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OILGAS INVEST – Reliable partner in achieving success!

We have already paid attention to the fact that there exist financial pyramids of different profitability. From the interest rate depends on how long the project will live. OILGAS INVEST can be called low-income hyipwhich at the time of writing the review there are already 42 days. Let’s take a closer look at it. Let’s go!

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E-mail address of the project

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Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “OILGAS INVEST”

What is the project? Let’s get acquainted with the legend:

OILGAS INVEST – an industrial company of international level, which is actively developing and starting cooperation with investors. We operate in the real sector of the economy, and therefore we offer investors stable, reliable and highly profitable conditions for cooperation.

The project offers 6 investment plans of different returns:

  • Start Plan
    Minimum amount: 10 $
    Interest rate: 0.6% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 120%
    Net profit: 20%
    Conclusion: manual payments
  • Trial plan
    Minimum amount: 50 dollars
    Interest rate: 0.7% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 140%
    Net profit: 40%
    Conclusion: manual payments
  • Comfort Plan
    Minimum amount: 100 dollars
    Interest rate: 0.8% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 160%
    Net profit: 60%
    Conclusion: manual payments
  • Super Plan
    Minimum amount: 200 dollars
    Interest rate: 0.9% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 180%
    Net profit: 80%
    Conclusion: manual payments
  • Gold Plan
    Minimum amount: 500 dollars
    Interest rate: 1% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 200%
    Net profit: 100%
    Conclusion: manual payments
  • VIP plan
    Minimum amount: 1000 dollars
    Interest rate: 1.1% daily
    Duration: 200 days
    Referral program: 3%
    Total profit: 220%
    Net profit: 120%
    Conclusion: manual payments

Most often, such projects are “guerrilla” activities. I.e they are not advertised in any way. Pay, yes pay. But according to statistics, these HYIPs are the most dangerous. After all, what is the probability of working 200 days? This is a long time. After all, anything can happen. At best, 2-3 out of 10 projects live up to six months and more. Admins simply steal money and go into the sunset. Less likely to lose money in a high-yield project (if you choose the right one and invest at the start) than here.

Registration for the project is simple, does not require confirmation by mail.

Payment systems PAYEER and Perfect money.

Project Contacts

There are no additional contacts on the project. There is only a reverse form of communication and Skype:

  • skype: live: supp0rt-invest? chat

Domain is registered March 27, 2019. Project activity is unstable. This is caused by low profitability. Racing on the graph of visits speaks about the infusion of funds into advertising traffic. But judging by only 142 registered on the project, advertising does not bring much result. Then how are the authors planning to pay people money? After all, this is a pyramid! No It will work for another couple of months and “die.”

Exposing the project “OILGAS INVEST”

These projects are dangerous because you do not know the admin. It should be noted that there really are long-livers. HYIPs have existed for over a year. But how to trust it if he doesn’t even have mail? Therefore, we would avoid investing in this project.

Also if we take a look at project rulesthen we will see that they copied from another resource. This is easy to understand, because authors may require copies of documents. But on this project it was necessary to specify only mail and login:

3.1. The Company has the right to request from the Client a copy of documents confirming the registration data of the Client in case of any disputes. If this confirmation is not provided, the account will be considered invalid and will be blocked with all the funds available on it.

Therefore, we have low-income hyip that doesn’t inspire confidence. We do not know the admin, you can chat with other participants via Skype chat, but everything is “deaf”. Advertising on the project is, but it does not bear fruit. Accordingly, soon there will be nothing to pay. After all, the admins will obviously clean up part of the cash register for themselves. They also want to eat.

Possible losses on the project “OILGAS INVEST”

We do not recommend this project for deposits. On it you can lose from 10 dollars and higher.

Conclusion about the project

Low-income HYIP, which is hard to trust. Do not spend your time and money on this project. Take care of yourself. Good luck!

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