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ManiLend – a financial pyramid for losing money

The sphere of earnings on investments is still developing rapidly and attracts a large number of people who want to secure a passive income. But given that this is a fairly niche of money, it has become quite natural the emergence of a large number of scammerswho are trying to make money on gullible people. These are the creators of the project Maniend, which we will examine in detail in this review.

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

Project Maniend represents the implementation of a unique idea of ​​the monetary line, which allows us to ensure a stable income completely eliminating any risks. A well-designed marketing system allows you to earn a lot of money, and in order to start it is enough just to go through registration.

The system is a real money queue. You pay for account activation at the first level of everything 200 rubles, after which you start to receive money. Moreover, the income level is unlimited due to reinvestment of funds. Thus, you only need to invest once, and you can make a profit for life. Everything is quite simple.

Project Contacts

Among the project contacts you can find only email [email protected], as well as the VKontakte group

Project exposure

And now it’s worth considering the very method of earning on this resource. In fact, not everything is as simple as it may seem. Project itself guarantees passive profit without any extra effort. In fact, she herself referral system. Thus, considering the marketing strategy of the project, you can see that in order to make a profit you will need to attract people.

You pay 200 rubles for activation, after which 3 people should invite, and the money they pay is credited to you, then the second level is activated for 500 rubles, and invite 9 people to join and also buy a level for 500 rubles and so on. Thus, a lot of effort will have to be made to make money, and at the same time, good advertising for the resource should be provided.

In general, the system is simple, and in fact, you invite people to transfer money to you, and later they invite others. Thus, earnings are determined. But it obviously cannot be infinite, since today only a small number of people believe in such schemes.

In addition, the resource itself makes no guarantee that you will receive a payment. In this way, you invite people, and in the end, you lose your money yourself, and push others to do this, which can ruin your relationship with friends or relatives whom you offer to participate.

Even taking into account that the project works quite a bit, there are already complaints of fraud and refusals of payments. Therefore, investing, you are guaranteed to lose your money.

Possible losses on the project

Possible losses on the project will amount to 200 rubles. Additional payments and commissions are possible.

Conclusion about the project

Making a conclusion about this project is quite simple. It is typical and there are a large number of such resources. This is an ordinary pyramid, poorly copied into the MMM known to many. Therefore, you should not even pay attention to it. Having invested, you simply lose them, as others have already done, which can be found out even from the reviews in the project group, not to mention the information from the network.

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