 years.

Today, the company Oil system srl already entered the world market as a supplier of oils, lubricants, liquids in bulk in barrels and cans. Every day, we deliver tons of industrial raw materials to different parts of the world.

And now the guys needed an investment. Give, they say, money. We are very reliable, we will quickly return everything to you with interest, because we are cool, we have many corporate clients, we are trusted, we are the best. And the tariff plans offer beautiful:

This is even funny, gentlemen, potential investors. We are informed: “Now our projects are at the stage of peak growth in profits and activity” and at the same time they ask to invest 10 dollars? Solid, you can’t say anything, somehow it’s not even funny.

Deposit periods – 365 days. But, mind you, the days are not calendar days, but workers. I.e 10 dollars (or more, no matter how sorry) we are asked about a year and a half. And they promise to accrue profits every working day 1% and higher. They promise to return the deposit at the end of the term, and payments promise at least every day, regardless of the day of the week. Only the regulations for payments of 5 days. Minimum withdrawal amount 10 dollars. That is, if you invest 10 dollars, the first payment will be possible only in five months (100 business days) get. Will the site of the “company” work so much?

Top investors offer to see:

It is somehow strange that the company freely spreads information on other people’s deposits in the public domain. It’s possible without a full name, but the email address is either fully visible or easily conceived. Interestingly, have the family never beat a family company and its employees for this?

The size of deposits of top investors is not impressive: the amount in 10.1 dollars. Not solid, gentlemen. And one more misunderstanding: the monitoring of hypes known in the network in the review-recommendation writes that their contribution to testing the project 470 dollars. But in the top for some reason there is no such amount. This monitoring lied or just draw a table?

Affiliate program offer of course. Only it is not about investments, but about a banal pyramid: levels, leadership bonuses, main and side branches …

The point is – you wnt to earn money – build your affiliate network. If you don’t build, you won’t get money.

You already understood that there is no question of any investment in the real business of an Italian company. There is just banal financial pyramidwhose admin came up with a legend about real business. I just started something for health, and then it went, as it went.

Project Contacts

There are many contacts – the admin gives the impression of openness and readiness for dialogue.

there is three email addresses (domain), there are two phone numbers (Italian), there are office adress, in which the store Lacriola Carlo Srl is located in Palo del Colle – sells household appliances.

Chat with bot yes – you can talk in English. there is Telegram Support, no links to social networks.

You can even download the document in pdf format and read the extract from the register of Italian legal entities. In Italian, of course. Or you can simply open the register of Italian legal entities – it is in the public domain – and see what companies with the name OIL SYSTEM SRL there are even two. But not one of them is engaged in trade in fuel and lubricants, and therefore, is not related to our hype.

Domain registered 10/07/2019. The project started on October 25th.

Project exposure

The website of any hype needs to be perceived as the packaging of the product that we buy in the store. Anything can be drawn on the packaging or candy wrapper – Uncle Ben’s head, for example, on a label with a sauce can or a cute squirrel or a white bear on candy wrappers. This does not mean that the painted is an ingredient in the product, what is inside? What is inside is written in the “composition” section.

So is the hype. Legend and pictures with promises and fairy tales – this is just a candy wrapper, for beauty and attention-grabbing done. And what they really offer us is written in the Rules, Agreement, Public offer… Some hype are not puzzled by such documents at all, some hide them – a link to them is only during registration. just such: link to this document on the site can not be found – only during registration.

Registration, by the way, is primitive – only an email address and password, you do not need to confirm anything, a completely fake email is also good.

Another noteworthy Of the Rules – they are only in Russian. Apparently, the British, Chinese and Italians (in these languages ​​the site interface can be represented) by reading Of the Rules don’t bother yourself.

But since by tradition rules (like everything else) the administration can change at its own discretion, and their violation may entail the suspension of your account, here is a link to them:

And in these rules we read:

As the operator of the Website, the company Oilsystem srl does not represent or imply that she endorses the materials posted on the Website, or that she considers these materials to be accurate, useful, or harmless.

Guys, what is this all about? That is, for what is written on the company’s website, this same company does not bear any responsibility whatsoever? Moreover, she does not even know what is generally located there? Exactly! Read on:

Web site may contain offensive, obscene or objectionable contentas well as content, containing technical inaccuracies, typographical errors and other errors. The website may also contain materials that violate the right to privacy or the right to publicity, or violate intellectual property rights and other property rights third parties, or materials for which downloading, copying or use are subject to additional conditions expressly indicated or implied

Cool? And they can insult us here, and give inaccurate information, and violate the rights to privacy, but Oilsystem srl, in which we invest our own money, just passed by?

Naturally, there is a point that no one will be held liable for any damages.

Tell me. Such rules Why on the website of a company that offers to invest money in it? Even on the banal hype website, why are they? Or they just copied them somewhere and, even without reading, just pasted them on the site, because still no one reads them?!

After reading Of the Rules no longer surprising that there are no reviews on the site at allthat you can “invest” only through anonymous payment systems – cryptocurrency wallets or Payeer. Deposits from bank cards or Yandex wallet are declared, but not available.

Judging by the information on the network, Oilsystem srl on the day of writing the review pays the promised interest to its depositors. On monitoring, hype is presented. Can this information be taken as a sign of the seriousness of the project? Decide for yourself. Monitoring post information on projects only after payment (and it’s not small). Do you believe the information posted for the money? It is hoped that until the admin repels his investment, payments will continue. May be. Or maybe not.

Is it worth it to invest your money in such a project? it financial pyramid, which can crash at any time at the request of an anonymous admin. it pseudo-investments, it will be impossible to return the money. But if you want to take a chance – this is your right.

Possible losses on the project

Conclusion about the project

There can only be one account on the site, but deposits can be made as much as you want. Will something be able to return? At the time of writing the review, hype has been working for a month and a half. No special activity was noticed – 190 unique visitors per day – it is not enough. The minimum amount to enter is small, the income from it is appropriate. Is there any reason? The project is anonymous, the admin is not showing, there are no groups in social networks.

But on the monitoring they write that for now Oilsystem srl pays. The key word is bye. When payments cease – even psychics cannot predict this. There is only one fact for today: the admin invested in the project, which means, at a minimum, he needs to return the investment. That is, the site will work for some time. But will you be in time during this time? at least return your deposit – you will see for yourself.

I don’t play such games, I’m not ready to risk money so clearly.

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