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Olymp Trade Review

Company Olymp Trade – a classic platform that allows trade options market. Bidding is concluded in forecasting price changes on a certain asset (currency pair or commodity). To earn, you it is not required to name the exact course, You need just predict will increase or price will fall, i.e the graph will go up or down.

Project name

Website address Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade Website Email

Information about the Olymp Trade project

Information about the project Olymp Trade more than enough. Alone consider similar services scamwhere nothing can’t earn, but other on the contrary, tend to Olymp Trade and other sites – it is quite legal tools for the stock “game”. The site has enough contact informationwhich allows contact with the administration and get help on many issues. Website hosted on a domain olymptrade.comowned and operated by company Smartex International Ltd – registration number 1631 CTD 2017Registration address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center P.O. box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Agent acts company Wallfort limited – registration number HE364695, KPMG Center, 1-st floor, 1 Agias Fylaxeos Street, 3025 Limassol, Cyprus. Support – 8 800 555-45-62soap (email protected) and forum at

Olymp Trade is an a member International Finance Commission – The Financial Commission, what confirmed appropriate certificate. Despite the fact that this organization is not

financial regulator in the full sense of the word, but complaints customers are considered, protect interests tradersincluding payments compensation to $ 20,000.

Positive moments of Olymp Trade

After registration mandatory warning.

After registering with us provide access to a demo accountwhose balance sheet is listed 10 000 rubles – this quite enough for the “sample of the pen.” By the way some users noted a little price difference at demo account and at normal trading. Experts explain this price changes in the market, at demo account prices are always stable. From point of view novice trader, Olymp Trade good start area:

  • interface with built-in training program;
  • selection of one of a dozen convenient indicators;
  • availability of ready-made strategies;
  • many free webinars;
  • analytics panel, current news, etc.

Minimum the sum deals makes up 30 rubles, but minimal the sum replenishment accounts – 350 rubles. In the case of opening VIP-account it increases to 100 000 rubles. Top up account can be through bank card or electronic wallets. Commission completely missing. Everything costs Olymp Trade takes on himself. Believe me the broker earns you without it. Withdrawal term funds total 24 hours – during this time the system carries out the majority of operations. However, this time may be increased to 5 business days. Minimum withdrawal amount – 350 rubles, it can, again, produce to a bank account or electronic wallet with one condition:

Generally, Olymp Trade represents simple and convenient tool with not bad user interface.

Legal side of Olymp Trade

Service Agreement – the main legal document defining broker and trader relationship. Everything seems to be nothing, but there is momentswhich a little alarming. Here we will see them.

1.3. The Agreement is posted on the Company’s Website. offerwhich should be considered as offer to conclude this Agreement on specified it haswords. Placed the offer is not publicThe company is entitled to on your own refuse anyone to enter into an Agreement with an explanation or Without explaning the reason refusal or, in the case of registration, terminate the contractual relationship and block access to the trading terminal.

Generally, the company wants – concludes, does not want – refuses without explanation. Funny.

1.4.8. for transactions The client will use his exercise connection to the trading platform using owned by the Client and channels and communication means designed for the Client (including phone numbers, ip-addresses etc.), Client will not use third party deviceswill not use anonymizers, other devices and third-party tools, as well as devices and tools to hide the real ip-address of the Client, its true location and place of connection to the trading platform;

For what we are tied to a particular place (telephone, ip address). And what does it mean – use his device. What if went on vacationand on the golden beach want to to tradeblock to edren fen? AND money bye-bye.

4.3. Client is obliged timely inform Company about changes identification and contact information (within 7 (seven) days from the date of such change) by making the appropriate changes in the trading terminal or in any other way proposed by the Company. For Customer identification at any time from the moment of registration of the Client Company has the right to request any documents from the Client for identification of the Customer’s identity (such documents include identification documents; documents confirming the residential address; documents showing the financial condition of the client, and other documents at the discretion of the Company). Also The company has the right to require the client to undergo the procedure of identification through a personal visit of the client to an agent authorized by the company with the provision of documents, the list of which is determined by the Company at its discretion.

Well, it’s already total chaos by the broker. More than confident that pinching off small a piece of about you and do not remember. What if play big and manage to winproblems will not turn.

6 Applicable right 6.1. This Agreement concluded in the territory of the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter – the state of registration of the Company) and is governed by the laws of the State of registration of the Company. Services under this Agreement are provided in the territory of the state of registration of the Company. 6.2. Customer unconditionally:
a) agrees that the courts of the state of registration of the Company have the right of exclusive jurisdictionwhich defines any legal proceedings in relation to this Agreement;
b) subject to the jurisdiction of the courts state of registration of the Company;
c) refuses from any protest regarding a trial in any such court;
d) agrees never make no claims about, what the place of the trial is inconvenient or that it has no legal force in relation to the Client.

Go to the Seychelles prove that you are not a camel.

8.7. The company is not responsible in case of discrepancies. – in the process determining the financial result of transactions Client – information reflected in the client’s trading terminaland information on the Company’s server. To eliminate this discrepancy The company carries out data adjustment in the trading terminal in accordance with the informationavailable on the Company’s server.

And here is the answer to quotes discrepancies in the market and server of the company. Those. Olymp Trade he can correct data. And in which direction? And very much convincing turned up Clause 8.10.

8.10. The company is not responsible for the results of operations whose decisions were made accepted by the client on the basis of analytical materials provided by the Company and / or third parties. Client informedthat operations carried out in accordance with this Agreement, bear the risk of not receiving the expected income and the loss of part or all of the funds credited to the Client’s Account. Customer acknowledgesthat, in the absence of fraud, willful default or gross negligence, The Company shall not be liable for any losses, expenses, costs and losses of the Customer, resulting from inaccurate information provided to the Customer., including, but not limited to, information about the trading operations of the Client. While retaining the right of the Company to cancel or close any Client’s transaction under certain conditions described in this Agreement, all operations performed by the Client as a result of such inaccurate information or errors nevertheless remain in force and are binding on both the Client and by the Company.

Generally, analytics may be false. AND no one will bear responsibility.

Conclusion and feedback on the Olymp Trade project

Olymp Trade – competently legalized company. You advance warning, what can lose On this own moneyso it is not necessary to go “rush into battle“And to throw all your salary into the account.

The project was found to cheat the rating! All fake voices have been deleted!

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