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L’Uzbekistan apre al crypto mining, ma il governo pone alcune limitazioni

Uzbekistan has declared that it will allow all companies to extract digital goods in a pact that utilizes solar energy for mining operations. The normative act published on the government website, dated June 24, describes the confirmation of the “Linee guida sulla registración del mining di criptovalori”. The normative act also fixes the date of finalization of the guidelines on July 9. Another article of the document offers an intransigent formulation. Si legge che:

The mining activity is carried out exclusively by the legal person with the use of electrical energy supplied by a solar photovoltaic plant.

Come ulteriore implicazione, i minatori devono essere proprietario della centrale solare fotovoltaica che fornirà l’energia per le loro operazioni minerarie. Allo stesso modo, the executive order requires that the mining operator obtain a certificate and register as part of the national registry of the società di estrazione di cryptovalute dell’Uzbekistan.

The procedure requires a list of some documents. However, it should not take more than 20 days from the presentation of the application to the final decision of the authorization body. After the registration process, the certificate remains valid for one year.

Fiscal advantages for cryptocurrency miners

The government of Uzbekistan has announced important fiscal incentives for miners who manage their crypto mining operations with solar energy. Le criptovalute generate da queste attività di mining non saranno tassate, come i guadagni che si ottengono tramite platforms come Bitcoin Pro:. Il Paese esenterà tutti i paesi nazionali ed esteri dall’imposta sul reddito.

However, le aziende minerarie will have to comunque pagare tariffe speciale sull’energia consumata stability dal governo dell’Uzbekistan. Il governo vieterà anche il mining di criptovalute anonime. Anche se il governo non è stato chiaro al rigardo, puerde trattarsi di cryptovalute private como Monero (XMR).

Uzbekistan embraced the cryptocurrency market already in 2018, legalizing trading only through a local exchange. Therefore, the negotiation of asset extracts will take place only through the cryptocurrency trading platforms registered in Uzbekistan.

In April 2022, the restructured NAPP became the principal regulator of Uzbekistan for the cryptocurrency. He is responsible for the creation of a special normative regime in the country. The president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has launched a series of initiatives to introduce a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency in the country.

The extreme electrical power required for crypto-mining operations is one of the main concerns of the countries. For this reason, last year China announced a total ban on Bitcoin mining. In seguito also Kazakhstan has given a tour of life to all mining operations that put the country’s electrical network to the test. After the division of China, Kazakhstan emerged as the second country for cryptocurrency mining after the United States.

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