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Polemiche su Ethereum per la sorte dei soldi dei validatori

The Ethereum fusion that attracted everyone’s attention was successfully completed, and after that it was clear to the community and developers that there was still a lot to think about, now that Proof of Stake (PoS) is the new mechanism di consensus. Ma qual è la priority? la sicurezza della rete o gli eteri blockcati (quote ETH) dei validatori?

Come è noto, in Ethereum staking, gli ether depositati dai verificatori sono blockcati e nessun utente può requeste un prelievo fino a nuovo avviso.

Resteranno blockati?

According to beaconcha.in, there are currently more than 420,000 validators on the network. It is about users who have staked or blocked a certain amount of ETH (32, to be precise) in a smart contract of Ethereum, which renders a validator of transactions and receives a reward for this.

Come già detto, the validators will not be able to withdraw the funds blocked until a few months after the merger. Initially, it was predicted that this would happen at the moment of the Shanghai upgrade, which could happen a dozen months after the merger.

However, a part of the community of validators is apparently concerned because so far it is not clear whether the Shanghai update will include the withdrawal functionality.

As reported last month by the developer Tim Beiko, the Enhancement Proposal (EIP) 4895 will be the function that activates the withdrawal of rewards accumulated by the validators. This will be possible until the 32 ETH that allow them to continue to carry out this task will be blocked.

In che modo Ethereum e il tema classico di Eagle, Hotel California, sono simili?

All the insistence of the validators on when they will be able to withdraw their reward, Ethereum developer Micah Zoltu has responded with a statement that “there is still no consensus on which characteristics will be added in the Shanghai update”.

A Twitter user, StakeWithPride, shared a screenshot of Discord, in which Zoltu’s comments were noted.

Non è la prima volta

Previously, StakeWithPride shared another screenshot of a conversation with Zoltu, in which Zoltu explains that Ethereum players are “sono rich”. They can also “acquire expensive specialized hardware”, so they don’t have to withdraw their ETH immediately and can wait until a second moment. Therefore, “le exigencias degli utenti” vengono privilegiate rispetto a quelle dei validatori.

Su questi commenti di Zoltu, la comunità sta discustendo. Tra questi il ​​founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, che su Twitter underscores the way in which Ethereum is implementing the PoS consensus protocol. Egli paragona il blocco dei PF da parte dei validatori alla classica canzone “Hotel California” del gruppo Eagles.

A quanto pare, la strofa della canzone classica che Hoskinson collega a Ethereum è quella che recita. “Relax, said l’uomo della notte, siamo programmati per receiver, puoi entrare quando vuoi, ma non puoi mai uscire”.

I commenti lasciati da diversi utenti include: “Quanto sono ricco se non ho la custodia dei miei soldi?”, “Oh, just. Non sono più i miei soldi. There are also other users who remember Hoskinson that Cardano is not so different from Ethereum, even if he does not agree with this point of view.

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