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NeuroBot – the “Intellectual System” of trading on the stock exchange

How to earn without doing anything? Site Owners NeuroBot know the answer. They offer to use their artificial intelligence.. But actually they are lying. Of course, technology has gone a long way, but robots still do not know how to do business instead of people.

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Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “Artificial Mind NeuroBot”

What offers NeuroBot?



Get connected now and earn a whole month. IS FREE!

– (spelling preserved – approx. ed)

Oh well. I checked in. For this you need phone number. I used a virtual phone from the Internet. It should have received a confirmation code, but did not come. I entered the personal account and so.

What is NeuroBot? What does the artificial intelligence of crooks? Allegedly trades on the exchange of currencies. That’s what the scammers write on the tab FAQ:

Network resource “NeuroBot“automatic binary options trading system.

What assets does the robot sell?

Neyrobot trades like oboth currencies and cryptocurrencies. The main focus is on cryptocurrency, because they have the greatest potential for earnings.

How does the system know when to make a deal?

Thanks to artificial intelligence from three layers: strategy, data analysis and forecast formation. – (it’s actually 6 words – approx. ed.)

More than three dozen strategies are loaded into Neyrobot.from the simplest to the most complex (the robot is constantly increasing the number of strategies, at the time of writing the answer it uses 32 strategies). Also, each strategy has variations that the robot created during its training (such branches today 207).

Every minute he analyzes terabytes of data from various sources: market data, trading volumes, price fluctuations, SEC Internet applications for all companies, social network data, news and videos on YouTube, and even entertainment television programs.

Further, he tries on each strategy available in his database for the current situation. He chooses the most appropriate one (i.e., with a probability of a positive outcome of more than 80%) and starts trading on it. (in short, they didn’t say how the robot knows when to make a deal – approx. ed)

How much will I earn?

Depends a few moments. First, from your system settings. We recommend one-two weeks to work on a conservative setting, with minimal risk. Gradually, when you get comfortable, you can increase the profitability of operations.

Secondly, it all depends on the current market conditions. This is a market, and no guarantees can be given here.

But we can roughly guide the yield, based on the statistics of our customers. On average, Neurobot shows in 83% of cases accurate predictions. (and on the main page they wrote that artificial intelligence brings 50,000 rubles a week – approx. ed)

In my personal account I found some colorful charts, top investors and any other nonsense that can be found on a fake trading platform.

All charts display successful deals. That is, project participants allegedly do not suffer losses. This is ridiculous! In trading, someone must bear the loss! This is an axiom!

At the bottom of the web page, I found a guarantee. Here is the text:

Your funds are protected from loss!

The replenishment of the trading account, as well as the withdrawal of the profits, the company uses the most convenient, affordable and secure means of transferring funds.

Please note that depositing and withdrawing funds from a trading account is done only with a broker, Utrader, activity Regulated by CROFR (Certificate EN 0395 AA Vv0119 –

In order to reduce your risks, with the initial deposit of a broker, neurobot will replenish your account. at $ 100. These funds can not be withdrawn from the broker’s account, but can be used for earnings and profit.

It is noteworthy that if you click the “turn on the system” button for earnings, then we will be redirected to a completely different broker, namely, but not like in the “warranties”

Minimum bid amount – 250 USD

Project Contacts

Contacts have not left the charlatans on the site, but the domain registrar knows some!

Site technical data:

  • Domain has been registered May 17, 2018
  • The contact person – Konstantin Grishin (Malisheva 13-2-122,
  • Moscow, Moscow state, 109263, RU? E-meiel – (email protected))
  • Ai pi (at the address there are 363 more sites)
  • Server located in California

Exposing the project “Artificial Mind NeuroBot”

NeuroBot not artificial intelligence, but zilch. Charlatans have created a simple website imitating the work of a trading platform. They even refuse to guarantee you a profit. We read the inscription at the bottom of the site:

A warning: Due to the high risk of losing investments, trade may not be suitable for all investors. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.. Before you start trading, you should inquire about the various risks associated with trading, and consult with an independent, licensed financial advisor.

The same, but in other words you can read in the user agreement:

2.3. Administration of the Site “NeuroBot” warns that all system predictions are only a probability and can not be 100% accurate. therefore The administration of the resource cannot bear any financial responsibility to the user who has enabled the automatic trading mode on the “NeuroBot” site.

7.12. Nothing of what is stated on our website should be taken as a recommendation to make an investment.

And further! The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission warns that binary online platforms are misleading users, promising huge gains with limited risk. In reality, users lost all their money within a few days or a maximum of weeks, and companies received a big profit.

I don’t recommend spending time and money even on real binary options trading sites. And on this fake resource NeuroBot all the more you do not need to go!

Everything else we are redirected to the broker’s website which according to numerous reviews is deceiving people. On it, by the way, we have already done a review

Possible losses on the project “Artificial Mind NeuroBot”

  • The minimum investment amount is 250 USD

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project from 250 USD and above

Conclusion about the project

NeuroBot created by crooks! Do not waste time and money on this artificial pseudo-mind!

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